To all JustArsenal readers – Big Changes Coming! Any Suggestions?

Hi everyone, Mr Admin here. As you all know I have been having health problems as well as doing lots of travelling lately and my doctors are telling me I have to slow down a bit!

So after ten years of running the site on my own I have brought in a younger partner, Martin, who is just as fanatical as I am about Arsenal. Not only that, but he is also a website expert and will be bringing the site up to date with an all-new, singing and dancing theme.

So while he is in the process of designing and stuff I thought it would be a good idea to ask my loyal readers what extras you would like to see incorporated. Martin is talking About a new Match Centre with live updates during the game, a Scores Prediction widget, a Team Selection widget, and most interesting of all a FORUM , where we can carry on discussing the opinion posts and transfer rumours, etc.

So what else would you like to see introduced?

Mr Admin


  1. 1. Glad to see i’m one of the first to post. I know cases have been made: some good some bad, of why we shouldn’t have the LIKE option. But it was One of (not the only) reason i became a JustArsenal fan. It gave us more than just content. Please bring that back. It was like having a customised twitter feed.

    2. I would also like an option for people to post stream links when they are games eg Europa, Carabao etc that some of us outside of the UK may not be able to easily get. Licensing and Broadcasting beyond the UK can be tricky.

    1. If there is concern about the thumbs down, we could only have the option for thumbs up.

        1. Firstly, Hope you get better soon Admin and take it the hell easy will ya!

          We Gooners need this site to vent our issues. I’ve got a feeling our issues will continue for a while yet!

          Secondly, you could possibly improve everything Arsenal by taking on the role of “sporting director” at Arsenal F.C?

          Then, all us Gooners here at Just Arsenal can have hopefully get our messages heard by the club!!!

          God knows (generally) we have make more sense and see what’s real at the club more than the club do itself!

          Seriously though, get well soon!

  2. Your point one is wrong and likes are for people who are insecure in their own skin only. MATURE , THINKING PEOPLE DO NOT NEED LIKES – they are for needy kids, so keep them away from this site, which has been vastly improved since the thumbs left us. Your point two I like! We now have far fewer timid fools who merely “like” but had nothing of their own to say. Or were not capable of actually writing and making sense!

    1. Sir, please can’t you make a statement or correction without being harsh with your choice of words, you are just too bossy.

      1. Tblaze, I am to the point which I freely admit. Perhaps being born 68 years ago I am just not used to being oversensitive when confronted with plain speaking, in the way that so many of todays snowflake young people are. We are not social workers debating on here but passionate fans with firm and passionate opinions,. I do not mean to offend but plain speaking is, in my view, necessary rather than sugar coating the truth in the devious way that so many who are afraid to be totally honest often do. I dp not make silly excuses for lazy players like Walcott, Ozil, Mkhi etc. Many on here admire plain truth properly written, even if perhaps you do not. I live and die by standing for the honest truth , not half truths. If that offends your sensibilities then that is unfortunate but says more about you than it does about me. Had Ivan Gazidis from his start , spoken the plain truth and not lied and concealed it behind weasel words, our club would now be far better placed than we are . PLEASE THINK ON! TRUTH IS OUR FRIEND , HALF TRUTHS ARE LIES!

        1. Jon, I agree with you on that truth is our friend but many of our comments on here are opinion, not truth. We should avoid making the mistake to refer to our opinion as truth. I think Ozil is lazy but I can not claim that this is the truth. I think Xhaka is not versatile enough for us but is that truth?

          1. Truths are truths to the person who believes it to be truth. To me truth is that Ozil is lazy and Xhaka just not good enough. That one plus one equals two is also truth yet still some would choose to deny even that. What I am trying to put over is that some people wish to deny the truth for reasons of their own prejudice, wilfully chosen blindness (Wenger being a prime example of “wilful blindness” in his latter period) and hankering after the past and what once was, but is no longer, in Ozil’s supporters case. Things move on, in football as in life, all the time and in so many ways and those who are perceptive AND truthful to themselves choose to see what is evident and in front of them while others do not so choose. THAT is my whole point!

        2. You’d of thought that all those years would of taught you something called wisdom and respect. There’s a time and a place for plain speaking, it can however be viewed as rude in an online format where people cannot gauge emotion or expression. Your never to old to learn. I hope you have learnt something today, regards, the internet generation.

