Time to move on – Jamie Vardy “80%” likely to turn down Arsenal

Well we all knew that something was up when Jamie Vardy didn’t immediately jump at the chance to join Arsenal, and asked for more time to decide his future. Now he is camped up with the England team, but obviously he can’t stop himself considering Arsenal’s offer and Leicester’s counter-offer.

Well according to the London Standard, Vardy has been talking to sources within the England camp and they have told the paper that he is 80% settled on returning to the King Power Stadium next season. Here is how the Standard described it: …. it is believed that as things stand, he is more likely to stay at King Power Stadium and sign a new contract with Leicester worth around £100,000 a week, which still represents a £20,000-per-week rise on the deal he signed in February.

Wenger has not given up hope of luring Vardy to north London but is fearful that despite acting quickly in an attempt to tie up a deal, the prospect of continuing Leicester’s fairytale in the Champions League next season is too great to resist.

It is also understood that Vardy may have doubts as to whether he would be a first-team regular at Arsenal given the presence of Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott, while Danny Welbeck will return in the New Year.

Vardy would continue to start every game at Leicester, which also carries the additional benefit of giving him maximum game time to help prolong his international career, but he is still tempted by the obvious step up to one of Europe’s biggest clubs.

Oh well I can’t say that I’m surprised. The 29 year-old is a big fish in a small pond at Leicester, and now that he has recently got married to Becky (and they have an 18 month old baby plus three older kids), he may be loathe to create a big upheaval in their lives.

It is not as easy signing players as just meeting the buyout clause. Vardy actually needs to want to move. Obviously he doesn’t….

Time to move on to Morata I think!


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  1. Vardy is unsuitable for us.Go for Mkhitaryan and sign him fast and maybe Janssen if Possible.Wenger should sign fantastic players without complaining.One signing is not enough.

    1. Higuain 60 million [release clause], Aubameyang 58 million, Jonathan Tah (plays and built like Jerome Boateng) or Koulibaly for 20 million, Xhaka 30 million, Rodriguez 19 million, Mkitharyan 20 million, Jamie Vardy 20 million Total: 230 million pounds. Did I hear you say I’m going nuts? Well if you had to pay 2,013 pounds for a season ticket, you would too! It costs roughly the same amount (2,044 pounds) to take in the classico and about seven other huge games all over Europe throughout the season (including flights and accomodation). To whom much is given much is expected. It’s ironic how generous the fans are when forking out for season tickets but the board pretends like they are doing us a favour by doing their part which is make sure we have the best players to compete at the highest levels of the game. Players like Vardy should be brought in as back up to already stellar starting eleven, playes like Janssen would go straight back on loan. Can we please stop accepting fourth best? I’m confident we can do way better

    2. L()L

      I dunno where most of guys where at, but i walked away from the Vardy transfer rumour a long time ago!

      1. Probably at some place, where the Sun don’t shine!
        Yet, a lot of talking, is done out, from it ! ?

      2. Oh rite, its a rumour. I assumed it was true that we triggered Vardys release clause and are in talks with the player. But as you say mate, it’s a rumour…

    1. And if I were Santa Claus, I would have put them in a sack and left them under the Christmas tree, at the Emirates ?

  2. I don’t feel disappointed at all.This mite force Arsene into buying a better Striker since everyone seems to be interested to come to England this season.

  3. I agree Admin.

    Janessen is being courted by Spurs. If we are not serious about wanting to sign Morata then sign Janssen asap before he is of the market.

    I would prefer Morata for several reasons. One, I think he is very talented and could become a top-top central striker, and two, if Wenger is paying the kind of money needed to sign Morata he is sure to play him. If he signs Janssen he will not play him ahead of Giroud (in the beginning) and this would spell disaster to me.

    I agree 100% with those who say you will not win the PL with Giroud as your main striker.

    Waiting for Vardy seems foolish to me.

  4. What about little pea he has been good since he left man u and might like a return to the prem to prove them his was wrong to let him go .not sure how much he would be though

  5. If he stays at Leicester, then great respects to him. I would like to see this Leicester side stay together and have a go at it again next season. Football is dominated by money too much these days.

  6. @Incarte, can I please have a little of what you just ate? Lolz, I wanna be as confident as you are

    OT: how about forgetting about Vardy sign both Mahrez and Mhiki for Sanchez to play as a striker?? He plays there before.

    Can you imagine:




    1. lol, its frustrating shopping at the 1 pound store when the moustached one is busy cleaning us out of our inheritance

      1. @ muda the only problem with that midfield is that its too weak bar Xhaka.

        Imagine with that team coming up against Juve, Stoke, Westbrom, Southampton, Chelsea to some extent and the likes. We need balance as much as we need good players. For such a line up maybe Coq would have to replace one of those dancing midfielders.

        I personally would prefer just one of Miki or Mahrez and a proper ST.

