There are no more excuses for Arsenal if they don’t win today

Everything is in place for Arsenal to beat Brighton today and there can be no excuses whatsoever if we fail to collect all three points.

We enter this game on a high after beating Valencia 3-1 on Thursday night in the Europa League semi-final first leg at the Emirates.

Tottenham have opened up the door for us to be in with a real shout of a top-four finish following their loss to Bournemouth yesterday afternoon.

Our opponents Brighton no longer needs any points to survive relegation and will not be as desperate as they could have been if Cardiff City had won yesterday, and while they will still want to get something from the game today the same intensity will just not be there.

Outside of the long term injured we have as strong a squad to pick from as we could have hoped for at this stage of the season.

Our forwards are on fire and we have a player going for the Premier League Golden Boot.

And finally, we have one of the best home records in the Premier League playing against a team with one of the worst away records.

So, there you have it, absolutely everything is more or less in our favour, you could argue that Brighton remains dangerous because they will be a lot more relaxed today and so on, but for me, that would be grasping at straws.

Whatever way you dress it up if we fail to collect all three points today then we will not have deserved to finish top-four, there simply cannot be any excuses today if we do not win and win comfortably.


  1. hi admin I would like you to please put this as a topic to see what the rest of the loyal supports think. arsenal need to go all out to sign 4 players. Maguire, Zahra, adama traore, arien robben. the addition of pacey wingers that can beat their man will bring out the best in ozil and the attaching strength of the team. Adama can learn from robben and couch to better his end product he’ll come deadly . our defence will be strengthened with Maguire in. then the twitch in midfield. Niles next to we know who. will leave The name as he was probably the best addition to the team this summer. thank you

    1. Excellent choices if aim is to stave off threat to EL place next season from likes of Everton wolves and watford … even then price tags will be daft for EPL based players … But hopefully there will be the kind of ambition to match man utd Chelsea and lpool if not city …though Tbh am not hopeful with kroenke there but u never know as his financial position has been helped by fellow crooked traveller in the White House easing his tax burden big time

    2. If you go looking randomly for players no matter how good they may seem they would most likely flop. A great example is the numbers lacazette and aubameyang produced before they joined us.
      Mustafi was also good under Gary Neville.
      What is needed is a player who is going to be genuine difference maker not another iwobi or sokratis look alike.
      A player who has maximum concentration and not guesswork on the pitch.
      Otherwise we are gonna start looking more and more like Everton and West Ham.
      In other words the kop will tell you.
      Act More like klopp and not Brendan Rodgers

  2. We are in the endgame now, we have to win the last 2 matches and expect Chelsea or spurs who face strong opponents to lose pts. 4 games remaining this season, win them all and we have a successful season.

  3. Doesn’t matter if we beat Brighton or not, because we’d still need a win away at Burnley…and that isn’t happening!

    1. ThirdManJW, hasn’t the Prem taught you anything? It is very unpredictable, many posters tried to predict the results of the last 3/4 games. People saying we definitely will win this one (Everton home), that one, oh no we can’t win that one (United).

      No matter how frustrating Arsenal are, we can beat anyone on our day.

    2. And we need other teams to drop points to enable us getting top four, even if we win both games. As you say, it ain’t happening.

  4. There weren’t any excuses for losing 3 critical, easiest-run-out-of-the-top-4 games in a row but we still did, didn’t we? Nonetheless, we should make easy work of Brighton and go back to praying for luck on the final day. As for the Zaha rumours, I just read he’s their best paid player on 130k a week. We’d definitely have to get rid of a few top earners to give him a bumper raise and convince him to join.

  5. We’ll be feeling confident but the thing we need to worry most about is trying to keep some legs fresh. Our first team should do the job, then we could look to take three players off early. Or would it be better to start without some of our better players, hope then we can rest them or bring them on for the last twenty. This is what put the spanner in our works, even if the teams we put out should’ve been doing better. Guendouzi looked like he was getting back to form on his last outing, he needs a partner who knows the CM, and can instruct the lad from time, that is not Elneny. I’d go with Guendouzi and try to keep one of Torriera – Xhaka rested. I’d keep Koscielny for the tougher games too. I’d rest Monreal also for the away game to come. I don’t like Jenkinson so it’s a pity that Niles became our only good option for RB, what happened to Litch, but you don’t want too many changes back there, Niles is young so Koss and Monreal due to age I’d leave them out. Play both strikers and hope they can get the job done inside the first 50 to 60min, then take one or two off. I’d play Mkhit, Iwobi and Ozil with Mkhit and Iwobi getting orders to break their lines being back post runners.

  6. If Emery plays a three centre back system against a team bereft of pace up front, he will go down in my estimation.If he plays Lichsteiner I shall become anti Emery.If he plays Lichsteiner, and Jenkinson I shall become a Spurs supporter.Only joking!On the transfer front Tierney of Celtic has to undergo a double hernia operation in the close season so that will scupper any move for this talented young left back who is on a par with Chilwell and Robertson of Liverpool.

    1. Tierney has been playing against League One standard opposition, that’s why no decent PL team was interested in him until his contract situation became a thing…

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