Today’s Arsenal transfer gossip – Tagliafico, Veretout and Partey

It has been quite noticeable over the last week that there has not been much transfer speculation involving Arsenal, there has been some of course, but a few weeks back we were getting 2-3 pieces per day but it has really dried up recently, however, there has been a few over the last 24 hours which is a welcome distraction from the actual football.

According to Talksport, we are interested in a player they term an Aston Villa flop, Jordan Veretout, who is currently plying his trade with Fiorentina.

I think it is a bit harsh to brand him a flop because of a bad experience with the Villains, he is a versatile midfielder that is doing a good job for his Italian side.

The next piece of gossip centres on Ajax left-back Nicolas Tagliafico, who according to the Mirror thinks it is a good time to move to the Premier League. We have been constantly linked with the Argentine so I suppose that is a bit of a boost to our hopes of signing the 26-year-old.

Finally, there is Thomas Partey, another player that we have been consistently linked with over the last few months and according to the Star, citing Cadena COPE, he is set to remain in Spain with Atletico Madrid.

So, nothing concrete, nothing to get over excited about but at least we are being mentioned with these sort of players and in the case of Tagliafico there is at least something positive to lift our spirits. I quite liked the look of Partey to be honest so that’s a shame, but I am feeling quietly confident about Tagliafico.

Do you think he would be a good addition?


  1. kev says:

    It’s clear as daylight that Arsenal need a LB but as usual we want to see theayer get destroyed before we open our eyes.Imagine Arsenal trying to compete in Europe with the same duo of Kolasinac and Monreal.We need a LB who has good balance between defence and attack just like Monreal of 14/15 and 15/16.As for RB I’d like to think Osei Tutu would be an option and having been voted as the best U23 player last season for the club I expect him to step up.

    1. Xxnofx says:

      Think we need someone in front of the LB also which would be my greater concern,LW is a must a proper winger ,Zaha would be my pick .
      Silly talking about transfers anyway we all know how secretive our club is when it comes to this kind of thing .
      Twitter Garbage and daily tabloid bullcrap .
      We probably won’t know until they have landed in London for their medicals .
      And some of the names being bounced around really don’t get me excited ,but knowing our board these are the kind of players we will sign .

      1. kev says:

        Unfortunately Zaha is overpriced and in truth even lacks end product despite being the true definition of a winger.I’d rather we go for Trossard or if we were looking at excellent dribblers without end product then Chukwueze would also be a much cheaper option.I’m not impressed with the links to Umtiti and I hope we don’t one a huge fee on such an injury prone player.I hope we get Ibrahima Konate who but for his team can be called a world class CB though young.He’s good in the air,tall and will not easily be bullied around.He also fits in with Unai’ s ball playing CB style.If this is his base level now then I wonder how good he’d be when he improves.Its a no brainer from me.

        1. gotanidea says:

          You might correct kev, but Zaha has loads of EPL experience and his stats are pretty good in this season, despite being overpriced. Prefer to see Chukwueze though

          IDK about Konate, but I hope he is not like Soyuncu that cannot break into Leicester’s first team

          Monreal is aging badly, hence we need a strong competitor for Kolasinac. It should be the last priority though, because we still have Maitland-Niles that can play well as an LB

      2. Midkemma says:

        I dunno Dan, Raul seems happy to be a bit open about what Arsenal… Well, assuming it is what Raul wants the world to see 😛

        We knew about Suarez loan and how we couldn’t afford to buy but only loan in Jan, well, at least according to Raul.

        I think Raul is happy to let some things be openly known as long as he keeps control of the situation, we may have cash to spend but Raul is showing the world we do not…

        Umm, kinda manipulation via press type of thing.

        You get what I mean? Hope so 🙂

        1. Xxnofx says:

          Yea I get what you mean ,I think it’s just the specific targets we don’t know who we will go after ,yea there always rumours and some are pretty close but seeing we have Stan keeping his wallet well and truely in his tight arse jeans I would imagine any target that’s on our radar will be keeped within the board room .
          The only thing they did say in January was that we could only loan .which as to be up there with the Kim kalstroms of this world ,nearly 10 weeks he’s been here and hardly seen a peak of him .

          1. Midkemma says:

            I am not as bothered by the reports that we have no money, I used to get frustrated at Gazidis saying we could compete with RM and other top teams, for money.
            I can’t say for sure but I have had a belief that Gazidis has been driving up player prices for Arsenal to buy with his PR about how we have funds to spend.

