Toby Alderweireld to Arsenal? It could happen but…

One of the latest pieces of transfer gossip doing the rounds is the possibility that we may be signing Tottenham defender Toby Alderweireld but while it is, of course, feasible it simply is not going to happen in my opinion.

Some may question what is the point about writing about a player rumoured to be wanted by Arsenal but very unlikely to sign for us but we cannot ignore this particular rumour, not when it involves a Tottenham player.

For starters, it appears to have originated in the Sun, hardly a paragon for accuracy, and second, there is not even an unnamed source quoted to rely on.

Let’s be realistic, as things stand right now we cannot offer Alderweireld wages above what Spurs could offer him, we cannot guarantee him success any more than what Tottenham can, we cannot even guarantee Champions League football right now.

This is not a repeat of the Sol Campbell situation when we could easily offer him those things, today it is a very different set of circumstances.

The Belgium defender is 30-years-old and at that age only two things will force him out of Tottenham, the last chance of silverware or a huge end of career wage package. We cannot offer him either of those and we have to be realistic about that, Man Utd could offer him at least a stupendous wage. Man City could offer him both without batting an eyelid. We cannot.

So, while this rumour is fun reading and something for us to wind up our bitter local rivals about, it is not something, in my opinion, to be taken seriously.


  1. TRUE AND THEREFORE ANOTHER NON EVENT , ALSO NOT WORTH FABRICATING ANOTHER NON “ARTICLE” OUT OF SUCH NONSENSE! Newsflash!!! I am NOT going to be Arsenals next manager, so wheres the “article” on that nonsense too? These constant so called articles about rumours that even the writer agrees will never happen , simply wastes time and insults our intelligence. Any fool can write about something that will never happen. It’s nonsense, as we all know and so is writing about it! So no more of this type of rubbish please!

      1. I that all? Blimey , I have just heard that I am 100 billion to one against! You could buy all our rivals and put them into bankruptcy with that money. Of and even have a bit left over to replace the splendid “ahem” Mustafi. So bring on the Fox as our next manager. At least I would never have timid, weedy and lazy players kept at the club for a decade. Whoeever could I be referring to! Answers on a postacard and send to T Walcott, Lazy Towers, Lazington, Nr Everton, Lancs!

  2. Levy won’t deal with Arsenal. Also Toby is unlikely to want to go to Spuds rivals.

    I agree with Jon. If a rumour is so far fetched to even make the author not believe it, then no point publishing an article about it

        1. No they would not Kenny! For the simple reason it happened and our club was then owned by a completely different board of owners and Spuds was in a totally different place from now. Don’t compare potatoes to tomatoes KENNY!

          1. Jon, sometimes you remind me of the Monty Python sketch “Is this the right room for an argument”. You’d already replied with it being a non-article of such nonsense and when I agree with Sue about the article not worthy of a comment you then seem to disagree with me. The quote about Sol is really irrelevant to the substance of the article.

            1. And anyway as Ackshay rightly say’s he has release clause and Levy can’t do anything about it, similar to Sol’s position.

            2. Nothing to do with arguing Kenny and all to do with facts that you of all people know to be true, as all we long time fans do too. Which is why I WAS AMAZED THAT YOU SAID THE SAME WOULD HAVE BEEN SAID ABOUT CAMPBELL, as you know it was not said, cos it happened, whereas Alderweirald will not. I LOVE TRUTH NOT FALSEHOODS, Kenny.

        1. No it wasn’t a release clause, it was a clause in his contract that said he needed to be told we’d made a bid, that’s all.

  3. No more aging players from our rivals please

    Arsenal should not be a retirement house like AC Milan and Juventus

    1. Sokratis/Auba kinda aging is good.
      Lichsteiner/Cech kind not so good.

      I reckon Alderweild is the former kind

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