Time’s ticking! Arsenal must come back with a bang

Despite the unavoidable fact that Arsenal have not been anywhere near our best since the Premier League kicked off a few weeks ago, we somehow find ourselves in not too bad a situation. A quick look at the Premier League table shows you that only Man City out of all the realistic rivals for the Premier League title have more points.

And although the mega rich club from Manchester have won all four of their league games so far, it is very early days and the five point gap is really not a lot. So as long as the Gunners come back with a bang after the international break, it is all to play for and we are still very much in the title race.

Having said that, however, there is not a lot of room for maneouvre. We really are under pressure to hit the ground running in a couple of weeks. First up is a home game against the physicality of Stoke City and they will surely arrive in north London with the intention of stopping us playing our free flowing game and it could be a tricky game.

Arsenal simply have to win though, because the season really heats up from then on. A Champions League trip to Zagreb is quickly followed by Chelsea away in the EPL and then a third away game in a row against the spuds in the Capital One Cup. Oh you might as well make it four eh? A trip to in form Leicester City is next for us and so you can see why Arsenal need to be on it right from the start.

If not, we could find ourselves cut adrift from the league leaders, out of one cup and fighting for second spot in the UCL group. No pressure then lads…

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  1. no pressure?? hahahaha boy oh boy we’re in for a long long ride.. we have less than city to compete for the title, welbeck’s out, am sure some of the players now must be questioning themselves as to y we didnt sign a striker, am sure all except Giroud and Walcott who’d be saying to their selves with a mischievious grin, “welbz out, definitely gon play a lot”

    we fans also killing ourselves,we haven’t been questioning them, and cus of that who says wenger and the board won’t keep playing us like they own us?? we gotta make a stand, if i was in london i’ll say don’t but tickets,don’t turn up for matches, stay home n watch so they’ll know we are humans with strong feelings for our club. as long as thousands of you keep paying that ticket price to watch our games,the money goes in, the club won’t care.ya’ll shud stay home,ya’ll cant be treated like dirt upon our own money

    1. I hate to say Giroud fail to do what an average strikers like Befitimbi Gomis can do. I saw the man against Chelsea and again united causing troubles to defenders. What is so special to him is that he is able to use his physical body to create chances for himself and able to penetrate with dribbling. Unlike Giroud, very rare you can see Gomis playing the ball back to his midfielders he often passing the ball forward after his hold up play and i think that is the best hold up play. His aerial present is class too.

      I honesty don’t trust a striker who can’t dribble, can’t run with the ball what he know is just playing the ball back and sometime shooting the ball with no trick in it. And by the way who can believe on a striker who hasn’t managed to score a single hat trick in more than three season?.

      Giroudddddddddddddddddddddddddd! HATE TO SEE YOU WEARING AT ARSENAL

  2. This Arsenal team can’t win win the league. No matter what bang we come back with. We are not ambitious enough as a football club. City were fighting for Kevin and Otamendi as if they had lost their 1st four games.
    Mourinho ” I believe in the team that won last season. I won’t be making any signings. hahahahahaa 3 says later Chelsea buys pedro.

    Barca with a transfer ban still got Turan and Vidal.

    We fight so hard to make the top 4 only not to attract anyone. Liverpool finishes 6th in the league and spends £80m plus. We finish 3rd and spend £10M. The champions league talk is overrated. we make nothing out of it. Round of 16 gain and we shall be taken to cleaners .

    Why do we announce Welbeck’s injury now? we knew he would be out till December all along. but yet we kept it a secret so that they won’t pressure the club to spend on a position we was already limited.

    I can’t defend Wenger any more. Even when we loose i won’t get angry any more. No need loosing a sleep.

    1. I hear u man.
      We finished 3rd no qualifying round and could have attracted.
      Wenger gambled big time and lost the bet

  3. Oh my God according to Sky Sports “Giroud has failed to score more than 16 in any of his three seasons at Arsenal, neitherSanchez nor Walcott have ever scored 20 goals in a league season anywhere and Danny Welbeck is yet to reach double figures in his career. There’s
    faith. And then there are leaps of

    1. “The Bundesliga as a brand, a competition, is in good shape. We have a very, very interesting competition, a stable and sustainable business model that relies on three revenue sources,” the Bundesliga chief executive, Christian Seifert, tells Observer Sport. A holy trinity comprising match-day revenue (€424m), sponsorship receipts (€573m) and broadcast income (€594m) is the main contributor to the Bundesliga’s €1.7bn(in 2010) turnover.

      Seifert says the success of the Bundesliga is because of the “core value” of the supporter coming first at its clubs. This is why tickets are kept so cheap. “Because the clubs don’t ask for more money,” he explains. “It is not in the clubs’ culture so much [to raise prices]. They are very fan orientated. The Bundesliga has €350m less per season than the Premier League in matchday revenues. But you could not from one day to another triple prices.

