‘Time to deliver’ – Arteta calls for big final performance (Video)

Arsenal’s form in 2021 has seen them climb into touching distance of the European places with just one match remaining, and the manager Mikel Arteta was asked to explain the mindset of his players at present.

The Gunners were being talked about as possible relegation candidates earlier in the season, but have climbed back to within one point of seventh place.

With so much on the line, and with both Everton and Spurs having a point advantage, even a win on Sunday could leave us ninth in the table and without European football.

Arteta has asked for one last performance from his players, but admits their fate isn’t completely in their hands.

With Everton and Spurs taking on Man City and Leicester, it could well be an extremely exciting matchday.


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  1. JOEL says:

    I just wish he would shut up and find some degree of common decency somewhere inside his black tailored match day jacket…and step down.
    His continued tenure at Arsenal Football Club will never bring the type of consistency required to compete for any of the top four EPL places.
    He still doesn’t know which team or formation to play and his team tactics obviously completely confuse most of the players.
    He is a poor man manager and consistently makes the same mistakes again and again.
    It would be far better to replace him at the end of this Season rather than to allow him to continue…spend what’s left of Arsenal’s resources and still fail to create a team which is able to be the sum of it’s parts at the very least.

    1. Grandad says:

      Like many others in the anti Arteta brigade Joel you keep churning out the same vitriol but never offer any constructive views on how exactly the Manager can improve the performance of the team.You and many others are going to be very disappointed as Arteta will not be sacked this season but you could well be singing from the rooftops next season unless a meaningful improvement is evident.As it is for the final match against a very decent Brighton side I would leave out our Captain who has been virtually anonymous since his return from his bout of Malaria.Prior to his illness, he was not exactly setting the Heather on fire, but his performances during the past 3 matches have been poor.Young Saka is clearly burned out so my front three against Brighton would be Martinelli, Lacca and Pepe.I would also play Xhaka in CM with Partey.What side would you play Joel and how would you change the side tactically from what was a pretty mediocre display against Palace despite the good result?

      1. siamois says:

        I would like to see some continuity the same team (bar Auba)
        Laca Saka (who might be tired but it is the final game and if he doesn’t perform well or the score allows it sub him) Pépé (on the left) and Mo next to TP.

        1. guy says:

          I was thianking exactly the same Siam!

      2. Raphael Nehru says:

        I totally agree 💯 with your ideas.people should stop crying without giving alternative.

  2. Reggie says:

    A sign of us falling again, we cant get EL football but if we get 7th, we can get conference football where the winner gets EL if we win it. Please someone get this joker out.

    1. Admin Pat says:

      Actually Reggie, I need confirmation on this, but if Chelsea lose to Villa and come 5th but beat City in the CL Final, I think 6th and 7th get Europa!

      Can anyone confirm this?

      1. Reggie says:

        Yes maybe correct but total long short.

  3. guy says:

    Last season Reggie 7th would get us an EL place. Its only because of this new format we would get Conf. instead. Many of you insisted on European football or MA should go. It looks likely we will so dont move the goalposts now.
    Others of you said forget if we are developing – only points tell the truth. Since Boxing Day we have won 13, drawn 5 and lost 6 EPL games – 24 games 44 points.
    We will probably finish above Spuds, and also Everton and Villa – both of whom were flying earlier and were used as a stick to beat Arteta with. “Look what we could achieve with Ancellottii” we were told.
    I’m not a big Arteta fan, primarily because we are playing dull football, but please guys less of your simplistic dogma – try to BALANCE your comments.
    I for one wouldnt mind Euro Conference. Its Euro football but at a comfortable level for us to develop and still win it.
    We are not in a position (with OR without Arteta) where we have the right to demand anything, so lets be a little more humble, sit back and enjoy it.

    1. Grandad says:

      Wise words Guy.

    2. Reggie says:

      Last season the same as this, 7th can get you into europe, last seasons cup wins allowed it, this seasons can but permutations unlikely.

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