      1. Kay, are you referring to Jon Fox? I don’t comment on here much, but I take offence at you calling someone a racist without backing up that claim with facts. I have issues with the way Jon Fox makes his statements and the use of capital letters to hammer across his points I find quite ignorant, not to mention childish.

        1. Doesn’t make him a racist though does it .
          Kay should be banned permanently for the use of the word ,disgusting post TBH.
          Always a select few who bring it up ,when you don’t agree with a post.
          I’ve been called a racist On a weekly basis in the past even though alot of people don’t know my private life ,which I’ve had to use in the past to defend myself ,when I shouldn’t have to .
          I’ve had runnings with Jon aplenty in the past ,how he comes across isn’t a crime ,he’s to the point ,ignore it and move on simple .

        2. Dennis, Yes I saw Kays post and thought I would not demean myself by dignifying it with a reply. She cannot know of course that I have spent my entire adult life actively , both at street level and in Parliamentary lobbying on a regular basis , standing up to bigotry and esp racism in all its forms. She actually rather proves my point ,which I find ironical, that she speaks without thought or wisdom. Many other do likewise too. As to your comment about capitals, as a theatre director and performer I well know that vocal inflection and emphasis in speech – or capitals in written words – make ones point better than flat tone and passionless voice. That is ALL(EMPHASIS, PLEASE NOTE ). If you take offence at someone merely using capitals please ask yourself are you too inclined to take offence in general perhaps? I must assume you have attended matches and learned that fans when at the grounds speak in plain and forthright fashion and that is to their credit , in general. As an older generation fan, I in common with many of the non snowflake generation find this inability and unwillingness to accept and join in with plain speaking to be somewhat regrettable and bordering on timidness at times.
          Finally, had Ivan Gazidis spoken more truthfully, plainly and without “forked tongue”, I suggest that Arsenal FC would not be in the mess we are today and our fans would not feel so betrayed by him especially and the LIES, because they WERE lies, that we were fed, would not have , nor should have happened. Hope this clears up a few misconceptions about where I am coming from and what I hold dear.

  3. Okay I’m all up for upgrades and turning this to forum like blog, but all that match streaming thing, scores prediction and live scores updates, I think will take the feeling out of this blog, making it look all new.
    I’m in love with Just arsenal the way it is, the like and unlike button I think it makes people less interested in saying the truth just cus of the likes.
    I have no problem with it being back, but I don’t think the whole new stuffs i mentioned would be cool, just leave the spirit of this blog the way it is please, deal with the ads and pop-ups.
    I have nothing else

    1. In total agreement with you Eddie. So much in life is fine and great the way it already is but almost always some smart Alec thinks “Oh I can improve that by doing / adding so and so”, but all they do is destroy what works well. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This site definitely ain’t broke but will be if it much changes. Perhaps some small adjustments but no major changes. Like and unlike buttons just cater for the dimmos who can’t even be bothered (or are not able) to write something of their own. PERSONALLY I WANT TO KEEP THOSE WHO CONTRIBUTE NOTHING AS FAR AS POSSIBLE FROM THIS ALREADY FINE AND WELL RUN SITE. I see it as a discussion site. How can anyone converse with mere thumbs!

    2. I mostly agree with Eddie (keep the site simple as it is). However, I differ a bit on the dis/like buttons. I think in a way it helps you to see how majority reason. It will be interesting to see how many people on here will agree with the way Jon fox write people down or his overt generalization. Although these days, I find him more of a jester than anything else

  4. We should aim for the stars so that we could challenge for the league. To do this we need to strengthen our squad. A budget of £150m – £180m would be necessary. Here are my five suggestions that would make us title contenders:
    1) Centre Back – Lewis Dunk
    2) Left Back – Kieran Tierney
    3) Mid Field – Adrien Rabiot
    4) Winger – Wilfried Zaha
    5) Winger – Nicolas Pepe

    1. I love this. Just that Zaha & Pepe will cost above 50 each.
      We do need a playmaker (AM) though especially if Ozil and Mikhi are leaving.
      I’ll go:
      CB – Dunk, 25M
      RB – Teirney, 20M
      B2B – Rabiot (Free)
      AM – James Rodriguez, 35M
      LW/RW – D Costa (Loan)

  5. Please don’t bring back thumbs up and thumbs down. It doesn’t work. People just thumbs down for stupid reasons like they don’t like that person and vice versa

    Also please make an edit option, in case you’ve made a mistake on an comment and want to correct it.

