Time to relax on Ramsey? Arsenal closing on contract with star midfielder

Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey is believed to be close to signing a new deal with Arsenal FC this week, following weeks of doubt about the star’s future at the Emirates.

A number of rivals including Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool have all been linked with his signature this summer, as well as Spanish giants Barcelona, but he finally appears ready to put pen to paper to cement his future in North London.

Ramsey was the club’s Player of the Season last term, and will be a huge boost to our chances this season as we look to regain our place in the top four and in the Champions League, after two seasons outside the competition.

The Welshman is currently into the final 12 months of his current deal, but is expected to sign a new long-term deal with much improved terms, with talk of him becoming our highest earner, and possible talk of him being given the captain’s armband for the upcoming campaign also.

New manager Unai Emery admitted his intention to keep the 27 year-old when joining the club last month, although he didn’t appear confident that would be the case, and he will certainly be happy to know he will have the best player of last season with the squad until the winter at least.

Lucas Torreira could well pose a challenge to his starting spot at the base of the midfield this term, but his appearance in the side could also allow Ramsey to play in a more advanced role, which I can’t say I am against.

Would you like to see Ramsey cement his place in the side at the base of the midfield or could he be more useful in a more advanced role? Is this the most important business of the current window?

Pat J

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  1. Lucas Torreira and Ramsey are obviously not competing for the same position.
    Torreira is a DM, and Ramsey is useless at defending, so he could never play as a DM.

    In some ways it may be good for the team and the club as a whole, if Ramsey doesn’t leave. But the reality is, we could just as well sell him, if the money could be used to strengthen elsewhere.

  2. If he’s in Emery’s plans, as he patently is, then it’s fantastic news and long overdue.
    Now let the rumours begin as to what his demands were, what he’s earning and what a mediocre player he is.
    As a prediction to all the above, in Emery we trust.

  3. Play Ramsey and Torreira. Xhaka offers nothing what Lucas doesnt. Sign Rabiot on a free next summer and sell Xhaka/Elneny.

    Where is our CB? Vida is absolute garbage and Sokratis is average. Will Mavropanos or Holding really step up?

    Wheres our winger? Bailey is available ffs. Buy new players now!! We got time to sell deadwoods outside England til end of August.

    1. Apparently the new winger would be Ousmane Dembele, but that’s it

      I prefer a more explosive left-footed winger like Bailey and Malcom, but I notice Arsenal prefer to spend the transfer budget on a very expensive and famous player instead of getting what they really need

      Last season, they purchased Aubameyang after getting Lacazette, to regain the trust of the fans after losing Sanchez. Aubameyang is a world class striker, but imagine if they used the money to purchase a high quality CB or winger instead

      1. You can categorically rule out dembele now as he has said he’s staying @ baca & ready for super cup

    2. They could have tried to get Soyuncu (agent talking to Everton) which is rather surprising, or could have even landed Bernard (free transfer) or like you said Bailey!!! What are they doing??

  4. There was never any real doubt over him signing. He is our best HG player and frankly the only one who can be relied to play consistent 1st team football. Bellerin is the closest but he is in a talented but jury out position. The rest are either back ups (Welbeck) or highly unproven but could come good ranging from the more established (Chambers/Holding/Iwobi) or totally unproven (Maitland/Nelson/Nketiah.) Outside of that relying on the likes of Rowe/Osei-tutu/Willock would be an unreal gamble. They take up 8 slots in the squad and leave just 17 slots of non-hg people seem so naive to this fact and the impact it makes.

    This is why I get so infuriated with the naysayers towards Bellerin/Ramsey you have to replace them with somewhat proven HG’s which in those cases would be the likes of Walker/Trippier/Henderson/Dier/Loftus-Cheek etc. which is just not gonna happen either financially or in terms of the clubs/players being willing. You can not replace them with anyone and you can not have 8 youth players in the declared 25 without suffering for it. It’s not even good for the youth players as too much high level football before they are at that level has a negative impact both physically/mentally as we learnt in the past.

    The likes of Walcott/Welbeck/Wilshere have or are finally moving on but all the people gloating they were right all along with these players were still wrong. Nelson/Nketiah/Maitland those 3 players replacements in the squad were not ready 3 years ago to do that and the players that would of replaced them been with the exception of Gnabry proved to be worse. It’s an element of squad building that the average fan grossly underestimates/simply doesn’t understand.

