Time to Partey – The good and bad of Arsenal’s transfer window

It’s Partey Time! by Konstantin Mitov

Better late than never, am I right you beautiful Arsenal people! I’m so happy I would’ve popped a beer if I had one in my fridge… This is a massive signing for multiple reasons.

First off, what a welcome sight for our midfield. We finally have a player with pace and power who can help us break opposition play and control the central area of the pitch, something with which we have heavily struggled.

Secondly, he’s been schooled by Simeone, probably one of the best managers in the world when it comes to grinding out a result, and this will be vitally important. We’ve been a lot more pragmatic in the last 10 months. We’ve abandoned the “Arsenal way” for the “winning” way and this will be so until Arteta gets the players he wants.

Finally, what a massive lift for fans and players as well. We know our midfield isn’t good enough and so does Arteta and the players. This is a huge lift for everybody and marks a statement of intent. We want to return to the top. It won’t be an easy journey, but we will do what it takes and sacrifice some of the flashiness of our play to get there.

It’s interesting what this does to our formation? Partey introduction allows us to pair him with Xhaka or Elneny and move Ceballos further up the pitch If we want to move to a 4-3-3. Or we can stick with the 3 at the back and have Partey and Ceballos in the middle, which is much, much better than Xhaka and Elneny, although I like what Mo has done so far.

This deal salvages the transfer window honestly. I think Gabriel was a steal. He’s been a much-needed piece in our defence. Thomas now adds a new dimension to our midfield which we didn’t have before.

If Pepe can summon his performance against Sheffield more often, we’re on to something. I enjoyed Auba in the middle with Pepe and Willian on the flanks. It gave us the change we needed to open Sheffield up and we had players who could take opponents on 1-on-1.

We do not have a midfield like City which can dominate the ball, but we have pace in our attack, and we should use it. Liverpool did it before they bought Fabinho, Keita and so on. They literally used to leap the ball to the front 3 and they did the rest. We might have learned something from them because we also do it.

Our next game is away to Man City and it might come too soon to start Partey, but it just feels so much better to know he’s here. They have showed some flaws. If we can be tight at the back, anything can happen.

This is a crazy, crazy season. I was surprised to see Leicester beaten 3:0 at home to West Ham, but this was peanuts compared to United getting spanked 6-1 by them lot, and then for the real shocker, Villa put Liverpool to the sword with 7 goals!

Football is different without fans. It will be a whacky season, but if we get ourselves to the top 4 that will accelerate us so much!

We sadly didn’t manage to offload all the deadwood. Guendouzi who had so much promise went to Hertha Berlin. Raw talent doesn’t count unless you follow the orders under Arteta and he’ll be loaned this season, but you hardly see him coming back with Mikel at the helm.

We also loaned Torreira to Atletico Madrid. Thanks for that goal against Tottenham! Otherwise it hasn’t really worked out. He didn’t like England, we expected more, and so another player is at least for this season off the wage bill.

Speaking of it, it’s just sad Ozil will leach 18 million from the club to not play maybe even a single minute all season. Who knows really, but I highly doubt Arteta will go soft on him.

Unfortunately, Leverkusen failed to agree terms with Kolasinac, and we’re stuck with another high earner who’s not good enough.

Then there are the players whose contracts run out next year like Mustafi, Sokratis who we also failed to offload and of course Mesut. But think of it like this. Next season if we make the top 4 we’ll have more money to spend and 3 unneeded players on high wages out the door.

Finally I’d like to thank Arteta for sticking his neck out and trying to be transparent. The club could’ve backed him more as we still need a creative player, but considering we didn’t sell anyone past Martinez and knowing Kroenke, Partey is a gift to us all and I can’t wait to see him put on the red and white shirt!

Hopefully, you are excited as much as I am! Until next time, see you in the comments!



