Today was a bad day for Arsenal, get prepared for a lot worse

It will get worse before it gets better at Arsenal.

Prior to today, there were four games that were considered winnable for Arsenal. Home against Southampton, Away to Norwich, home to Brighton and away to West Ham.

I covered it here and already my predicted points total from those games is behind. However, the point I was hoping to make was that it would give us momentum for the following five games against Man City at home, away to Everton, away to Bournemouth, home to Chelsea and home to Man Utd.

Well, I wish I could just delete that article because there is no way that we will go into those crucial five games with any sort of momentum. Not based on the horror show I watched today.

It was so bad today I am not sure a new manager could turn things around anytime soon.

There are a bunch of players there that are mediocre, I feel we have all been kidding ourselves that we have a good group of players, just saddled with a bad manager. I no longer believe that.

Would any Arsenal player get into any of the other traditional top-six? In fact, would they get into any of those teams plus Leicester City?

Now, if I am right in that view then you can take it to the bank that things are going to get worse. How much I do not know. Not relegation worse, that is ridiculous but definitely mid-table worse.

That may sound an overreaction but ask yourself this. Is Arsenal better than Wolves? For me, no and Wolves are what I consider a mid-table team, a team below the top-six.

This is now beyond Emery, he will be gone at some point, that is now a given but with this group of players, I just cannot see how a new manager can sort them out.

So, in conclusion, buckle up, it is not going to get better for a while, with or without Emery.


  1. of course it’s not only Emry’s fault, we have a bad squad.
    We don’t have a single decent CB. We have talent in midfield with Gonduzi and Wilock but it’s only talent, at the moment we don’t have a top midfielder. as for wingers, Pepe might still turn good and maybe Saka in a few years but we could use another winger.
    so we need 5-6 top players for the first 11 in order to have a competitive team.
    and we need to start in January with a top CB and a top CM.

    1. What I saw was sort of sabotage by the players sack unay now let luinberg take over till end of season it’s clear the players dont want to play dont want to win dejected by the clown we have

      1. very true MA. Certain players need to be removed from the dressing room and train alone, not with the reserves either, or they can be bad role models to them.There is no rocket science in football, 10 outfield players whose job is to get the ball out of their half and shoot into opponents goal.For this simple task they are paid millions every year.This ugly player power of other clubs has germinated in our club.I agree with Pires, more continental players comming over here for the pay cheque and the good life of Lobdon and less to offer to the club and fans. No doubt Unai is a mid table coach, we are nearing there today after the Utd game and will cement out place next week as a top 10 club. Not surprised by the outcome of the games, the players, the coach or the board.All are happy to be at no 10, so why should I bother?

        1. don’t think “from within” is viable. Need someone “from without” who is mean and not willing to let the same pattern continue as it has under end of Wenger and Emery.

          We absolutely need a dm and cb, that is the bare minimum. If some selling can be done to get the cash together then great, will also send a message.

          Need to get really honest with Auba regarding his contract. If he isn’t inclined to stay, move him at Xmas, get maximum value.

          Rome is burning folks…

  2. I disagree. These are not bad players (apart from Socrates). There is just no cohesion, no vision, no team. I think a proper manager could turn this around fairly quickly. Emery, for the sake of his own reputation, needs to leave. Now.

    1. Emery doesn’t have a reputation to save anymore, the quicker he’s shown the door The better for all concerned. Disagree with the article. This is a good team with some very good players. We need to get rid of Xhaka, most of the others will be fine once we have a a good manager

  3. It’s now down to the managers/owners and the board. Are they men or mice? Emery must go now, give Freddie a few games then bring in Allegro or Poch. Pochettino would definitely get football played and he knows the Premier League back to front. Be men Kroenke/Sanllehi/Edu.

  4. It seems that finally some commentators are developing a better appreciation of the problems Arsenal have. This is not a great squad. This is one of the reasons that Emery has been trying various formations; so far unsuccessfully.
    The focus on his performance has distracted so many from Arsenal’s biggest problem: the quality of the players.

    1. Disagree,, the players are good enough, apart from Xhaka, what we have here is a clueless clown for a manager who’s tactics and habit of not playing people in their right position is making good players look bad

  5. This is a problem that has been unsolved for too long, way back into the Wenger era. Arsenal teams always had solid defences and in the modern game no team wins anything just by scoring goals, if they can always concede at any time. Wenger spent money on poor defenders (Mustafi, Sokratis, Lichsteiner) because he understood little about defending. He inherited a great defence, but failed to replace players with the same quality. Of course we all know about the stadium and the years of low transfer budgets. But money came in from the CL and sponsors and was not spent well. Kiernay is the first decent defender we have bought for a decade. We need a Viera urgently, even a Talbot if we are more realistic. Successful teams have a spine: centre backs, defensive midfielder, attacking midfielder, target man. Yes wingers, creative midfielders are all important, but get that spine in place and build on it.

