To win the League Arsenal need to play their best in EVERY game….

It seems that every single season in recent years, Arsenal have flattered to deceive at the begining of the campaign, and so it proved in the last one. After our opening defeat to Liverpool, we then went on a 20-game unbeaten run before collapsing around the time of the Champions League knockout rounds and dropping away from the race for the Premiership title.

Then, as our long-suffering fans actually predicted, we picked up form again at the end as we tried to get back into the Top Four, winning 10 of our last 11 games to win the FA Cup but ultimately failing to reach the Top Four by just one measly point.

This year we have to avoid that mid-season dip, and perhaps with our newfound depth in the squad we can work to keep up our form right the way through the season. Our keeper Petr Cech has done it before many times with Chelsea, and he believes that Arsenal ned to do it this season if we are going to win the title. He said on “The one thing that is clear in the Premier League is that, if you don’t play at your best every game, then you will obviously have difficulties winning every game,”

“You need to make sure that you are prepared and ready for every game to make the most of it. Every goal and every point is very important.

“We believe in our ability and we believe in our squad. I think that we showed last season, especially at the end of the season, that we can compete with anybody. We just need to make sure that the period we had in February and March, which cost us the better league position, doesn’t happen again. We have a well-balanced squad with a lot of quality.”

We have the quality, now we just need to get the confidence and belief. Arsenal have some great pre-season games against some of the best teams in the world. If we can show we can compete now we can go into the new campaign with more than our usual hope and belief.

Come on the Arsenal! Onwards and Upwards!



  1. Competition within the squad would help as well as picking the 11 best based on form and tactics for that day’s game.
    Sell average players and bring in better so everyone has to fight for a spot. I like the additions so far, even better if we land lemar.
    Wenger should just jedi mind trick Monaco and forget the formality and manners. Use the force dude.
    Dont stop now, best transfer window ever; Sead looks the business, lacazette just needs the opportunity. With Lemar and another CM we will be off and running.
    Is wenger considering Lemar as a CM, or strickly attacking winger? Ready for season now now now.

    1. I agree.
      If starters don’t have good competition then they can become lazy and not play their best.

      The areas we are fine in are:
      GK- Fine with Cech and Ospina
      LB- Fine with Sead and Monreal
      CB- could use another top CB but not priority
      LW- Fine with Alexis, Iwobi, Welbeck (may get Lemar and Lacazette can play both wings)
      CF- Lacazette, Alexis, Giroud, Welbeck

      I think we need more competition in:
      RB – We expect Debuchy and Jenkinson to leave, so need competition for Bellerin
      DM – We need a better one than Coquelin and Eleny to raise their game
      B2B- Need someone of Cazorla’s level (also Wilshere, Ramsey are injury prone)
      CAM – Ozil needs more competition preferably by young creative midfielder
      RW- Walcott needs competition like Mahrez or Oxlade if he stays

  2. Petr Cech says ” one thing that is clear in the Premier League is that, if you don’t play at your best every game, then you will obviously have difficulties winning every game,”

    He goes on to say

    “You need to make sure that you are prepared and ready for every game to make the most of it”

    Bloody hell petr be careful or people might think you are stating he obvious ?

  3. ?? We always have a good pre-season, whipping Mickey Mouse teams and even managing to beat a rival here and there along the way.
    Yet we seem to have trouble with winning the first game of the new season, which normally is a Home game.

