Today just keeps on getting better and better for Arsenal fans

The latest piece of Arsenal transfer gossip will be music to the ears of most Arsenal fans and not because of a potential recruit but because of a player that may finally be on his way out of the Emirates.

According to reports in France, Bordeaux is preparing to table a bid for midfield flop Mohamed Elneny.

Elneny has been nothing but a huge disappointment since he joined us from Swiss club, Basel, back in 2016 and even though he signed a new contract in March he has been unable to make any sort of impact, well, a positive one anyway.

Apparently, the new Bordeaux manager Paulo Sousa wants to be reunited with the Egyptian, who he coached when they were both together at Basel and must feel he is more capable of getting more from the 26-year-old than what Unai Emery has been able to do.

Elneny has become nothing more than a fringe player this season and there is a very good reason for that, his contributions when he has been given an opportunity have been woeful, and it has to be the case that it is better for both us and him that he moves on.

This news on top of the interest in Shkodran Mustafi from AC Milan, which we covered here, just about caps off a brilliant 24 hours for us, which makes a change from the misery of the last few weeks.

Fingers crossed this piece of transfer gossip is true.


  1. I’ll be happy when someone is willing to take Ozil away from us. Hopefully it will happen soon.

    1. Ozil’s agent just basically said Ozil will see out his contract and that he loves Arsenal.
      What he really meant was:
      ” There is no other club in the world that will pay Ozil the absolutely idiotic salary that you’re paying him, and we dont really care that you want him gone, as we are going to abuse this absurd contract till the end”
      Which to be fair is what I would do if I were them.
      Thank you once again Ivan and Arsene, the shit you’ve lesft behind is stuck in our boots for another 2 years.

      1. I read that statement from his agent with disgust too. They’re digging their heels in and will not give up that 350k till the very last week. Where are the Chinese when we need them! Ozil to cling on till 2021 for goodness sake I can’t believe this.

        1. Yeah, he threw in the old “he bleeds red and white. The fact is he and his agent will always put their needs and wishes over everything and everyone else’s. Like if we said that a lot of decisions were made that shouldn’t have been made, it’s not your fault it is the clubs, but we need to sort out this money situation. We need to rein things in so we can get better quality throughout the squad. How do you think they would react to that, or his agent, how would his agent respond? Not many people can blame an individual for looking out for himself, he was offered the money and he took it, who wouldn’t in the same situation. But enough of the love, love of the city, love of the club, I’m sure he cares a lot, but it’s the love of money which comes out on top.

          1. You would think Ozil’s agent would find another club for him so he the agent would get a cut of the transfer fee

  2. Mustafi to Wolves? Would be reunited with the manager that signed him at Valencia, then have the match of his career against us lol.

  3. This summer will be a major test for Emery.

    Wenger used to keep average and below average players for far too long hoping that they would improve.

    Emery must not do that.

    Keeping young players is FINE like Iwobi, Holding, Guendouzi, Chambers etc who have potential
    But players in their mid 20s and older who don’t perform well enough need to move on

    Personally I hope we can somehow get rid of Mustafi, Ozil, Xhaka, Elneny, Jenkinson
    and whomever Emery thinks isn’t good enough.

    Also promote or keep these young players Niles, Smith Rowe, Reiss Nelson, Guendouzi, Holding, Chambers, Nketiah, Bielik, Mavrapanos

    1. Don’t get much chance to see Bielek play but the reviews are good.. Will be keen to watch him on Sunday.

      The other CB I want to watch this weekend is Tomori from Derby. He’s a Chelsea loanee, England u21 player and Derby’s player of the year. If Chelsea recall Zouma then Tomori might hanker for a new club. Just throwing it out there.

  4. Btw I doubt we would get anywhere close to £35 mil for Mustafi, Xhaka or £45 mil for Ozil
    I think we could actually make a profit on Elneny because we bought him cheap and he has plenty of premier league experience

  5. Prepare for more happiness. A whole load of the forest of deadwood will be moved out this summer. Real question arises though, as to how good -or otherwise – will their replacements be, given that Scrooge withholds proper spending money!

    1. Couldn’t agree more MCL but I honestly don’t
      see 2 many suitors for Ozil unless AFC decide
      to eat a good chunk of his salary.

      Miki, Mustafi and El Neny might fetch around
      £50M but even @ a loss they collectively
      need to be moved on.

      1. They will fetch far less. You really overrate the stupidity of clubs who will buy them for the money you suggest. More like 25 mill the lot. Elneny 5mill at best. Mkhi 10mill at best. Mustafi? We should pay the rag and bone man to take him away!

  6. We miss Technically gifted Palyers i suggest we keep Denis Suarez permanently

    I really miss midfield players like Rosicky, Carzola, fabregas, Nasri i wish we had these kind of players in our midfield now

    1. You don’t know how depressing it is and has been watching our style of football since the Cesc era came to an end.
      Cesc, Rosicky, Nasri, Wilshere, Cazorla
      , RVP etc were a joy to watch individually or as a team.

      1. Lukas, how many titles did Arsenal win with the aforementioned players? Arsenal needs to keep the technical gifts, but introduce size and physicality, tempered with a touch of mongrel. Arsenal needs to stop being bullied.

    2. So true that! Who would have thought Arsenal would be lacking these types of players 🙁

  7. Off Topic: Just 6,000 tickets to both London clubs in a stadium that holds 70,000. Outrageous, both clubs should threaten to boycott the game and if EUFA decide to impose sanctions then both clubs should send their youth teams. This to me sums up EUFA’s attitude towards English clubs. If it were two Spanish clubs the allocation would be around 40,000.

  8. If anyone comes calling Ozil for 15m, he should be sold, Miki, Elneny, Mustafi for 55/60m, Papa, Kola for 30m, Xhaka for 35/40m and if anyone comes for Auba for 60m. This summer would be a wonderful one if the above business can happen, then Arsenal can begin a rebuild with young, hungry, determined and fresh blood.

    1. Kay.. I think that’s wishful thinking (Mkhi, Elneny, Mustafi 55/60m ?)
      I don’t want Auba going anywhere!!

      1. I agree Sue I don’t know what Kay is on we cannot let Auba go anywhere. We are trying to build a good team around are 2 strikers

  9. I for one would like to see ander Herrera in arsenal, that lad is a man marking beast, powerful and a strong tackler, if I were emery I would snap him up for free.

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