    1. Badi, just to correct a mistake in your post, Wenger did not spend money or sign Sokratis and Lichsteiner, the new regime did, after Aw had left the club.
      Mustafiwas too expensive and a very bad buy in my opinion as well.

      Yes, he inherited a GREAT defence, but replaced it with the Invincible defence, so not knowing about defence is not true either.

      It was his achilles heel however during his last ten years, but we still managed top four, CL quarter finals and fa cup wins – where all the money went is a mystery all gooners have been trying to work out for a long time.

      Absolutely agree on the spine, so why on earth did we spend a reported Β£72,000,000 on a winger?

    2. Wenger inherited a good defense no doubt, buh a very bad team, Wenger’s effect was obvious in the title winning 1997/98 team, did he replace the defence of course he did, kolo ture,Sol Campbell ,Lauren and Ashley Cole were all able replacements,did he try to replace these other once with limited resources ? Yes he did,koscienly,Clichy,sagna and matersaker,vermaleen, were all very cheap buys who helped our team to achieve our objectives then, arsenal did not lose in over 50 matches in which koscienly and matersaker started and finished,mustafi was a breath of fresh air when he arrived,mustafi experienced his first loss as arsenal player after 25 or 26 matches,he was exciting to watch amid little one or two mistakes,our biggest challenge started when we finished 2nd behind Leicester in 2016,our fans became toxic aided by pundits and they brainwashed the fans to believe that Wenger has completely lost it,the Wenger out campaign became louder coupled with ozil and Sanchez contract issues,the team got divided and started looking confused,though we finished 5th just a point below 4th placed Liverpool and an fa cup trophy,by that time the fans has made up their mind on Wenger ,every mistake is being exacerbated, evey comment became negative then we lost momentum and Wenger have to resign, I knew that Emery is a joker when 35 years
      old lichstinier and 30 years old sokratis were his first 2 signings, my self with other fans here questioned the logic behind the signings buh guys like Jon fox shouted us down told us how those two r proper defenders who will teach our weak players how to defend,that we r akb that just hate the coach bla bla bla,everything happnkng to this team is 100 percent emery creation, this squad is playing worse than its actual ability,a good coach will surely change things !

  6. Emery out. They better go get the Ajax coach now before another club snatch him. He can play the game the way Arsenal fans love it.
    When Klopp was at Dortmund I wanted him to replace Wenger but the club were keeping faith in Wenger now look. Also when Pep was jobless I also wanted him both our board messed it up by keeping faith with Wenger.
    The board need to act now, sack Emery by Monday, let Llungberg become Caretaker manager and get the Ajax coach to replace him in the summer.

    1. Why would he come to Arsenal? To train those who cannot be trained any further like Luiz, Socrates, Xhaka? PEA more interested in social media, Ozil (Dr.Jekyll / Ed Hyde), Bellerin and Kolasinac? Support Emery and see the problems he is facing. He does not have the core ( defence and midfield) and neither is Pepe helping the cause.The problems are deeper than Emery. I sniffed the problem years back when we celebrated a 4th place as if we had won the league.

    2. Klopp had a very terrible last season @ durtmund,even when he was sacked a lot of clubs were scared to hire him, the truth is that he has that x factor players in mane and sallah who can give u that extra strength, giw will he perform when those two has gone for greener pastures,no one can tell,he struggled for relegation after selling just morio gotze and lewandiski,how many times do you get that x factor? I still believe that there a lot of guys who can do very well here,the truth is that we r heading towards relegation fight with the way we r playing now,6 wins in 20 matched is surely relegation standar, whom do we bring to rescue us?

    1. I know! We have endured these harrowing performances all season. Now our results are equally alarming and I am genuinely concerned we might fade into midtable mediocrity like Man U.

      1. I think we’ll be worse off than them, QD. At least they know how to turn it on against certain teams, especially at home. We can’t even do that anymore!
        So poor…..

        1. I had hoped that at least after the departure of Gazidas we had a structure in place that club that understood football. Raul’s paralysis in the face of this season’s further implosion means he will only act once it is too late. Which really was a few weeks ago.

          Giving Emery even one more game and cutting precious weeks from any new manager to turn things around and start building a team spirit and philosophy and style is evidence of gorss imcompetence IMO.