    Also an option to create your own avatar would be cool

      1. I don’t like the edit option.

        It makes it too easy to say something stupid, and then when picked up by another poster, the original is changed and there’s no evidence of the initial stupid response.

    1. You can already create your own avatar. Go to and associate a pic with your email address…..

      1. Admin, thank you for this opportunity, please bring the predict and win an Arsenal customised jersey section back. I won the prize twice in those days. And please take good care of your health. Gracie

  6. Pat, first of all I hope you’re ok… and thank you for doing such a great job on here… I love Just Arsenal! It’s part of my life & couldn’t imagine not writing on here!
    Am intrigued as to what Martin will come up with!
    I honestly don’t think it needs much tweaking… as long as we can still come on here & talk about our beloved Arsenal, that’ll do nicely!!

  7. I would like to be able to rate other people’s comments either with an approval/disapproval tick or numbers showing the level of approval/disapproval

    1. This site has been better without it. More ppl post instead of just clicking. I’m very satisfied w/ this site. As somebody else said, I would like an edit option. I’m not the best speller. Would the forum put an end to articles moving the discussion along? I like the current multiple topics per-day approach.

        1. Let’s not forget we have a world wide suporters and not all have the confidence of commenting by righting so thumbs gives them a a voice too

          what Martin can do first is I’m fed up by keep login in with, name, email and site name everytime I send a comment it’s off putting

          Pat hope all will be well with you really soon, enjoy yor travel and thanks for this site ?


      2. I very much hope you do not cheapen the quality of your fine site by bringing the thumbs back. Someone mentioned that some folk do not have the confidence to write but only want thumbs and so should have them but I disagree, as why should those unwilling or unable to contribute fully be allowed to spoil it for the rest of us who can and do? IF THEY ARE NOT ABLE TO TAKE PART THEN THIS SITE IS NOT FOR THEM I SAY.

        1. Agree with that. The system used to allow downvoted posts to be hidden, with the reader opting to click to see the post. Rediculous, as all gooners should have an equal voice regardless of the popularity of their view.

  8. Let youre readers vote for players rating, to end the silly pl. rating on aftv.

    1. ??? That’s a really brilliant dea! Then we wouldn’t have to fill up a whole article with 98 comments asking why Ozil got a 7 when he probably deserved a 3!

  9. I echo Sue’s thoughts regarding your health, good to know you have taken the advice and decided to slow down!!

    I would hate to see the thumb returning, as I believe it stifles debate.
    One thing that would be of interest, is an explanation when a post is taken down – with the explanation inserted where the original post was put.

    Apart from that, the site is excellent as it is, with so many varied views and comments.

  10. Hi all, I would like to echo a few people in wishing admin well. I’ve avidly read just arsenal almost daily tho have to admit I’ve not commented often. I would like to see full match highlights from epic and iconic games if that’s at all possible? Maybe videos of some of our greatest goals…

    1. Hi, we do have an ARSENAL VIDEOS page on Top Menu.
      I don’t see why we can’t add more content to that….
      I’ll get on it.

      1. Also, how about a section for showcasing amateur Arsenal fans Podcasts? Something a bit more upmarket than AFTV!

      2. Hie Admin.Thank you for this site I am afan from Zimbabwe and have been reading this site for years every day. Truilly this site makes my day in a difcult country like my zim. Wish you well Mr Admin. I am jus trying to join the discussion for the first time

  11. I would like notifications for replies, edit button and like button back! Like button helped us get rid of Hafiz Rahman, The Return of CJ and so many other fake ITKs!

    1. Email notifications for replies would be good, it would keep discussions going on older posts.

      Not sure if it has already been mentioned but auto-fill auto remember login details so we don’t have to enter each one we post.

  12. The thumb up or down should stay out…
    We don’t want it

    All this Ozil fanboys are the ones calling for it to be returned
    So that any comments been against Ozil get thumbs down…..

    They can’t tolerate Ozil been criticised accordingly…..
    They want to have the final say over everyones comments…
    They love judging, bringing back the thumbs up and down will give them the chance to bully people here…

    They know nothing about the practical aspect of the game…

  13. I’d like an easy, quick way of re-visiting your own posts.

    As it stands, I can never remember which subject I’ve posted on, to see if there are any responses.

    That’s one of the main reasons I don’t post much on here, I may as well open my front door and shout my thoughts down the driveway.

