Today’s EPL games show Arsenal what luck can do!

I am not complaining about the bad luck that Arsenal have had so far this season, well not much anyway, but I do think that the start could have been so much better for the Gunners if we had just had a little bit better luck, or less good luck.

Arsenal have had some harsh red cards, lenient refereeing for our opponents, a string of unfortunate injuries like Giroud’s bizarre tibia break and just have not really had the rub of the green. I’m sure that we will have our own good luck as the campaign wears on but I don’t think we should ignore the things that have gone against us and blame everything on the players and Arsene Wenger.

If you don’t believe me, check out the two Premier League games played today, in which both Liverpool and Stoke won when they would have lost without a huge portion of luck going their way. QPR battered the scousers for much of the game but a combination of the ball not running right for them, the woodwork and some poor finishing kept them in it. And two fortunate won goals gave them a 3-2 win. And Stoke were completely outplayed by Swansea but were gifted an equaliser with a terrible penalty decision which gave them the second half impetus and changed the game.

Arsenal haven’t had much go our way so far but it should even itself out over the season. And we do need to improve in many departments on the pitch as well, although that is easier to do when you don’t think the world is against you. What I am saying Gooners, is that the season is young and with a bit of luck we would be in a much better position than we are in now. It happens sometimes that we have a good early run which tails off or we finish strongly.

Trust to luck and the quality of our team will shine through. That Wenger trophy is ours, I bet you!

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  1. Sometimes in football you do need some luck, Like it or not! What i want is for us to have some luck in our players avoiding the injury bug!

    1. What brings about success…simple ” preparation and opportunity” luck can never bring success…..An unprepared man always look up to luck

  2. There’s a bad culture at this club surrounding the word ‘luck’.

    Why does Wenger always make excuses like being unlucky?
    –“The penalty call was unlucky and we couldn’t recover.”
    –“We have been unlucky with injuries.”
    –“We were unlucky not to score”
    –“The player was unlucky to be sent off”
    –“We lacked a bit of sharpness and the opposition were lucky”

    Am I imagining things or does Wenger just send our players out with no real game plan every week. Hopefully we win. If we lose, first thing that pops into Wenger head is ‘luck’. It’s not that we were the worse team. NO, it’s always something else. Good teams make their own luck. Bad teams look for luck to help them. That’s the difference.

  3. Yes every1 needs LUCKY in every aspect of life BT somtimes u make ur own LUCKY. If u watch d chelsea game VS palace, d officiating wasn’t on their side (Palace) at some point bt stil yet dey played gud football dan we hav ever played dis season. To me I dnt believe lucky is our problem in games lack of tactical plans r d cus of our problems in match days (mayb we need Lucky wit our injury record). I tink d team dat needs LUCKY on d patch is BVB dey really need it cus dey play well far better dan us bt stil dey drop points lik water. Gud morni all.

  4. No idea of the point being made here.

    Yep you can win/lose A GAME based on luck…but half a dozen games in we are where we are on merit (or lack thereof). And that is because our squad is ill-prepared to fight for the title we all want. No luck there.

  5. Of course luck plays a part, small decisions may seem partially insignificant in regards to our season as whole. However one good decision that would have won us a game early on could have created a positive chain reaction giving us the swing of momentum and some much needed confidence.

    Although the reality is that this is not been the case and we can’t rely on luck, therefore someone/something has to be held accountable. Despite the responsibility clearly not weighing on a single persons shoulders it is in fact a multitude of factors that are difficult to document. This difficulty leads to the blaming of Wenger that in most eyes is justified seeing as he is the highest representative of Arsenals success.

    It is partly a case of bad luck and that has knock on effects but we should have the capabilities to ensure luck is not a large contributing factor in outcomes of games. It does already feel like Chelsea can’t be caught, lets hope they suffer some key injuries and drop some points soon and this could possibly help us kick on.

  6. There’s a saying – The more you practice, the luckier you get. There are a number of blatantly obvious reasons as to why Arsenal are just not winning. First of all, the lack of a decent DM and also CB cover. Scoring 2 goals against Hull was suffice, but it was those two departments mentioned that let us down conceding two goals. Only person to blame is Wenger. I must say I thought the formation we had was excellent, but when you are playing standalone DM like that, that particular player needs to be well rounded in all aspects – control, tackling, headering and passing. Flamini has lots of heart but lacks the necessities to be that lone wolf in DM.

    Going back to my first sentence – Arsenal are horrendous defending crosses, corners and set pieces. Every time the opposition gets one of these, regardless of who they are, I shudder because this zonal marking crap has failed us time and again. Mertesacker is a giant, yet gets out jumped and out muscled 90% of the time. If he was super strong in this aspect, it would justify his slow speed, but quite honestly I really think he is more of a liability. Perhaps when he was younger he was quicker, but he is 30 years old.

  7. When you play so well and the opposition keeper becomes so brilliant and your balls hitting the cross bar over and over,that’s luck,whether you end up winning the game,draw or loosing. But to move the ball side ways running into the opposition defence like a headless chicken,bad tactics,poor defending,doing everything wrong on the pitch,that’s not luck but being poor at every sector in the game. Please someone close to Wenger should beg him to write his resignation later and leave on “mutual consent” instead of torture,humiliation that we are facing,but I know that won’t happen. If we continue at this rate, we would become a semi mid-table club,I hope that never happens.

  8. Again, yes, Luck isnt on our side, BUT THATS CONSTANT, like the refs being against us, like injuries.
    ALL THESE ELEMENTS are there always, wenger has to take them as PART of our reality and act upon them already!

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