  7. I don’t agree that the squad is the problem. The problem is the manager.

    We don’t have squad on par with Liverpool or city, but we do have a world class forward line, a decent midfield and decent defense. It’s squad that should challenging for the top 4 and not strugging to draw with the like of southampton. Ask any Valencia supporter what they think of Emery, ask PSG fans… yes, he’s won some stuff but his reputation at those clubs is one of being tactically inept, a poor communicator and an unwillingness to change.

    Emery had a chance in the transfer window to recruit a good CM and DM but fluffed his lines. Pepe was a good buy, and will come good under a different manager.

    Do you think Klopp or even Rogers would be in the same position with this squad?

  8. I think both the boys and the head coach are in a trance as to how to approach and execute their games. Yes I agree that the boys are not the best but a good coach can bring out the best in them and turn things around. Emery is obviously devoid of self motivation. He’s lost confidence and can hardly regain it as far as tactics to take in each team is concern. He’s confused and the boys, seemingly trying to hide their shortcomings around Emery’s misfortunes. Socratis, David Luis and Chambers should quickly give way to new, energetic and capable defenders. Upfront, Martinelli, Smith Rowe and Reiss Nelson should be given more playing time.

  9. Emery’s style of play is causing many problems and loss of points. The current Arsenal players are showing a lack of commitment and hunger. I think Emery should be sacked and we should get rid at least 75% of the current first team.

  10. Don’t get me wrong that was one of the poorest performances of the year and if we don’t get rid of this clueless manager things will get worse however just watched MOTD and no mention at all about the rolling ball from the free kick for the first goal. I thought VAR supposed to look at every goal,I think the rule book states, “unless it’s Arsenal, in which case the ref is allowed to do what he wants” ha ha, LOL, what a joke our game has become but you’d still think it would be highlighted by Linekar and Shearer. What was that I heard? why let the truth get in the way of a good story. Exactly, sure things even themselves out by the end of the season, better start soon.

    1. kenny, I told you no mention of the number of cards issued in the match would be mentioned didn’t I?

      with reference to the rolling ball, it was moving and did you see the ref shoot off to follow the attack?

      MOTD did mention it, but didn’t follow it up at all and the penalty was deserved, if a little stupid by Tierney.

      Watching it again, what was luiz thinking about when the free kick was played, his medals from chelsea days? He actually walked all the way back and then raised his arms as if it was everyone else who was wrong.
      Sokratis and his carrying of the ball across his own area in order to get dispossesed, was the craziest thing ever, even wenger’s worst CB’s knew not to do that, even if they couldn’t defend!!

      Seeing it all again was just woeful and I am already contemplating missing out on Thursdays game.
      To travel eighteen hours and over a thousand miles for that kind of tactical mess, seems a bridge too far and I have never missed two games in a row because of the football being served up. Just can’t believe what is going on at our club, I really can’t.

      1. Again you’re right Ken, no mention of the yellow cards or the rolling ball only mentioned by the commentator, not by Lineker or Shearer or the other bloke, forget his name but what do you expect from those three bias morons. Don’t even listen to their comments anymore except when they talk about Arsenal, only to here their usual criticism. Ken how you continue to do an 18 hour journey from Scotland for every game is beyond me but shows more than any other blogger on this site your love for the club. You’re our no 1 fan as far as I’m concerned.Fred Carraso telling you about our club was the laugh of the week and Admin should also show your opinion more respect. I won’t be going Thursday and I live twenty minutes from the ground.

  11. Good players, even excellent players when they are not played to their best positions, have no clear directive, messy game plan n clueless to what the manager wants, will be made to look like arsenal now. Even more damning when the manager himself is clueless. Things have gone from bad to worse, now self confidence is gone and winning mentality is extinct. Emery must go now n let ljungberg be caretaker for a while. If he can sort this mess let him be the next manager. If not find others more capable. What have we got to lose, we have hit rock bottom anyway..

  12. I’ve seen better defending over Hackney Marshes. Both ‘Stroller’ Luiz and ‘The Wrestler’ Socratis are so slow they look like they are running backwards. I’ve never seen slower CB’s. I don’t rate Holding but he’s twice as good as Socratis. Chambers is better than Luiz. Where is Mavropanos? Luiz and Socratis should never play for Arsenal again. Our midfield is shite. Where is our creativity. Come back Santi you are missed.

  13. Sokratis makes me miss Mustafi.
    Why Emery picks Sokratis and Luiz so much is beyond reasoned minds.

    What are Emery’s tactics? What’s the plan to turn it around?