  7. I wish we could get two of these players: Lewandowski, Aubameyang, Greizmann, Reus, Mkhitaryan, Icardi, Lacazette, Higuain, Jannsen, Draxler, Ibrahimovic, Lukaku, Mahrez

  8. cant see pep or mourinho getting in to this absurd state of affairs .. tell him we want to know by next monday and if not move on … wtf is wenger paid 8 million a year to do?? hgave a bit of respect for the club ..and offer aubemayang and or griezman what it takes

  9. The only reason I was excited about Vardy is to keep Morata out, so for me, no Morata.
    And pls give my message to Vardy, he should stay on his throne at Leicester, he is no more welcome here. Who does he think he is, anyway? One season performance that only happened because guys didn’t see him coming? The only good the cheating a*s would have done for us is keeping Giroud on his toes! And maybe between them, they would have scored enough goals to win the league, Vardy scoring lessser than Giroud.
    But now all those equations don’t interest me again. Wenger should either sign a world class super striker, or fail again next season and got booed out of Emirates for good at the end of next season. He cares about his legacy more than the pains in the hearts of fans? Getting booed out at the end of next season would be our own legacy to him!
    I’m really pained!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. OT:

    Koulibaly insists he still remains keen to stay put at Napoli but claims “they also want to make money”.

    When asked if he has already held talks with either Conte or Chelsea, the Senegal international said: “No, I have not talked to him but that may be soon.

    “If nothing happens at Napoli, I will start to have contact with other clubs.

    “The game In England could be suitable for me but I like Italy. I do not press for a transfer but I hope to sign a renewal with Napoli or we proceed to other solutions”.

    Clear indication the player is willing to move and the club can listen to offers.

    I say double swoop for Higiun and Koulibaly from Napoli.

  11. Well.. Well.. Well .. Hahaha .. that news has just made my day! ? And that should teach wenger a lesson, for trying to cheat us out of a Real Striker!

    It would be absolutely hilarious, if Vardy ends up at Liverpool ?.

  12. I wasn’t all that happy when I first heard Vardy was coming to us, but sort of grew into thinking it might be OK, but on hearing about his racists comments on a couple of occasions lately, I am pleased with we not likely any more to get him

    Lets hope Arsene gets a good replacement

  13. I really hope we don’t get Vardy, because put simply I think he’s a bit of a scumbag. By that I think he’s pig ignorant, possibly a bit racist and generally not a nice person. Certainly not the sort of player I want to see at the club.

    We should have moved on the second he left us in limbo until after the Euros. If he could make his mind up to leave Leicester to join us then really do we want to be strung along only to be told he’s not coming in a month or so? We’ll be the laughing stock of the summer.

    There are much better strikers out there who will admittedly cost a lot more but they’re better long term prospects – i.e. Lewandowski, Lukaku, Janssen, Aubameyang or Griezmann off the top of my head.

    I’m hoping Wenger was only joking about Vardy and that (somehow) this was all part of his master plan to blindside everyone so that he can announce a world class signing out of the blue?!? I just haven’t worked that one out yet…

      1. There was an incident in a night club, August last year. Vardy issued an apology so there must be something to it but I do not know how serious it was.

  14. could everyone pls stop mentioning Morata and Jansenn pls!!
    Yea Morata has potentials but he hasn’t scored double figures in a league season in his career yet.
    Jansenn score 27goals in eredivise, the same league that made Depay looked like CR7.
    the same league where their best club loans Sanogo in.
    pls let’s get serious, Jansenn and Morata are not the strikers we will challenge Pep’s City, Mou’s United, Conte’s Chelsea, Klopp’s Liverpool, Pochettino’s Spurs with.

    1. I think we should all come down to earth and realize Aubamayang, Lewendowski and Higauin have no interest in signing for us, neither would Wenger pay what takes to sign world class striker like those.

      So who is left? Which striker should we sign which can be reasonable expected to fit in Wenger’s price range and would be willing to come to Arsenal.

      Only Lukaku comes to mind but even with him silly money is being mentioned.

  15. spurs that are interested in Jansenn only want him as a backup option to give Kane some rest from time to time.

  16. We needed Vardy. Tactically we did. People we need to understand that Arsenal cannot out muscle all these financial powerhouses in the world for World Class players. We need the players we can afford and a good manager. Only that.

    Auba’s price tag is not in the ranges of €70+. Higuain even at 29 is worse. Lewa is not someone Arsenalcan tempt from Bayern. AMONG OTHERS.

    Why do we need Vardy? Arsene needed two strikers. A hold up (Giroud) and a counterattack one(who we shall call Walcott ) However…one of them totally flanked. So what does the Frenchman do? He looks for the best counter-attacking striker in the league. Vardy. The cheapest and most realistic option. 24 goals. Blistering speeds. Hunger. Determination.

  17. If Vardy is 80 percent sure he is staying, then I am 80 percent sure he is an a$$ hole. Dude did all of this to get more money from Leicester. D1ck head. He was offered to us by his agents for crying out loud. And then suddenly, the moment Leicester matched our offer with a counter offer of theirs, he needs time to think about it. You know what he needs the time for? To see if he can spark a bidding war. Bastard.

  18. This will turn into another Suarez saga that consumes our entire transfer window.
    Why did Wenger not say, (with the agreement of Woy) “It’s a one time offer, answer before you board or it’s off”. If this is in fact what he said then let’s crack on with other targets.
    Does the fact Wenger being played by this I have to agree scumbag mean we have no other targets or none of them want to come?
    I personally would like to see us sign a CB, (Per to Hannover 96), Mahrez/Miki and a striker such as Jansen. We then shut up shop and prepare and look forward to pre season.

    This Vardy saga is beyond me, drop him and buy Chicarito Hernandez Arsene, more suited to us then JV!

  19. Forget about Vardy move on. But Wenger will didder and didder until anyone worth signing is gone.

  20. I fear we not gonna sgn a striker!!!cmone why are pple saying we a poor club that we can only afford vardy.I think arsenal is starting to loze its vigour in the market .only if a striker cmes will we even be challenging nxt season if not same old same old

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