  1. Lovely Article KM.
    Am actually very elated about the partey deal because a very important aspect of our team that has been lacking over the years have been rectified.
    Hopefully if we get to the desired height in the league this season (top 4), that will give the board the needed boost to go all out and improve the team further in areas such as the attacking mudfied.
    Am actually looking forward to how the team improves with this adding going forward this season

  2. Good window in terms of incoming signings. Willian, Gabriel and Partey are excellent buys.
    Retaining the services of Ceballos, Cedric and Mari is also good business.

    Unfortunately we could not ship out some unwanted players like Ozil, Sokratis, Kolasinac which would have made it a perfect window.

  3. The point about next summer’s market is what I’m excited about. We get to part ways with unwanted players, we’ll sell some during the January transfer window, then we have to chase UCL football all the way as it’ll boost our coffers.
    Arsenal playing dirty? Who thought that day would come?
    Apparently we tapped up Parteyand discussed with him last year.
    At least that’s what’s in the Athletic.
    All in all, I don’t care if Atletico are angry or not… They better stay in check, if not we’ll just go to LA liga next summer again and go activate Jao Felix’s contract.
    Must be tough to read your own player’s already on the plane to another club without your knowledge.
    TP apparently wasn’t concerned bout how they’ll feel, soon as he got the call from Arsenal. Mam legitimately packed his bags already😂😂😂😂
    Come hang out with fofty and dem boys fam.
    The Partey continues

      1. The money’s actually an added reason to the list, but he’s been following and admiring Arsenal for years.
        Watches a lot of Arsenal games, even under Emery.
        There’s a reason he rejected all other approach from other clubs and didn’t even bother negotiating with them.
        That’s a bit hard to find with these generation of players.
        It’s also why I never saw Chelsea taking him.
        He wasn’t interested in leaving Atletico if it wasn’t for Arsenal.
        He’d rather stay there and sign his new contract

        1. I’ve read that he’s an Arsenal fan, but not about him rejecting other clubs and didn’t even bother negotiating with them. I wasn’t even aware of other clubs bidding for him this window. Where did you get that information from? Would love to read it, if it’s something from him or his agent

          1. Not this window, he’s been in discussion wit Arsenal for a long while now.
            Not everything makes it to the paper you know

          2. Sure Winston. He’s an Arsenal fan. We are buzzing in Ghana. Aside him being an Arsenal fan the money also played part. The talking point in Ghana today is Partey moved to Arsenal. Thank u Arsenal.🙌

  4. Truthfully, with as little sentiment as I can gather, I think keeping Kola was actually a good move. For years, we moaned about not having a second team . About squad depth. I don’t know if you notice ,but there’s only two natural left backs in the squad in Tierney and Kola. I think we should keep him this season as we try to find someone to replace him. Don’t tell me about Niles and Saka. They’ve both been played as widebacks under arteta, but not fullbacks. I’d imagine there’s a reason for that.

  5. I have learned to expect little and I get surprised than the other way round!

    Let us pray for good health and life.

  6. Everybody is happy with Partey, of course. But I think Torreira on loan in AM is perfect as well. He’s a great midfielder, my favourite kind of player, who just couldn’t prove himself in the EPL but in Spain he may flourish and also his value might rise significantly. With Guendouzi we’ll have to wait and see, but I’m glad we found a club for him, where he will be regular starter. Great Deadline day IMO.

  7. Great piece of business. Showing it right at Atletico’s face.

    First, they ignored Arsenal’s negotiations and didn’t budge on the release clause. Fine.

    Then they wanted Torreira on loan, without paying any fees and didn’t want to include him on the Partey-deal. Okay fine.

    Now they lost their starting midfielder without even knowing about it, have to keep Torreira and probably play him because Partey is gone.

    I wonder, does Simeone want to play Torreira because if he plays well, then they have to do business with us next summer hahahah

  8. Our major issues were related to our weak defense and midfield players. Now, we only have one problem which hopefully can be solved by having Saka and Ceballos in their position behind the attackers and start making some good plays!

    Welcome Partey, I felt we needed him more than we needed Aouar for some reason!
    I hope this will work for us and can’t wait to see how MA will use him and instead of who, City? that’s a big test for Partey!