    Players run around a lot, but very little link play, communication is sparce, and WTF with all the defenders against Southampton?

  14. Come on now, we have a squad and must deal with it til next window. Surely, we could do way better simply with proper formation. A very basic.

    How do you score or attack with 8 players defending?

    Ozil can’t deliver passes without ball, transition!

    Bellerin is no midfield or winger, Tierny played in his position, did better.

    Then how crazy was Emery changes?! Leaves Tierny alone defending with Luiz & Sokra!!!

    Southampton couldn’t believe it and almost led 5_1,it was a total joke for them, they couldn’t believe it, missing 3 goals!

    Can’t blame players, this man can’t handle at all beside incapable of putting right formation no matter how many players available!

    5 past EPL games should be

    Bellerin Holding Mustafi/Luiz Tierny
    Niles/Torreira. Willock/Gendouzi
    Ozil (cap)
    Pepe Laca Auba

    We miss a top CB as Koulibaly, therefore we need to play Chambers infront of our 2 CBs. Then that CD zone is safer, no need for all midfield player to try to defend and cover all game long. Gendouzi keeps finding himself where Sokra or and Luiz are ghost!

    Not team issue but formation, we would be winning way more with right formation ,,& tac tic !

  15. Seems VAR only works against Arsenal. Sokratis shot in the box free that free kick was claerly impeded by a hand but VAR did not give a penalty. Yet we have Arsenal goals being ruled out for nothing.

  16. I think the squad is a top 4 team. We have a great attack , with good midfielders and good full backs. The football we are playing is awful to watch and players are losing confidence in the tactics. Unfortunately this down to Emery and it’s looks he is unable to turn things round. The goodwill from the fans has gone and we are on the decline. The board need to act and are ready to pull the trigger. The only worry I have with the Ajax manager would that he may struggle in the premier league as Ronald de-boea did when he manager of Crystal palace.

  17. OT:lacan reaction to scoring his 2nd goal is why he should be captain,I was laughed at when I put him forward,he wasn’t satisfied with a draw,was captain at Lyon for few seasons in the l CL,also he is more involved in the game than AUBA,Laca is a team player whose only aim isn’t to score goals only, Auba getting the golden boot should be motivation enough!

  18. There is no reason to blame our boo players. There is evidence that they play according to coach’s instructions. Our team lacks running without the ball. When midfielders have the ball you see one player upfront against 5 defenders. No creation of space, no formulae for scoring, it just happens. 0 once opponent defenders have the ball we retreat until we are in our box. Why do we start tackling when in the box. When in danger you are likely to panic and commit all sorts of mistakes

  19. Hey good day. Really very disappointed with the result. Point is everyone including the club captain don’t know why the results havent improved and the ans is really very simple and I want admin to please to a article on this. They boys is trying to hard really the enjoyment has gone out of the game the fun they very tense anything goes wrong they argue and it doesn’t help that the fans is booing them then also a manager that’s a traffic cop on the line.surely he have by now brought his message across and should sit back and watch them what they do best. Look yesterday how pepe didn’t take the shot cause the other problem we lack confidence the couch should just for a few games in a row pick the same team that started yesterday and let them play together more and the results will come and just allow them to k do what they do best and that’s play football. Not work football. Then we’ll see the best and I don’t think anyone can tell me otherwise. Thanks admin hope to see a write up about this thanks

  20. Let me add a bit of science to all this. When you have a problem the first thing to do is to calmly identify it. Two years ago you fans did the opposite. Arsenal had a good coach who was getting tired and needed to be refreshed. He had no money and no support as he had served his purpose (TO MAKE MONEY FOR THE OWNERS). You asked him to go. You and a bunch of Youtubers had more fun shouting Wenger out than I could get the space to enjoy my matches. In one game you even took to the skies to disturb the game. Bad countries normally get bad presidents. When all this was happening I asked the fans to do the diagnosis. Arsenal squad was worth pennies. You needed investment – not a change of coach. You got him out and then tried to solve the problem when you discovered that the owner’s “take all” stance was the crisis. You protested and got 100 million extra money. These were monies that Wenger begged for and did not get. Then we bought a “diamond in the rough winger” that will be great in a couple years (I love Pepe, don’t get it wrong). WE NEEDED DEFENDERS and they are not cheap. Emery said we have defenders. This dude is a corolla used to replace an old Mercedes. He has no plan; cannot pick a team; does not communicate well; can only do well against second tiers (hence Europa); is not respected by the team. AND you all are having a discussion. I can only call the people supporting this “wait for results” pitiful.

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