      “The crucial thing in last year’s €1.7bn turnover and €30m profit was that Bundesliga clubs paid less than 50% of revenue in players wages,”

      1. WOW the fans come first!

        We are similar in so many ways!:)))))

        We are a ‘time bomb’ ticking and it is is who will mostly go ‘bang’ in a imploding kind of way…


  4. Arsenal.com requesting fans to vote for player of the month of August. My answer is Mr Own-goal or Nacho Monreal. I still can’t believe we didn’t sign.

  5. Stoke are going to be without Shaqiri and Adams for the game against us. We should have a bit of additional match fitness from the internationals and hopefully we can start firing.

    After that…well it’s gonna be tough. Lots of away games, lots of fighting good teams. In some senses, it may do us good to travel to Spurs and Chelsea though. We can defend a little deeper and play with a bit caution while they will be spurred to play a little more aggressively. Likewise Leicester are more likely to come at us and maybe offer a few additional outlets for us to exploit.

    I’m not saying it’s ideal as far as fixtures go, but right now playing at home is doing us no good. The pressure from the fans and the willingness of the opposition to hide is making life hard for us. Stoke will probably hide quite well, but hopefully we can get a reasonably early game and run away with it once they push back.

    Gosh I hate internationals when you’re feeling shaky about the team. Want to just get back to playing!

    1. Recently, in Chelsea matches, until Chelsea gets a goal somehow(penalty, corner, etc. – set peice goals), they haven’t been able to penetrate us(and by us means the balanced team we have been playing from second half of last season). That’s the biggest motivation that we can carry with us while travelling to the Bridge. Always, it has been the first goal which have decided the match. Either the match goes 0-0, or the match goes with one side winning(sadly Chelsea). It will be interesting to watch what game plan Wenger goes with – I would love it to be the counter attacking way we played against City away. With that, if our finishing is spot on, we can nick a win.

      In short words, doing a Chelsea over Chelsea (maybe)

      1. I imagine it’ll be a hybrid much like against Chelsea in the charity shield. We’ll play deep and compact, we will only commit 1 WB at a time and focus on keeping Chelsea’s creative players surrounded. We’ll then use pace to try and attack their defence and force them back quickly to gain some space for ourselves.

        Ultimately the problem comes is in if Chelsea decide they will accept a draw. The both teams being defensive could just cancel each other and lead to said draw. We have to be both willing to attack, while only doing so from a solid base in defense. It’ll be a tight match one way or the other.

  6. After Stoke we have 3 away matches in a row (I think)

    CL away
    Chelsea away (PL)
    Spurs away (cup match)

    If we can’t beat Stoke at Home, it’s going to be a looooooong season lol

  7. Inspite of Wenger’s messing up the team and playing people out of position, no one but the insane would do what Wenger has done in the transfer market, OR someone with a purely financial interest in Arsenal – who does this point to? The wigged wonder!!! When we couldn’t spend more than 1 pound over 40m for Suarez, yet he can take 3-4m out of club funds for undisclosed petty cash, that shows you where his priorities lie. We can change as many managers as we like, things won’t change if we don’t get rid of him, although most people wouldn’t cover up for him like Wenger.

    DW’s late injury disclosure is even more proof that we were never going to sign anyone in the transfer window.

  8. When you are frustrated, you don’t see the past situations in the way it really was. Suarez had a release clause. We ACTUALLY activated the release clause(it is considered to pay 1 pound more saying its more than the release clause). But Liverpool didn’t wanted to sell him to us. You can google Suarez release clause with one article mentioning the truth from Liverpool’s owner John Henry.

    Let me do the favour.

    1. Yes I realise that – but of course they are going to dig their heels in, when we publicly try and insult them. Most conventional wisdom says that if, at the time, we had made a sensible offer of 45-50m, we could’ve secured him, or at least not got LFC’s back up to the extent that they weren’t going to negotiate at all. Suarez had said that he wanted to go to Arsenal and was training on his own at the time because of it.

    2. It’s just inept negotiating as has been endemic in Arsenal since the departure of David Dein. I am almost certain he would’ve got the deal over the line.

      1. A release clause is a mortgage term that refers to a provision within a mortgage. The release clause allows for the freeing of part of a property from the mortgage after a proportional amount of the mortgage has been paid. If the full release clause is paid, then the whole property gets released.

        For example, in FIFA PC game when we actually meet the asking price of a player from other club, it doesn’t goes further on for re-negotiating. We are then straight away allowed to talk to the player for discussing personal terms. Atleast what I have observed.

        1. Yeah but in real life, if you had to put up for sale something that really meant a lot to you, for offers over £1000, and someone offered you £1000 + 1p, of course you are going to be offended, and say no. Suarez was emotional to LFC, a bit like Henry was to us, and is not like buying a house – it required tactful negotiation.

        2. I remember there was a big debate later on, and the legal experts said a release clause wasn’t legally binding, although it still seems a bit of a grey area, but in any case we certainly didn’t help ourselves.