  9. Where’s a Moshan who keeps talking about how excuses were being made and why not send Saliba back to his former club?

    Official St Etienne just admitted they had an agreement with Arsenal to take back Saliba, they couldn’t beat the deadline.
    So now I guess the club will need to stand by him, I don’t want him going to the EFL though.
    Stay and play the cup games

  10. Patrick Vieira left in 2005.

    Thomas Partey arrives in 2020.

    Finally !



    At last it looks as though we may have a spine to build around.

  11. Our squad is 29 strong on the PL website. We can count out:

    Macey (U21)
    ESR (U21)
    Martinelli (I don’t he will be registered because he’s injured until December.. so we can assign him again in January)

    What do you think, who will be the 1 man out? Özil? Sokratis?

    We can still loan players to EFL or buy from there. Said Benrahma anyone..?

  12. I can’t stop chuckling at the thought of Simeone raging, saying “I’ll get their cannon and shove it up their arse” 😂
    Nice one, AFC!! What I loved even more was how TP didn’t even give them a second thought! Straight on the plane!! NL bound 🙂

    Are wages really low in La Liga? As I’m reading we’ve quadrupled his….
    (Note…Please don’t read that, Gunnersaurus ☹)

    1. We are paying him almost as much as Auba. Don’t think any club in La Liga, besides Barca and Real, can afford that

    2. Sue Gunnersaurus would return when fans are allowed back into stadiums.
      David Ornstein talked about it

        1. I saw Maxis commenting on one article that he heard that Ozil has offered to pay Gunnersaurus wages. Nice guy that, lol!

  13. I still think Torreira and Matteo are good players .Hope they do a EL neny and comeback stronger…..As for Aouar we have Ceballos who is the same kind of player we should try and sign him permanently…

  14. Top notch!! what a lovely article!! didn’t find a flaw from first to last.. i hope finally We are on the right track 🙏🙏

  15. A wonderful window. Finally a replacement for Vierra. I agree that maybe Kola was kept because he is the only pure left back other than Tierney. There are a lot of games anyway in the packed schedule and we will definitely need back ups in every position. If Arsenal wants, we can still loan out Mustafi and Socrates in the Championship and get Benhramma from Brenford. Wasnt Watkins from Brenford, who swomped the Pools the other day? The Championship also has real good players. For now, Saka or Ceballos can take up the creative midfielder role with Xhaka/Elmeny combining with Partey. Anyway gunners, Party time! Anyone interested in calling Simeone for a drink?

  16. Good morning
    William, Ceballos and Saka will shoulder the creative role

    They will create more chances than Ozil who created only 1 out of 18 games last season. You fans should forget about Ozil now ‘cos Arteta will never play him againp

  17. Brentford are “my team” in the Championship and two seasons ago I was waxing lyrical for Arsenal to sign young Konsa who has subsequently gone to the Villa.This lad could well be a future full international for England.While he is only 6ft , he is quick and has a,selling positional sense.One that we missed, but we can’t win them all.

  18. for me this is a very good deal, and I guess the right information for arsenal is 4.3.3. Leno, Hector, holding, gebriel, Tierney, midfield is saka on the left partey and cebalos on the right. forwards are willian, laca and auba… so saka can assist willian when comes to crosses and throughballs just like he did against Liverpool at community final

  19. Lol topgunner you are funny, a reason i felt leicester’s wilfred ndidi would have been better but i guess he might cost more.

  20. Perhaps for the first time since he arrived at Arsenal ,Xhaka will no longer be an automatic starter.The prospect of using Saka as a left sided midfielder is more likely to be in Arteta’s mind with Partey based in front of the centre backs .He offers a lot more in terms of pace, mobility and dribbling skills but lacks the intelligence and passing ability which Chaka possesses.Interesting choices ahead for our Manager including a decision on the duo who will be excluded from the official pool.As for young Saliba, Brentford would be an ideal Club for him show his skills this season.Apart from the fact that logistically it makes sense,Brentford are a side which plays excellent football and where the Manager is used to dealing with young aspiring players.

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