Titi, Adams or Pep set to replace Wenger as Arsenal boss?

There have been a few articles in the football media in recent days about who will be the manager to take over the reins of Arsenal when Arsene Wenger does call it a day, or get sacked which seems about as likely as U2 sacking Bono as the lead singer.

The former manager of Tottenham, West Ham and a host of other clubs, Harry Redknapp, came up with the not so brilliant idea of our former captain Tony Adams who, as much as he is loved by the Arsenal fans, has tried and failed to be a good football manager, so we can scratch that one.

The Daily Mail has reported that the Bayern Munich boss Pep Guardiola, whose current contract in Germany runs out at the end of the season, has expressed a desire to come to the Premier League, and more specifically to London, if his deal with Bayern is not extended.

That will excite some Arsenal fans but as Wenger would have to end his reign with a year of his contract still to run for this to work out, it does not look like the timing will be right, while the Bundesliga giants might want him to stay on as well.

So could it be Thierry Henry? It certainly could if the high praise about his coaching ability reported by Metro is true. Our record scorer is currently working with the Arsenal youth players and after scoring both goals to help our young Gunners beat Bayern in the UEFA youth league, the very promising Alex Iwobi gave the credit to Henry and his coaching abilities.

Iwobi said, “I owe that to him [Henry].

“He told me before the game that most wingers get their goals at the back post so I tried to take his advice on board.

“Other coaches I have had have all played football but no disrespect to them; I have never had anyone like Thierry.

“I am basically learning from the best.

“We all want to listen and learn.

“He’s like one of us. He just jokes around. But when we have to be serious he’s very serious. He is teaching us what to do.

“He may criticise us a few times but that’s just for us to get better.”

So with almost two years before Wenger´s time is potentially up, could his former striker be the one to take over?

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  1. Titi makes a great coach. I am sure of it. However, being manager it takes a whole load of experience which is built with the years. Some may have the talent (Simeone, Monk etc) already at an young age but it takes years to polish that. No need to give examples of absolutely good players trying managing but they should have stayed at coaching.

    1. Pep 4 years with KING as his vice, then king take over from there. Just like how it happens with him (pep) and late. vilanova.

  2. All time legend Tony Adams hasn’t moved any mountains in his previous coach/manager jobs so I doubt if he would be risked in such a high profile position at the Arsenal. Pep for meand 3 lovely points today.

  3. First thing any new coach at Arsenal would have to do is be able to handle the board of directors.
    Following in Wenger`s footsteps will not be easy. Henry should not rush in where angels fear to tread.
    I get the feeling there will be or two managers at Emirates before the likes of Henry can take over.

      1. Not if your a WHam fan, neither if your a Spurs fan, and no again if your an Arsenal fan around 2009. Dependent, now I would say yes it is imperative that we challenge for the title, and I would say that this season we have a great chance to add the crown to our recent couple of cup wins. Then people would say Arsenal are one of most successful teams of the 10s.

  4. can’t believe we haven’t been grooming a successor all these years……don’t want it to look like its an emergency……… The search should begin already! ……is there a thing like a “Manager’s manager”? ….then wenger could fit in there!

    1. There might not be many candidates now but with experience I can see Martinez turn into a top class manager, him keeping Wigan in the PL against all odds can be compared to Wenger keeping Arsenal in top 4 :/

  5. iceman or arteta for me titi is yet to gain significant experience guardiola will most probably end up at city martin is not of managerial cateogary it sometimes amazes me how the fans here don’t remember db10 as much as they should also my heart says he or arteta would make a very good manager one day

    1. Baseless point!………… U don’t trust Titi to come out a successful manager, yet trusts Arteta who’s yet to even retire from football to be able to manage a team!….how logical

      1. Must say I agree with him on that one, Titi does not come across as a man who ponders for very long and he usually dishes out the most obvious of calls. Not in a way that obvious is the most simple answer and therefor are the hardest and best to find but more like when a pundit and or fan falls back on quotes <(I forget the name of it)

        Arteta on the other hand spoke about team unity the other day and it being the answer to consistency, if you read him or listened you would of heard a man that knows his second language better than I know my first and a man who has interesting ideas about allot of things especially football.

      2. u may not seem to know this but arteta has been doing his caoching badge with our juniors for some time also since u are so ill informed u must not be knowing the positive influence of arteta on and off the pitch and it is clear that the boss also thinks highly of him.For king I agree with Trevor manager ship is a very different work at which almost all great players suck fact!

    2. what experience does Arteta have as a manager?……….. U did make a remark by saying “Arteta would make a very good manager ONE DAY” …. He’s not ready if Titi ain’t ready!

      1. He’s taking his coaching lessons same as Titi is only taking his too. The both of them are destined to work in some capacity in management. No one can say for sure how it will go, we only have educated guess. My guess or my money would be on Arteta actually being successful, maybe not at a giant club but more like Martinez at Eve ..I can see this nearly. After that who knows. With Titi I have no such clarity unless we the Arsenal take a huge gamble and just give an unproven manager a free run to the top seat.

    3. False, Guardiola already stated he wants to manage a club with HISTORY. That means either United or Arsenal. Both clubs also have a philosophy of playing ATTACKING football with our own being the closest to his. 🙂

  6. A name I’m amazed has not been ringing round is Antonio Conte. The mans not just a winner he also plays very quick attractive football. I don’t know whether he’s having a respite waiting for the right time or right club but I would certainly want him as a front runner. For me what he did in Italy spoke much louder than what Klopp achieved. He left some great foundation too which Allergi is only now either selling or wrecking.

  7. The issue of a successor for the managerial position at Arsenal does not arised as the position is not yet vacant. Instead of getting into diversionary issues, I think it’ll be better if we concentrate and focus on Arsenal games. And pray for the Boss and the Gunners to have a unique titles success this season. And forget about who will take over from the Boss. When the time for succession comes, it’ll be taken care of.

  8. like i said before Wenger&the club should have handpicked someone years ago and been taught the arsenal way or the Wenger,s if there any difference:)learning from one the best manager ever for few years couldn,t have been a bad thing??

  9. Just out of the blue, but do u know what wenger’s biggest mistake in his career? Staying at arsenal after emirates move. He should have just left in 2005 or 2006 and save himself from getting disrespected by many of our fans. He can just maintain his legendary status and just comes back once arsenal paid all their debt. Look at henry now.. Wenger surely would be a bigger profile by now. Fans would start begging for him to come back. And this article would not be ridiculously asking about adams, henry or guardiola. Perhaps the title would be “The Legendary Wenger or Just Pep could save Arsenal from doom”. And yes triple chop people arsenal fans would compare wenger and pep like that, considering how they wrote about titi above.

    But u know what. Wenger’s choice on staying might have been the best decision for arsenal. If he left in 2006, we might not have paid our debt by now, and even if we would, I cant imagine where we would be. Perhaps we become an everton quality or worse. And we might not even be able to attract a manager of wenger’s caliber by then.

    Bad choice Wenger.

    Ps sorry for the random rant.

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