            Also, if we can say “Well, we have other targets, you’ve asked for too much, goodbye” then we can start getting some power back for negotiations. I think this side will cause some confusion over targets as, well, we have a list and not just a sole target.

            I have the feeling that Arsenal will not be after one or two players and if they fail then panic stations, (Perez?) I think it will be 5 or 6 targets per position and we can then play clubs off against each other. “You want how much, player X is half that, drop your price or I’m going and you’ll be left with a player who has his head turned by a transfer to a top team.” If we have other targets who are equally pleasing then it makes no difference to Raul if we have to walk away from a target or two.

            I have felt for a long time that our transfers was too much like all our eggs in one basket and then watching that basket fall every half season! So upsetting. I gotta hope for something better PMSL! XD

  2. Midkemma says:

    Isn’t Tagliafico on At. Madrids radar? I think I read somewhere that Tagliafico praised Simone and highlighted that if Simone is watching him then he is doing something right. The nationality shared between them has also been reported to be a factor in where Tagliafico could end up.

    Then there are reports saying Real Madrid are showing an interest in him as they think Marcelo will leave for Juve.

    I think Arsenal should go for Tierney, he is HG and young while he has shown great promise in the physical SPL. The EPL will be a bit faster but the lad will be able to handle the physical side. If the big teams are going in for Tagliafico then his price will jump up, transfer market has his value at 25 million euros now, 12 months ago he was valued at 9 million euros, this player could end up costing a lot for what he would offer.

  3. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    With lesson learnt by Arsenal in their signing of the flop Denis Suarez last winter window, I can’t see Arsenal during the next summer window having a repeat of the kind of indulgence signing that led them to sign Denis Suarez on loan from Barcelona which glaringly has amounted a wast of Arsenal hard earning money.

    1. Midkemma says:

      As opposed to committing ourselves to buying him? Or just buying him outright…

      Arsenal spent the least amount of money on this as they could, what do you expect? If getting a loan prior to purchase is a glaring waste of money then what isn’t a waste of money for you?

      I’m curious… We need to spend money on recruiting and if we can spend a tiny fraction to determine if the player would suite the club then isn’t that best? How is it wasting money when it is saving us money? We do not have to buy DS now and he can go back to Barca after the loan ends, costing us… well… It hasn’t cost us £18 million which is what Barca wanted us to commit to.

      Lastly, I do wish to point out that Raul and Gazidis are two different men, what Gazidis wanted isn’t what Raul wants. They are individuals with their own ideas. If Raul wants to change how we are ran then he has to do something. Things like shout about how we have no money after years of having Gazidis saying we can compete with Barca and RM if we wanted.

      1. jon fox says:

        midkemma, A sensible point and distinction and I concur. Imagine how we would have benefitted had we been so easily able to send back Mustafi and other high fee players when they proved to be total failures. Would you rather now have Mustafi but be minus £35 mill OR an absence of Mustafi and still holding approx £33 million of that fee! Obviously that is a rhetorical question only, as you will have seen and understood.

        1. Midkemma says:

          I have thought about this so many times Jon, not just Mustafi but we could add in to this Perez and I’ll include Welbeck as well. I looked at the Welbeck and Perez deals a lot and part of the reason why I never backed Perez was due to what he cost us.

          Do you remember that we missed out on Laca by £5 million(I think) 12 months before we got him, we ended up going for Perez and spent on him instead. If we had of just loaned Welbeck then when it came for Laca we could have had the funds to get him 12 months earlier and it would have meant not getting Perez.

          I attribute a lot of the flops down to the poor working relationship between Wenger and Gazidis while I know others have different opinions, I think we all agree that some of the players bought have not been at the standard that us fans desired.

          We could add Xhaka into this list as he didn’t live up to the hype when he first arrived… How much have we wasted as a club? Over £100 million from 4 players who have not won the fan base over, not like Laca and Auba have won the fans over.

          It is dreadful for a club like Arsenal who have to work within a budget they generate and can’t rely on the owner for short term interest free loans.

          1. Midkemma says:

            “I never backed Perez”
            Forgot to include Welbroke, should have been both of them (=.=’)

            1. jon fox says:

              Spot on my friend. The huge and amateur waste of clubs money under the previous regime was indeed shameful and it is taking us far longer to recover from it than it needed do, had that regime not been such poor judges and more on the ball throughout. One bad regime will always adversely affect the next; for a good while forward, at least.

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