  5. Ramsey is a nuisance for the opponents in the front and can score plenty of goals as well. The presence of a dominant British player like him in the field is very important

    But it’s okay too if he doesn’t sign, because we have got many midfielders

    What I’m worried of is not Ramsey, but the interest in Dembele. He is a very good young player, but that obscene amount of money can buy two high quality players instead of getting a very expensive player that did not perform at his best last season

    1. ?There is better value in the market than Dembele and players who better suit Arsenal’s needs.

  6. I believed Ramsey wouldn’t let it run on throughout the season too far into it, so hopefully reports are true. Its not Ramsey’s fault AFC spent all last season talking to two players, and were speaking to targets this summer, some people dislike Aaron so much that they blamed him and compared him to Alexis, RVP and the likes. That’s unfair esp when we’re all outsiders of what’s going on. People don’t mind giving out about the manager or board always penny pinching or haggling for too long, they take digs at the board often, but at the same time they will not give up on a good opportunity to take a swipe at an non-favored player of theirs.

    1. Dembele is obviously the better choice being soooo much younger and having potential to be a true great and we have space for non-HG’s without selling. Still if we can’t get it done I wouldn’t mind Zaha at all. He is a HG player which is pretty huge on it’s own although you pay for that regardless which is why his fee seems so large to most people (It is regarding talent because HG is so important in squad building you have to pay over the odds.) He wouldn’t be much cheaper than Dembele because of this but I would love him. He was highly regarded Fergie/Wenger fought for him originally and he’s coming good now. If he hits the ground running we get more flex in our HG quota which is a plus!

    2. No one has “wingers” any more – I have not heard a professional coach or player use that word for at least 10 years. It’s entirely one-dimensional to have players who go up and down the sides like they are on railroad tracks.

      Only fans and TV pundits talk about wingers.

  7. Ramsey staying or not makes no differance. He is a non factor in the team. We need to do better and hope that we pull some bunny out still to make things become right

  8. Well, a really mixed bag of emoutions here. I would like to address the following player.
    Iwobi recently signed a new four-year deal at the club. What a Waste. For me he is utterly clueless With the ball at his feet, he always seems to make the wrong Choices. Both Hector Bellerin & Shkodran Mustafi are not any better. So I’ll ask yet again why did Emery let Chambers go on loan?

    1. Graham Benbow, please show some respect to lord iwobi. after all he is nigerian, and thats what matters . it matters not that he is a useless player, and should be consigned to the championship. his fellow countrymen , and women,on here, think he is a reincarnation of whatever god they follow.it does not matter that he is not gifted, nor that he has no football brain,. we have to remember that this boyo is nigerian, and that seems to be enough for a lot of “football” fans on here.

      1. Instead of commenting about the “useless”, why not rave a the new Maldini (Chambers) and our new Ronaldinho+Ronaldo (Rowe). Nonsense!

  9. Ramsey is a star player? I think Iwobi was also described as an Arsenal star in another article recently. Am I missing something?

    1. ThirdManJW I think people are confusing “celebrity” and “star” again. Maybe this will help everyone that’s confused.

      Henry was an Arsenal Star, Tony Adams and Vieira were stars. Iwobi is a “celebrity” night clubs, autographs, selfies and the like without end product on the pitch.

      I would also put Walcott, Welbeck, Wilshere, and Ramsey as celebrities also, based on productivity. I’m talking total numbers, career stats, not cherry picking good times and ignoring the rest.

        1. What are you’s on about, if you perform better over a season than everyone bar none then you are the star performer. You’s should probably watch a bit of reality tv together and text you’re fav’s to one another.

          1. Alice 36 goals and 40 assists over 10 years; thats 3.6 goals and 4 assists per year is hardly “star” material my friend. In the real world that’s very poor for attacking midfielder like Ramsey.

            Also didn’t Allen replace Ramsey as box to box for Wales squad? Allen pushed Ramsey up to a 10 because Ramsey is undisciplined and a shit defender.

            But hey, ignore 10 years of factual stats to defend an overhyped HG player, it’s your opinion you’re entitled to it. Please don’t try and pass it off as knowledge of facts though.

            1. Oh and Angus, as I said previously, don’t cherry pick dude, entire career, it all counts; not just the 1 year or 18 months that suit you.

    2. Just demonstrating your fundamental lack of understanding in regard to HG quotas in both cases.

    3. Just demonstrating your fundamental lack of understanding in regard to HG quotas in both cases.

      1. I’m well aware of the HG quotas. Can we not just promote two HG youngsters to replace Ramsey, and Iwobi? The youngsters may lack experience, but at least they’re an unknown quantity, we don’t know what we’re going to get from them. With Ramsey, and Iwobi, we already know exactly what we’re getting…and it’s far from good enough. Surely a gamble is better than sticking with something you already know will fail?

