Today’s Europa League draw – Who could Arsenal face?

Arsenal take their very first entry into the Europa League draw after playing in the Champions League for the last twenty years, so it will be a very unusual season for Gunners fans, especially the ones that like to go to all our European away games.

Obviously we can’t expect the quality of opponents that we are used to in the Champions League, but as we are practically certain to be playing weakened/second string squad players, the games might not be quite as easy as we expect. Despite this You can bet on Arsenal to win at the current price of about 8/1, and we are the joint favourites with AC Milan. Outside of those two you can get a minimum of 25/1 or higher on nearly every other team. I have been thinking of doing a double on Arsenal to win this trophy and the FA Cup as well (as we usually do) and I have found that if you visit you can get free bets! It’s basically a big list of no deposit casino bonuses, but many of the casinos have a sportsbook attached, so you can turn your winnings into a no deposit free bet, and can place your bets on Arsenal risk free! That is definitely worth a look!

Today’s first draw consists of 48 teams strung out around every corner of Europe, so we will surely be hearing some of these team’s names for the first time ever, and the Gunners could be travelling to some very interesting venues….

So here are Arsenal’s possible opponents in today’s draw……

Atalanta (Italy)

Zulte Waregem (Belgium)

Zorya Luhansk (Ukraine)

Konyaspor (Turkey)

Vitesse (Holland)

Fastav Zlin (Czech Republic)

Lugano (Switzerland)

Real Sociedad (Spain)*

Lokomotiv Moscow (Russia)*

Hertha Berlin (Germany)*

FC Koln (Germany)*

Vitoria Guimaraes (Portugal)*

*If they win their qualifiers

So we could have some very low-level opponents, or we could get some slightly more difficult ones like Locomotiv Moscow, FC Koln or Real Sociedad. Would you prefer the easier games to ease in our youngsters, or a few more challenging opponents? We only have to finish in the top two so it would nice to have at least one interesting game in the first round, wouldn’t it?

The draw will be made around noon today (UK time), and will be live on…..



    1. JUST IN: Jadon Sancho is a player who is wanted by Spurs,Arsenal,Man Utd,Dortmund and RP Leipzig.The player had a verbal agreement that he’d sign for Arsenal.Dortmund came in to hijack the Sancho deal from Arsenal using Ousmane Dembele as a reason why they give youngsters chances.However,the player rejected them and for that matter all moves abroad.He skipped training for several weeks trying to force Man City to release him to avoid his new club paying a compensation fee and to avoid transfer complications.During those weeks he’s been seen several times with Reiss Nelson and even Joe Willock.The player was at the Emirates last 3 days to watch pur U23 match.Everything showed that his move was imminent.My sources are saying it’s not true that he’s signing for Spurs but if he does it’s a hijack and not because we were wrong.

      1. His move to Arsenal is imminent.If he signs for Spurs it’s a deal hijack and not because of false info or him not being ever close to joining.He was at our U23 match last 3 days and has been seen with many Arsenal ypungster’s during his boycott weeks.

      2. His move to Arsenal is imminent.If he signs for Spurs it’s a deal hijack and not because of false info or him not being ever close to joining.He was at our U23 match last 3 days and has been seen with many Arsenal youngster’s during his boycott weeks.Even the media reported at a time that he was close to joining Arsenal.His move is on but if he signs for Spurs then I repeat it’s a hijack.I’ve followed this deal throughout the window and I know you people bear me witness.I brought you info about him when many didn’t care about U23 players.

        1. For those also complaining about Lemar.The fee was agreed at £55 including add ons with Arsenal.Even Emmanuel Gianielli(not sure about his name) who isn’t so reliable said Arsenal would sogn Lemar for a reason.There was a time when media said there was a breakthrough.Monaco changed their asking price to £65.Why and how should Wenger pay £65 for such a player.One who we don’t even need.Sorry he’s good but I think we can do better.His stats cause people to massively overrate him.Lasstly,Lemar won’t join Utd.They are all lies.

        1. What am saying is the truth.It’s Wenger’s fault if he allows Spurs sign him.The player was Arsenal bound.Explain to me how a player who is a fan of Wenger,Sanchez and Srsenal has his best friend at Arsenal choosing Spurs if it’s not because we aren’t serious?The guy has been at the Emirates to watch our U23 match and has been seen with Nelson on several occassions.How is he signing for Spurs if it’s not because we aren’t serious? I bring you the truth and nothing rlse.It’s not like am paid to do this.

  1. soooooo underwhelmed

    hope those fans who said ‘give him another chance, he will change, the board will change..things will be rosier and better’ are now seeing that we are in for at least, two more seasons of mediocre football run by a now mediocre and outdated manager/motivator and tactician and a greedy unscrupulous and vile owner.

    enjoy the decline of our once great club, and rest assured that it was your compliance, undying loyalty to arsene, and fear to speak up that has led us to this moment..


  2. Easy matches so we can use youngsters and squad players and take advantage of our very slight advantage over the other top 5 teams who have harder CL matches midweek.

    1. I’m also wishing good luck to all our PL teams in Europe, hoping for a solid English showing for a change.

    2. There won’t be easy matches if we play youngsters. Should be a mix of top players and youth

  3. It’s all fun an games till napoli Leipzig sevilla an Dortmund drop into the comp an hand us our asses on a uefa embroided silver platter

    Will be great to see Theo score a hat trick vs fc Helsinki stinky , and loads of fans say see!
    Told u! He’s worth every penny! Take that haters!
    Lol fun

  4. off topic= if Liverpool sell Coutinho and progress in the CL 16 they and their usual profit for the year they could be looking to have around 250 million to spend next season

    we better do our business this window otherwise its just going to get too expensive to buy players

      1. ESPN saying Barca will offer Liverpool 150 million for Coutinho, champions league income if they get in to final 16 will be around 50 million and TV, gate, sponsorship income for the year around 50 million there is your 250M

  5. From Bayern / Barca / Dortmund to Vitesse / Fastav Zlin / and Lugano.

    How the mighty has fallen. Even academy players, and 1 season wonders are now refusing to sign for us.

    1 thing that put a smile on my face was seeing Sanchez giving Lacca instructions during training in one of the pics. Hoping for a good partnership to be formed. I believe as long as his still under contract, Alexis will still give 100%.

  6. Some of you moaning about the Europa-if it bothers you that much Snowflakes then go support another club.

    Moan moan moan moan!

  7. Look at the teams name, we really went so low… Shame… We in for a hell of a year of embarrassment…Already full speed, look at transfers, everyone is working but us. Lacazette is okay, doesn’t exist in national team, behind everyone even Giroud is above him…Average team for no ambition. Watch how a team never heard of will beat us, League is over for us; we will finish behind stoke city…Not sure we make top 10, i mean 8 or 9th. Wenger want to beat Ferguson, longest man in charge; he will retire on his own this year, accept that he lost it..

  8. I want that group, we in for a world tour in place never heard of, scary…I aint going tho… Zulte Zonia Zlin, sound like someone cursing bad in some weird language! Haha, Zarsenal works too! I can’t believ this; Go waregem fastav yourself… What a shame!

    Zulte Waregem
    Zorya Luhansk
    Fastav Zlin
    Arsenal Fc

  9. OMG! those teams drawn alongside us in the europa league groupH or so pretty looks like pronouncing female football teams. Hw are d mighty fallen

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