  4. This is unrelated but I thought i’d just state this for the many people slagging off Ozil. 1) Not many people realize this but Ozil is one of our most influential players…wait what did you say? let me explain…Had Ozil not come to Arsenal, Alexis Sanchez and the other top class players we signed wouldn’t have joined either. Ozil joining us directly and indirectly influenced them to come here. Xhaka was estatic to be playing with ozil and was because of what ozil said that mustafi came here. 2) Ozil doesn’t usually dictate the tempo of games directly that is not his playing style – he is a chance creator and the best one in Europe at that. He is completely unique to every other top class playmaker in the world. His playing style seems so effortless which makes him appear lazy yet he consistently covers as much ground during the game like Alexis. Alexis is often guilty of not tracking back at times but everybody seems to give him and other players a pass. 3) Ozil wasn’t better at Real Madrid, he had better attackers to pass to so of course he would seem better there. Ozil is the reason that giroud and the others even look half-decent. The stats indicate that he still creates as many chances if not more but with people like welbeck who can’t even score tap-ins it makes ozil look ineffective 4) If anybody truly watches a match when Ozil isn’t playing and you see how the team struggles to even create a proper goalscoring chance. Most of our attacking play comes through Ozil and he is the one that works the magic quietly. 5) If anoyone notices when we play most big teams they put 3-4 to mark Ozil because he is the most dangerous attacker we have. He is the one that can truly carve open many teams if given enough space. 6) If any of you think Ozil can’t find another team right now if he wanted – Mourinho is the first person who would come for him because he and other top class coaches are well aware of his ability. Ozil turned down Bayern, Psg and Chelsea to come here and believe me they would be happy to have him right now. Ozil simply showed some gratitude and loyalty to Arsenal and Arsene Wenger because he is well respected here. It is clear that he has come to really love Arsenal. 7) Only Arsenal fans, pundits and internet trolls talk about Arsenal as a small club when in fact many players would love to come to Arsenal. We are a club with history and prestige – We haven’t won the league in 13 years but it was only in the last 4 years that we have had the finances to compete as we have had to pay off the debt for our stadium so if we wanted to judge our success we would have to use the last 4 years and we have won 3 fa cups which is the second biggest trophy in England. Yes we bottled the league but we still haven’t done all that badly as pundits and the media would have you believe. Liverpool has spent 700m over the last 10 years and only won a league cup but yet we hear nothing about that. 8) Arsene Wenger will be our manager for the next 2 years so get over it! The constant moaning isn’t going to help. 9) We have to get behind the team and manager and yes the manager is apart of the team…Alright i don’t think i’ve missed anything…i’ll say more if needed

    1. That also reminds me, what is it with people slagging off players who show loyalty to the club but the ones that are constantly threatening to leave we adore and admire them?

    2. What you said is very true.Ozil makes our strikers look half decent.In fact we expect average players to look better when they are surrounded with world class players.He’s definitely not been consistent but to get the best out of him he needs players who can finish or else he’s useless.It’s good Wenger has brought in Lacazette who’s actually the only good finisher out of our three strikers.

      1. lol when ozil said i am happy lacazette is here and my friends say i will have fun with him – something about that line is making me excited to see that link-up.

        1. Of course we should be happy because Lacazette’s finishing is so good.He doesn’t need to do anything special this season.All he needs is his finishing boots.I’m just tired of seeing average finishing.

  5. Even as it stands I am happy with our 25, if everyone is fit. My main concern is what is happening with cazorla and Wilshire? I am not convinced we can carry even one injured player let alone 2. My second concern is the obvious, those currently linked with departures, alexis is obviously the main concern, he is almost irreplaceable. Chamberlain, ozil and giroud departures would also mean like for like replacements. One final concern is centre back, where we be missing koscielny and Gabriel for sure, on the opening day, whilst chambers, mustafi and Holding could all be absent due to international commitments over the summer along with bellerin.
    All this could mean a back 5 looking like this:-
    Maitland-niles Bielik Mertesacker Monreal Kolasinac

    Ok it’s not the end of the world, but there could well be bench cover of Sheaf and Bramall!!

    1. Ozil and giroud aren’t going anywhere -_- they both made that pretty clear and Wenger said Alexis is his slave. As for Ox…why are so worried about him going again? Ox has had his moments but has he ever scored at least 10 goals in a season? Nope . 10 assists? On top of that he is consistently injured throughout the season. Look I may not rate theo walcott all that highly but he has managed 21 goals and 16 assists in 12/13 and 19 goals in the season that just passed not to mention he has scored or assisted against almost every big team we have ever faced. Until Ox can make a significant contribution like that he can leave for all i care. 5 good matches out of a season does not make you an automatic starter. Bellerin has done far more than him and plus bellerin is our little roadrunner 🙂 meep meep

      1. The Ox criticism is a bit unfair.The guy is almost always injured and that has had a reflection on his stats.However,when he’s fit he usually performs very well though he’s been a bit inconsistent.Just look at Van Persie he was always injured but we knew what he could do if he was injury free.How I wish Ox was not so injury prone.Players like him with cutting edge are very important and crucial in any team.It shouldn’t be on the basis of stats that we sell him.If we sell him we should because he’s been poor.