  14. There are no Ozil fanboys calling for the ‘thumbs’ – you’ve got it completely the wrong way round. Quantic Dream, a well known Ozil hater, confirms my point as you can see from his post above. As you are also on the ‘I hate Ozil’ bandwagon I was mildly surprised you were against the ‘thumbs’ option. However I was NOT surprised that both you and QD just had to bring Ozil into this debate. You can’t help yourselves can you? No matter what ANY original article is about you and the rest of the hater’s club will find a way to slag off Ozil.
    For instance if the original article said ‘It’s looking like a fine day for the EL final, sun and blue skies predicted’ then you or QD would be posting something along the lines of: ‘It won’t be a fine day for me if Ozil is in the line up’.

  15. Can’t believe you chose Martin over me ???

    1. She seems keen, hope you don’t have any pet rabbits buddy?

      I had a similar prob there a while back, one of those mugs who dial you up with unknown caller id.

  16. Long time reader, first time commenting. Would love to have a live match chat, something like Google does for EPL games. It’s quite fun. Love justarsenal as it is (the theme). Take cere of your health Mr Admin. COYG!

  17. I support the return of thumbs it makes the interaction easier, if someone has already said what I wanted to say and I still wanna be involved I will just approve his comment and go ahead with other part of it. sometimes people are too busy to have time to write. some will say no to thumbs so that they can write what ever trash they want and go free. trust me thumbs will bring more active users. sometimes people have an Idea and they want to know how popular it is among fans the thumbs help him to achieve that. beside anybody who wants to write something will still write that thing regardless of the thumbs. nobody will say Twitter is not flat form to voice your opinion but look at how it works with likes, so does Facebook that’s what make them so lively. bring back our thumbs. or you make a poll to help you in making the decision on the thumbs issue. then give readers what they want. 2. fix the issue of always filling the name and email before making a comment. thanks.

  18. Maybe an option to use the thumbs up/down without it showing the overall results of it but with high thumbs up comments maybe getting a highlight so others can see.
    I love reading all comments and some do go so deep into it you just dont get it anywhere else and i feel id like to thumb up a lot of comments and i didnt think it did any harm other than some just posting for thumbs. But they were Arsenal fans also.
    But id rather the site stays with all its usual people with no thumbs than lose some over having them back.

    1. I just mean some put some effort into there comments i feel they deserve a little pat on the back somethimes.

  19. Loved the thumps up thing though would not mind you working on the logging in to back as before.I don’t have to login every time I want to comment

    1. I agree with the login process, that was handy, my browser has not been remembering autofill neither.

      The thumbs, personally I believe they hold too much influence over other people and their mood/views. When we’re all feeling a little low or nervous they can make too many people go with the easy option and just blast away at absolutely everything, rather than look more closely or think about possible changes, people instead just rip away and then check to see how many thumbs they get.

      Also if you do go with the thumbs Admin, you have to make it so that only people who regularly comment can use them, because fans from other teams could totally use things like that against us, ruin our mood, you never know how far it could spread. Also you’d need to make it so that anyone with a VPN cannot use them.

      Then we have the bots, some websites are trying to make bots smarter and they send them out over the internet to try and pass as people, not sure how to deal with that but your tech guy might know, so long as it’s not a picture game on the sign in because that is so annoying, maybe ask us something that a bot can’t understand with ones and zeros.

      1. I think approved subscriptions are the only way to stop outsiders and automatic entry. Then only loyal committed readers will join…

  20. Really sorry to hear about your health taking a turn for worse Admin, glad to hear how you reacted to it though, good job Admin and keep your spirits up, everyone here will have you in their prayers and wishes, good luck mate.

    I’m a noob at all technical stuff so I wouldn’t know how to help with a website. I like the one you created because it is simplistic to use, sometimes simple is the best without all the bells and whistles, however, I know many people do have a magpie as their spirit bird (explains – Elvis Presley fans). Some are gonna want Twitter to be involved with the commenting, but myself, I am not on that and most of the older generation that I know personally don’t go for that much neither. I also think you should keep the anonymity, at least as an option, because I believe people will be less honest without it, also less demeaning and insulting but that is how they feel and they should be aloud to let it out of the cage somehow.

