Today’s Arsenal transfer rumours look promising

It has actually been quiet for a few days with regards to Arsenal transfer gossip but this morning we have at least three reports from the media, though, in all fairness, one of them has been doing the rounds for a few days now.

According to the Express, we are keeping an eye on Everton’s England international defender Michael Keane, who is reportedly valued at £50 Million.

We are not the only club chasing the 26-year-old, our local rivals Tottenham, are also said to be interested.

Have to say I like Keane, I thought he was impressive against the Czech Republic for the Three Lions and I would not mind seeing him in an Arsenal shirt.

The next target for us is Bournemouth winger Ryan Fraser, according to the Mirror.

I must admit this is a new one for me and I do not know much about the 25 -year-old, time for me to watch a couple of videos of him I think and I will be keeping an eye on his name and see how often we are linked with him to judge whether this is a viable option for us.

Finally, Gabriel Martinelli, this one does keep on popping up and seems to have some legs, the Sun reckons that we are in advanced talks with the 17-year-old Brazilian winger. A fee of £6.5 Million has been mentioned for the Ituano teenager.

I think this one is more for the future and not a first team player just yet.

Overall, the gossip today is really about monitoring the names Ryan Fraser and Michael Keane and to see if either rumour gains momentum.


  1. United lost against wolves. Good news.
    It was why I said a draw there would be a good result for us.

    The league is becoming harder and signing players is becoming harder.
    Clubs spend the transfer window trying to keep the agents quite while trying to get the deal done…that’s if the selling club dont overpriced their player.

    Barnes at £50m? Overflated price. Would this indicate that Holding is worth £50m when he is 26 also? Is that possible, if so we dont need to spend £50m now. We just need to work out who we are selling before we sign the right player. Let’s not forget that VVD was brought when the rest of the puzzle was nearly complete. Until then we can expect £10m-£20m versatile players

    1. Salah £38M. Mané £38M. Firmino £37M. Wijnaldum £25M. Lallana £28M. Chamberlain £35M. Lovren £24M. Van Dijk wasn’t the only expensive player, you don’t build a winning team with £10M-£20M versatile players. You do it buying good players at reasonable prices.

      1. Liverpool received £200m on the sale of 2 players to Barcelona. If arsenal found themselves in this unique position then sure, I would expect us to go spend 40m on several players.

        Back on reality and assessing our current position, we have to build up towards a squad of excellent youth potential, seasoned experienced pros and talented stars.

        The value of the purchase means less then the outcome of their potential. Unai knows how to squeeze out talent, and the indications of torriera coming in around 22m and has the potential to improve shows this to be our way forward with future signings.

        Arsenal will not be spending the sort of cash they did on lacazette or aubameyang…hence they decided to offer ozil what they did then go spend 70m to find a replacement.

        We have to build a squad with reasonable, smart, profitable purchases. The arsenal way.

  2. Ryan Fraser- Always liked this player and has gotten better each season since Bournemouth got promoted. Hard worker, can provide assists, not much of a stat guy but his are great, and EPL proven. We do not buy enough EPL proven players and we really should. Last year of contract as well so he shouldn’t be too expensive and we can blow the large sum of it on a CB.

    Michael Keane- No.

  3. Hello everyone, I don’t really understand how our scouts go about their business, so I won’t criticize them. I want them to at least look into la liga while trying to scout for players. There is this talented teenager in ranks of Villarreal, his name is Samuel Chukwueze. This is the type of player Emery needs,he is a younger version of Pepe, if not even talented. I have watched that guy all season and every time I do he always impresses me. How on earth are we not looking at that ? He is not even going to cost more than 25 million pounds. While everyone is going for others being talked about, let’s quietly go about our business and steal this just like we did with Toreira. I know Emery is one of the top new generation coaches like Pep and Klopp. I rate him amongst those top 2 coaches. This kid will be a top top player when he plays under emery.

  4. Why ain’t Arsenal being linked with Samuel Chukwueze? that guy has done wonders down the flanks, for Villareal. Please, does anybody have Emery’s phone number?

    1. Are you 3 all one person ?all saying we should sign the same player ,all after one and other .

      1. I don’t know the others, but am just one person who shared his views on what should be done to take our club forward. I find it difficult to understand how a club of Arsenal status will be interested in Bournemouth’s Ryan Fraser, who is less talented like this Villarreal kid. If you watch La Liga or even Europa League, then you will understand what am talking about that this is a top top talent. I pray we meet Villarreal in Semi-final so everyone can have a glimpse of this talent am talking about.
        He is really a top top star and I believe we should at least go for someone like this who can develop to be another Argen Robben. If not better!

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