  6. “To win the League Arsenal need to play their best in EVERY game” – Wow!!! Bravo!!! You cracked the code, dude. And the trophy goes to … Captain Obvious.

    1. It was a bit of an obvious statement really. However, it’s still a fact that if we don’t perform to beyond our best we could well come out of this seasons campaign empty handed.

      We gotta assume that every other team in the PL is gonna be playing and at their best, in every game also. That’ll be nothing more than the norm. Arsenal have to look beyond the norm and punish everyone that comes in front of us with a real ruthless streak.

      Playing well and a greedy winning mentality is what will get us results

  7. Today is our first match with Lacazette and Kolsanic 🙂

    Dortmund may be interested in Giroud. I hope Wenger uses that to get somebody from there. They have several players I would not mind to see in an Arsenal kit

  8. How many times have Manchester United played bad and still manage to win .that’s how leauges are won managing to scrape a result starting with hard defending making sure not to conseed and having a world class finisher to get that goal .so when I heard we were sticking wit 3 at the back I was delighted. I would love to see either Mahrez or leman or both join the club .in the midfield I think matuidi would be a brilliant signing .and mbappe that would be a dream come true .especially if sanchez leaves which would be a nightmare

  9. Bearing in mind that on most of the weeks next season we might have to play on Thur (Europa) and then again on Sat, almost 2 sets of top quality players is needed to effectively compete on all fronts..

    I believe in most positions we are well covered now except for the 2 box to box CM role in the 3 CB formation. I am fine with Ramsey and xhaka as the first set but after them, top quality is scarce…Cazorla is a definite starter if he is available but as of right now he is a big IF….

    I am not sure if I am comfortable with the idea of Coq, Wilshere or Elneny starting there every week as our 2 box to box midfielders…..for me they are more suited to the 1DM 1CM + 3 AM system in the 4231 formation. They are useful though as cover for short term injuries, international weeks, FA and League cup but not regular game plans unless they prove themselves in that role over the course of next season, which would then, be a bonus…

    So in short, as of now, I believe we are pretty light with players able to play that box to box role convincingly on consistent basis, Ramsey longterm out injury record notwithstanding.

    The imminent acquisition of Lemar would be useful as he can play box to box CM also and I believe can successfully be converted ala Cazorla who originally signed for Arsenal as a winger…Depending on how fast he fit in, he would be useful as cover or alternate to Ramsey in both league and Europa games….

    I believe with Xhaka, ramsey, cazorla and lemar, we would be Ok in that department….However if Cazorla would not be available for the majority of next season, I hope AFC would also look at like to like players to Cazorla such as Jean Seri….If not Goretzka is worth a look as alternate to Xhaka and Ramsey….Otherwise we have to take chances, and Ox, Iwobi, Adelaide should be given more exposure in the box to box role next season..All 3 I believe have both attacking and defensive potentials in abundance in them but need further refinement and fine tuning in their overall approach play…

    Mahrez I would have like him as alternate to Ozil in the 4231 formation BUT if we are going to play the 3 CB formation mostly next season, I believe he would need to displace Ozil or he would not get many minutes as both have similar defensive deficiencies….If we can get Lemar.. .him, wilshere or Iwobi can cover for Ozil when he need a rest.

    We need a competitive squad throughout the whole season, to give us a good chance of winning as many matches and titles at the end of the season.

    Falling short in covering all possibities by taking extra contigencies mean, long term injuries, and fatigue, would again be our biggest enemies next season.

    Chelsea competed with mainly 3 top quality players in that role last season, namely Kante, Nematic, and Fab, and they dont even have to contend with Europa nights….AFC???…..remain to be seen….for now…

    COYG …

  10. Come to think of it, if Fab can be snapped up for free, i am not totally against the idea of him returning to AFC as cover/alternate to Cazorla (or even Xhaka and Ramsey to a certain extent) if cazorla is not going to available for the most part of next season……The problem is I dont think Chelsea will fathom selling him to us on a cheap.. hmmnn. would they??? And he is almost like 30 already …Lol

    1. Fab would be a good signing and I agree we are very short in the centre .verratti from psg would be perfect would be costly but he is class

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