  21. I have been coming on here everyday for a long time now although not posting as much
    I think I prefer it without the thumbs just beacause as others have mentioned we tend to discuss more
    I really like the idea of a forum for certain articles as this will keep conversations going
    Anyway thank you mr admin really hope your health improves soon
    And coyg lets smash chelsea

  22. The thumbs up and down will always divide opinion
    So since you want to engage readers, why don’t you make a poll about it?

    Whoever wins, you implement.

      1. I would join with the many others Pat, in wishing you better health and urge you to put your own health above any other thing , even if if means this wonderful site ceases. NOTHING is as vital as good health.

          1. What are you against please Declan? If you mean against the thumbs returning , so am I.

              1. Declan, it is just that my post which you replied to made no mention of thumbs at all and was about Pats health only, so naturally I was unsure what you were referring too. But its sorted now and glad we agree on no thumbs.

                1. Thumb up JF?.
                  I join you in wishing her/him quick complete recovery, good health and long life.
                  You see, a simple ? would have solved all these repeated comments over and over again, without typing energy wasted.
                  I WANT OUR ? BACK

  23. I would really love to see specific statistics. I know is no easy task, but knowing every succesful tackle, attemps, passes tried, passes completed, duels won, slides, assists, shots tried on goal, off goal. That would be really cool.

    1. I scorn those who are over reliant on stats, which so often tell only a part of the picture of a players ability and distort strength and weaknesses. MANAGERS AND FANS HAD NO TROUBLE ACCURATELY JUDGING PLAYERS LONG BEFORE STATS WERE EVEN BORN. WHAT IS WRONG WITH USING YOUR EYES AND YOUR BRAIN INSTEAD?

  24. Thanks for asking for our thoughts. You shound be proud of the community you’ve built. Best of luck with your health.

    I like the idea of a forum as it’s sometimes frustrating when a new article is posted that inevitably stops an interesting conversation from the previous article.

    Thumbs up only seems a sensible compromise as it focuses on on the positive and allows folks who don’t post much to feel involved.

    In other forums I am on there is a brief description of the poster – date joined and number of posts.

    I like the idea of being able to edit your own posts. Predictive text sometimes makes me look like a numpty.

    Last thing, a report button for posts that readers find offensive might help moderators.

  25. Only been on this site for a few days and what I find/found frustrating is there can be so many posts in one day on different subjects which means you keep going from post to post looking at comments and replies !………….most sites I have been on only have one post per day.
    It`s like making a post from every comment you are making, cant it all be kept on one page ?
    Do wonder however how many likes or dislikes I would have got on this comment !
    Talking about the thumbs up thumbs down thingy (and I agree with the person who said it would be a fair reflection and also democratic in having a vote/poll on it )………..if it returns how about some system where you can actually see who is liking or disliking the comment ?

    1. Jeez how complicated do you want it to be!
      One thing this discussion has made clear is how divisive the thumbs are! Maybe we’ll have them on the forum. But ONLY thumbs up….

      1. No idea how complicated it is as I know as much about computer workings as Kroenke knows about speculate to accumalate in football transfers !……………it may be easy for the new chap Martin or maybe not but just a suggestion from a novice who is led to believe anything is possible in this tech age………………….well apart from filling a 60,000+ stadium in Baku ! 😆

        PS………………..agree with a lot on here that it`s a pain to have to put my name and email in every comment .

      2. You should have thumbs up and down as well. But, thumbs down should not hide the comment. There should be another ‘report’ button to indicate offensive comments.

    2. Much agree that there are far too many topics and it is hard to keep up. Better articles with more proper content in them and fewer “nothing much to say” articles has been my suggestion to Pat, made personally several times. And no thumbs too. Lots of the articles are obvious space fillers and say nothing we all did not already know or else are thinly disguised rewrites of very recent articles already discussed. My motto is say something of value or don’t write at all. I get really cheesed off with inane comments saying “I hope we win ” or suchlike drivel. Of course ALL Gooners want us to win all the time; saying so is like saying rain is wet, and hardly worth saying. It is already a given and fully understood by ALL Gooners.

  26. 1. Do not limit the number of articles
    2. Keep podcasts separate @alfie
    3. Allow us to rate article
    4. I enjoy the voting articles done on some occasions, maybe have more of these.
    5. How about something similar to superbru (predictions) only for persons subscribed? It would be nice to see how your members do.
    6. Maybe show top 5 on home page or only the members position? Maybe have an article to vote on that.

  27. Keep the GUI clean, neat, easy to navigate.
    Maybe winner of prediction game at end of season could win an Arsenal shirt? Maybe subscribers donate a small fee if needed.