        1. So you would have Rowe/Willock replace them? Last year that would of been Dragomir/Willock… Dragomir was released on free this year. Further back it would be the likes of Seb Larsson and countless others who have been prove to be WAAAY worse than Iwobi and we would of HAD to play them at various points in the season.

          1. To be clear Iwobi is way better than our youth right now, the argument is purely that the youth might one day be better there is no argument they are better now unless you have no knowledge football. Ramsey is light years ahead of Maitland/Nelson right now for instance and anyone arguing otherwise is deluded or Madrid and the like would be heavily chasing them if they were already that good at that age.

            1. But my point is (which you’ve conveniently ignored) that we already know Iwobi, and Ramsey are not good enough, and that it’s deluded to think they are! If you watch Arsenal regularly (not highlights), you’d agree with me. Iwobi has ZERO end product in the final third, which is a real downer for a forward player, and Ramsey is injury-prone, and doesn’t care for team tactics. Both lack the technical quality as well. Have you seen how bad Ramsey’s first touch is, and often he dwells on the ball? That’s a major issue playing in central midfield, when you get closed down so quickly.

              You cannot say that some of the youngsters coming through are not good enough, because we haven’t seen them! They may be rubbish, they be brilliant, but who knows until they play in the first team. I think AMN has only played one or two games in central midfield for the first team, but has been fairly impressive. I’d prefer to gamble on his potential, than the finished article of Ramsey, because I already know what to expect from Ramsey.

              1. Criticising for the sake of criticising.
                We need 8 players in HG category. According to you, we have 8 players better that Iowbi and Ramsey. 8 players !!! Why not take bet with by younger brother….. completely unknown and surprise for all teams.

                There are other 6 HG players also. Which of those 6 HG players are better than Ramsey? Who who’d be replace… best of 8 HG or worst of 8 HG and take a bet !!.

                Moreover… they are unknown to you and I. Not to coach who works with them everyday.

                You just need someone to criticise…. Do you get off your bed in morning same side as Mourinho?

  10. Have we not learnt anything over the last few year , having 60m from a ne sponsor doesn’t mean we spend it. 50m was our budget(Torreira is over 3 year) and that’s what w be spent
    I don’t expect any other player and Vidal is bang avearage

    1. To be fair I can see Dembele coming on loan and out of future budgets after that. We should be buying him outright with our cash reserves but that is mute the team have to work within the restraints set by Kronke. Spreading Torreira at greater expense to get around this is a clear example of how backwards the situation for our staff. Fair enough if we were in danger of breaching FFP but we are not.

  11. If confirmed it’s a good news.Aron is according to Gerrard and Lampard one of the best medfielder in the league.Has stamina assistés and goals in him.Play him with xakha and Torreira it will give balance to the team.

  12. @gotanidea-are you suggesting that instead of buying arguably the best striker in the whole world-(barring ofcourse our hallowed kings henry and bergkamp)- who by the way still looks strange to our eyes in an arsenal #14 shirt-(remember theo?)-wenger should have gone for a defender or winger? Are you high? Who did you have in mind? Neymar?

  13. I’ve seen somewhere written that we are targeting either Mammana from Zenit or Marquinohs from Psg.I don’t know the authenticity of the story but I got it from twitter.

  14. Jeremy Wilson twitting no more in comings but out

    Chiza and Kev can we gently have some peace?!

    What happened to the Dembele deal

  15. There has not been any change in the status of Ramsey. The blogs all take one line out of a Telegraph article about Kroenke, a line that is very vague, and likely refers to statements in the Press Conference several days ago.

    Spain and Italy have until the 31st to sign players, either Ramsey signs or he will go to Barcelona (aka Ex-Arsenal Country Club) or another Champions League team.

    Sven and Ivan will not repeat the Sanchez nonsense.

    1. Thank goodnes for that if it happens. Aaron Ramsey has undoubted ability, however he has gone down in my estimation for stuffing the club about, when Arsenal has paid him well and supported him through all his injuries. Another top club would have cut him loose years ago.

  16. Ramsay cannot defend and he wastes chances. But he has speed and a decent shot when not under pressure. Either sell him or make him play on a 352 formation at RMF, box to box vertical, playing pressman. Ozil roaming along with the two wingers. Torreira prevents any dangers in front of the back three. With injuries this is a good formation as subs can fit in easily.


    Diehard Elneny can be subbed for Torreira. Mkhi and Iwobi can be rotated. When speed is needed use Danny and Bellerin. Ainsley should take over at RWB in a 442. Xhaka for Ramsay in a less mobile game with long shots. And, so on.

    But, this squad cannot make the top four.

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