Bassagog – To Buy or Not to Buy, That is the Question…

There is no doubt that Arsenal is one of the most popular teams in the World, especially in Africa and Asia where the support is fanatical, so it is no wonder that players from those continents dream of growing up and playing for the Gunners. Of course Arsenal have had many great African players at the club and a couple of the highest-rated have been Lauren and Alex Song who both hailed from the Cameroon.

Now we have another Cameroonian who wants to join the club,and he could actually be a very good gamble to replace Danny Welbeck, who is probably out for the rest of the season and his contract ends in the summer anyway. The striker in question is Christian Bassogog, who currently plays for the Chinese Super League side Henan Jianye, and has scored a reasonable 16 goals in 51 appearances where he has been mostly played on the wing. You may not have have heard of him but he was named the AFCON2017 Most Valuable Player after winning the competition with Cameroon, and he was snapped up by Henan Jianye from the Danish side Aab for a record fee in that country.

You may not have heard of him but he desperately wants to come to play for Arsenal. Bassogog told Goal: “Yes, it’s still a dream for me to come back to Europe,”

“I would like to play in the biggest league in the world, in the Premier League. My favourite club since I was very small is Arsenal. I like playing with the ball and this club suits me. When I was a child, Thierry Henry was a model for me. It’s someone who impressed me a lot.”

The fact is that Arsenal could really do with another striker in January, and if Bassogog is available for a reasonable fee, I don’t see why Arsenal shouldn’t take a chance on him, do you?



  1. ozziegunner says:

    Suarez, a chance if Ramsey or Ozil is sold. Raul and Unai both have excellent knowledge of the Spanish leagues.
    Would Manchester United sell Bailey to an EPL rival? Bailey is a far better player than he has been allowed to show under Mourinho.
    Alexis Sanchez, no way would I want him back. Questions are how much would Manchester United want in transfer fees and would they sell to Arsenal, if Arsenal put in a bid? How much of a wage cut would Sanchez be prepared to take?
    I wouldn’t be too concerned about transfer rumours. I’m sure Sven and Raul are working hard behind the scenes to identify transfer prospects for Arsenal in January and the summer. The big question will be whether Scrooge Kroenke has a “vision of Christmas future” and backs the Arsenal Trinity with the apropriate funds?

    1. gotanidea says:

      I rated Denis Suarez higher than Andre Gomes. Gomes seems to be doing well in EPL, hence maybe a more skillful CM like Suarez could perform better as well

      I don’t think Man United would sell Bailly and I think Sanchez is just a media speculation

      1. Break-on-through says:

        If Mourinho has concerns about a CB, it’d be wise to pay heed. He doesn’t get everything right, he sold allot of top players without knowing how good they could be. But at CB, I could be wrong but I always felt that some fans heaped praise on Bailey much too soon. Not even a handful of games had passed, and fans were ripping into every one of our defenders except Monreal, and talking about Bailey like he was Paolo Maldini or something. There’s a chance that he might be all pace and strength, but no brain.

        Also they’re saying that Mesut could be swapped with Isco. We can buy Suarez if needs be, but I’d rather we tried for Rabiot. Rabiot would stand out in most other sides, he’s a nicely rounded player and is creative from a CM position. Isco, you don’t even need to ask fans if they’d like him, but maybe not all Ozil fans would agree to swap. If he came here though, he’d quickly turn them around.

  2. Palash says:

    Houssem Aouar is perfect he can play in the wings and is also a playmaker after Ramsey’s exit we can buy Pablo fornals but we must also buy a young defender who is versatile enough to play at right back and at the central defender position

  3. Palash says:

    My main worry is ozil how can we get rid of him? No top club will accept his wage demands,i respect wenger a lot but he is responsible for this ozil situation

    1. gotanidea says:

      The only way is Arsenal need to pay the rest of his salary, which could cost them a lot

      I hope there is a clause on his contract that can benefit Arsenal, otherwise those contract negotiators at Arsenal are the lousy ones

  4. Am not really keen on another defender as we already have 6 on the books and a 7th one, Chambers, out on loan. It would be difficult to keep them all happy. Mustafi will be back shortly and I expect he will partner Sokratis with Koscielny being used sparingly for rotation. Monreal could always cover at CB if need be. So for those reasons, I don’t think it likely more CBs will be signed in January. What I would really like is a RW and if possible a LW. I don’t believe we urgently need a striker as Lacazette and Aubameyang can adequately rotate if we can secure competent wingers to share the attacking and goal scoring burden.

    1. jon fox says:

      Wow ! Seven whole defenders, including one on loan. What fabulous riches and quantity. I assume you understand sarcasm!

  5. Grandad says:

    Plenty of defenders, but no quality defenders.

  6. Innit says:

    There is a difference between Quality and Quantity
    Top teams have top Quality defenders (exception Leicester when they won the PL)

  7. Aubamezzette says:

    We have just one reliable and quality CB-Sokratis.
    Holding is trying but he is still developing -not there yet, in the Gomez,Stones bracket…. and now he is out till next season.
    – Mustafi is poor, not quality enough for a top team.
    – Chambers too is not quality enough n unlike Holding ,he doesnt have the potential to be a very quality CB.
    -Koscielny used to be quality but is now old,injury probe and past it, he is the new Mertesacker/Kompany. Therefore he can only play the odd games where winning is guaranteed.
    This would likely be his final season at Arsenal.
    Great Servant.
    -Mavropanos like Holding is still far from the finished article ,actually he is further behind than Holding but he has the potential.

    So in January we need to sell Chambers.. sign Jonathan Tah
    In the summer sell Mustafi, release Koscielny and add another quality mid-age/young defender… sign Skriniar.
    ….so by next season we have Tah,Skriniar,Sokratis,Holding,Mavropanos. 3 QUALITY and 2potential quality.

  8. Daniel honour says:

    I would like to see arsenal sign two players in January, Saha from palace and maguire from Leicester. These two would provide both options and enhance the competition for first team places and rotation. Saha deserves a chance again at a bigger club and maguire represents the British signing of quality the defence needs to keep some clean sheets in epl

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