    BTW, this is the best site I have come across not only for Arsenal, but many other teams.

    Great job Pat!

  28. I am for the editing, but maybe there needs to be time limit of say 1 minute and only a certain number of characters can be edited.
    I’m all excited for the epl predictions game if you go ahead before the new season.

    Maybe have an Arsenal player bio page so we can check out each player and maybe their stats etc, should be possible if you get data from somewhere with api. Otherwise it will be a lot of work to maintain.

  29. I hope you can add a feature that allows us to revisit previous POSTS once someone replies to them. Right now you don’t know when someone has replied to your comments.

    On a lighter note.
    Can we add a TRASH option / TIME-OUT for people that use abusive language or profanity while addressing another person of a differing opinion. Naughty Step ?

    1. That’s why a running forum on main posts is a good idea goonster so we can keep up with discussions amongst ourselves
      Naughty step ha some people will spend a lot of time there

  30. What about introducing a new system where the Article or Topic that is active or has recently been commented on automatically move to the Top?

    1. It does usually. But I wanted to have as many people read and comment on this one as possible. It’s important for our future….

  31. An alert to let you know when someone has replied to your post, not a post on the same article, specifically replies.

    I don’t want the thumbs to come back, too easy to mass thumb up or down something without engaging(anonymously), it is unfair on the individual who put effort into their post, leave the anonymous rating system in the bin where it should stay.

    Have emojis instead, allow someone to post a thumb up or thumb down emoji instead.

    Allow edits of posts made.

    I like the idea behind the team selection tool, I would love that and I bet many others would as well, it would make communicating about teams a lot easier. Can I ask if this will come with movement? For example: I want the ‘wide forwards’ to play narrow and cut in a lot, showing the player icon moving in the fashion I want would help show what I am thinking. Alt, if I wanted them to be wide frontment then I can have the player icons moving into wide positions. A starting position is very limited in how much it communicates due to the vast number of ways a single role could be played, depending on team tactics etc.

    If not movement, can we at least have icons (arrows and such stuff), so we can visually show who we want moving where in our debates 🙂

  32. I wish you good health and good travels Pat.
    I hope bringing someone in will (no doubt) keep you as interested as ever in your baby (justarsenal).

    With regards to improvements. Could we introduce categories to posts?. For example an article on the managers performance would fall under the category of ‘manager’.
    Could then readers filter the relevant posts they want to read about.
    PS. The most interesting posts (most comments) would give you the relevant data you need to tailor your site to encourage relevant topics (especially during certain periods of the season).

    Just an idea. I’m sure.others on here can offer a more tailored application of its benefits, but for me, I feel there is many topics to arsenal, from injuries to youth talent to transfers to matchday to performances to manager and coaching staff to the board to…
    To really drive it up a level and increase traffic to the site, subscription members could be alerted to certain topics that they may find relevant to their interests and something therefore they would enjoy reading about.

    You may wish even to have certain articles available to only members. I dont know, it might drive better discussions…


  33. On the issue of thumb ups and thumb downs, what if you put a system in place such that with every comment one makes, one earns, for example, 5 thumbs. So those who never comment will never thumb whearas those who comment more will have the chance to thumb more. You can opt to make thumb limits per article or just leave it open

  34. I didn’t have the chance to read everyone’s input so if I repeat what has been said above, I apologize.

    One suggestion is to be able to click on my name and see my last posts. Some times it is hard to check my last comments if I have a number of conversations going on in a number of articles. To be able to find my last few comments would allow me to make sure I replied to all. Also, it would allow me to follow postings of certain other users I appreciate.

    Secondly, would it be an idea to have the most recent comments on top rather than at the bottom?

  35. @Admin
    Why not use the DISQUS comment system pluggin? I believe it has everything everyone is asking for! I use it on other websites and it is great.

  36. Thumbs up is needed, a lot of stuff gets written here and to know what is representative of the fans as a whole we need to have some indicator of support for comments.

  37. I read through half the posts and realised everyone had covered my thoughts with room to spare. Clever lot us gonners after all 🙂
    My only thing would be to automatically kick out any pathetic spud that happens to come along and comment.

  38. Congratulations, admn on such a wonderful site. However, i really felt sad when u used the f word on me for no reason. Hopefully we can be cordial. congratulation again.