    3. Truth be told, if Suarez wanted the move he could have made it happen. While a release clause is not legally binding in the sense that it forces Liverpool to sell to us, it IS legally binding as a clause of a worker’s contract. Had Suarez forced the issue, Liverpool would have been taken to court for breach of contract but only as part of a work tribunal. The basic gist of it is – if Suarez had genuinely wanted that move he could have forced it BUT he was convinced to stay by Steven Gerard and has since admitted to that. Our bid became irrelevant because he wasn’t fussed to speak to us over a move and did not force the issue. Liverpool are perfectly legally allowed to tell Arsenal to do one if the player is not holding up his contract.

  9. Lethal
    If suarez had a release clause of 40 plus Liverpool have no say on the matter. There is no digging heels there is nothing.Suarez would be a arsenal player right now. That’s just how it works. Suarez did not have a release clause of 40 mill over. It was not true. Factssssss

  10. Bale and Wales are a perfect combination. Good game from Ramsey as well. Might have been awarded a goal to him.

  11. Has anyone noticed how more and more Wenger is looking like an Ostrich? No wonder the stubbornness is coming out even more fiercely as I think he has his head buried deep in the sand! Haha!!!

  12. Sorry but I can’t read anything or think of anything tonight past ‘welbeck out until Jan, wenger knew last week’. The man is a disgrace and somebody with any influence must demand an explanation of the supposed stratgey if we have one! Next we’ll hear walcotts hamstring has gone and we intend to play reine adelaide up front.

    1. @Ronny331: remind me again who Mr Burns is? You are probably right. The guy deserves all the insult coming his way as he has for far too long insulted the intelligence of the fans who pay his £8M a year wages! I’m already imagining what he would say when we fail miserably come May 2016- excuses, excuses and more tummy churning excuses from an Ostrich who never listened in the first place as he had his head buried up to his neck in hot sand!!!!

  13. i wonder if the board will ever gt fresh footballing blood around there table, to take the club forward into the modern age. kronke doesn’t really do anything for the club i general as for him taking money out, it was paid to his company and was ratified by the rest of the board he isn’t just allowed to take money out as he sees fit. as the board members have an age old agreement that no one gets paid a dividend or take out cash for there own businesses, or can leverage the club for there own ends, so to me the board is not really the problem apart from when it comes down to making proper footballing decisions, then they have a major problem as they aren’t very good at theses things, they leave it for wenger to sort out. when really they should have a director of football and a transfers director that sorts out this areas of the club, not a one man show in wenger he should be stripped of this much power, and told to just manage the team only, and if he cant do that then he should either move on upstairs or retire. the guy at juve paratici is a very modern transfer negotiator and has brought in some fantastic buys for juve in the last few years. i think he could bring the reform to our transfer system that we need, update it and use his contacts to get the players in that we need at the right price dick law is a fantastic transfer negotiator, and gets a lot of tough deals over the line. but he needs major support i think to modernize the way we do transfers, as for director of football not to sure who could do that role atm, to me it would have to be someone who already has experience in that admin type of role. marc overmars does this at ajax and is very successful at it as he is an ex arsenal man, i feel he could fit into that role here and relate the footballing matters to the board for the next manager, that is what is needed keep it simple and in order that is the way forward for the club next in season. i have read klopp’s agent say that klopp doesn’t like getting directly involved in the transfers and that would be great if he was the manager, he would be expected to just coach the team and set up the winning system in place. i feel the club is already setting up for this format in the youth set up, as jonker is a separate set up from wenger now, so he controls the youth set up independently and this seems to work well we as wenger use to be in full control. the winds of change are a comin soon, and it will take our club kicking and screaming into the 21st century whether we all like it or not. coyg

    1. I maybe thought that way, until I read the article on Nasri talking about leaving Arsenal, and how Kroenke had forced Wenger to sell him. It’s online if anybody wants to read it – it’s in the guardian – samir-nasri-arsenal-stan-kroenke , and if it’s true certainly gives an insight into how the club is run. From what Nasri says, Wenger has no say in the money, and does not have the final say on who he buys or sells. That is down to Kroenke. We might as well have sold out to Usmanov, as it appears we’re not independent at all.

    2. There hasn’t been any explanation as to what the money was for, apart from ‘advisory services’, and it hasn’t been recommended by all the board just Chips Keswick and Lord Harris, who appear to be good ol’ boys on the gravy train, so I don’t really see anything stopping him just taking money out. If all the shareholders, certainly majority shareholders had to vote the approval, I would feel a lot more comfortable.

      As for ‘advisory services’, I could give them a bit of advice which they probably wouldn’t like, but would be far more helpful in the club actually managing to win something significant. I doubt I would get 3 million for it – in actual fact I wouldn’t care, the club managing to win something significant would be enough for me but apparently not so for Kroenke.

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