  39. In terms of running it, you should look for help from the steady and good posters here. Those with a track record that is. You need moderators you can trust.

    I would say take some adverts from a few good firms you like and reflects Arsenal values. It is important to have some revenue.

    Fees from us? That will see me out, as I am not a regular, and it makes no sense to me. What keeps sites interesting is the fresh voices that can come in.

    You also need an objective. For example, I would say the key objective is for the club to be sold to a proper soccer fan. We lost the greatest manager in Wenger because we lost sight of the actual problem with the owners who undermined the development of the team once City and Chelsea got money. With money to invest we would have been a much better team with three or four players earning 300K or so.

    Good luck with your venture. This might be last post once you get into membership.

  40. Pat you have created a brilliant platform for Arsenals fans to come together to have a rant, debate or whatever regarding the football club we all love. Hope all goes well with you, it’s been a pleasure getting to speak to you doing the articles & become a member of the justarsenal community.

    The only thing that should never have left the site was the thumbs up & down, always good to see what the majority of the fans agree on together & what they dont… it’s all abit of banter at the end of the day, no harm is ever done by having a voice, we all have an opinion and likes that are so different fro msomeone else’s point of views but has to he respected. This platform gives you the chance to do that, all down to you sir.

    Take good care & winning the Europa league a great way to sign off the site.. All the best mate

  41. I pray you get better admin.
    I agree with all you have mentioned and I think it would be nice for the site. I’ld like to add that you bring the thumbs back, but just the thumbs up only. If you do not like a comment, comment on it and point out the faults no room for thumbs down, just thumbs up. An edit option would be nice too, and if for any reason some one is called out for a bad post and goes back to edit there should be an Edith indicator (edited) to show that if a post was edited.

    1. Or even get creative with a thumbs option. Like each person only gets one thumb to give for each comment section, or the comments move up and down from the top like a league table, comments with the least thumbs go to the relegation zone. Also try to involve the articles, like a best article for the week or month type of thing, people have one thumb to give and they can change it if they feel a better article has come along. Then you could have an article of month and a comment of month type of thing going, like with football.

  42. I would like to see a “heat bar”. If you like a comment, add 1 heat per reader. The hotter it gets the more likely to create a “sub story” based on the users comments and the heat it generates maybe?

    It’s always a good thing to create gossip from gossip..

    Also that way, the readers can take multiple directions within conversations?

  43. Hi Pat, sorry to hear about your deteriorating health. Thank goodness your mind is still razor sharp. You’ve done a great job with this site, I can say I feel addicted to this site. I read almost every article and post replies at my own time as work is usually hectic for me. I have also had a couple of my articles posted by you.
    Sometimes change is good, other times not so much. However I believe too much change in a short time is usually bad and any change should be done in phases and not all at once.
    I’m fine with or without the thumbs up. The idea of the forum and live score updates also appear enticing. I however, do not support the idea of subscribing for a fee as that would drastically limit the number of posters. I may be able to afford the subscription fee but most others especially Arsenal fans from 3rd world countries would not. That would rob us of their input on this site. Revenue can and should be generated from adverts, although the adverts should not obscure any post or article for over 5 seconds (i.e there should also be an option for minimizing the ads or skipping it altogether if its a video)
    I’d like to give a shout out to site regulars who add to the colour of this site;
    Gotanidea, who strives to reply first to every article and loves inverted wingers.
    Xxnofx, the Ozil advocate and staunch Iwobi critic. His pal TH14, whose view on both is in contrast to the former.
    Darling Sue, whose witty responses and declared love for our most handsome players (Ozil included) adds to the spice of this site.
    Jon Fox, the self declared oldie with his perceived superiority complex which makes him talk down and ridicule anyone with a divergent opinion to his (we love you old fella)
    Phil, Jon’s wing man and staunch supporter.
    Ken 1945, a breath of fresh air. A genuinely nice old fella.
    Fatboy gunner, our resident comedian.
    Honorable mentions to Midkemma, Quantic Dream, Break-on-through and all the rest of the Arsenal lovers who post on this site.

    1. Abel.. I’m so glad I checked this article again, because I came across this brilliant post of yours!!
      I agree with you – I’m addicted to this site too!! ? and I have to applaud your shout out to the regulars on here!!
      Absolutely brilliant reading your take on all of us.. I laughed out loud, I can assure you! One of my favourite parts was “we love you old fella” ?
      Superb, Abel ? & thank you ??

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