Today’s ridiculous Arsenal transfer rumour roundup – Could any of them be true?

What players the media are linking Arsenal with today by Martin

You would think that we are already in the middle of the summer transfer window with the number of rumours being reported by the press, and even though it really is too early to start taking anything too seriously, it is being reported and we would be amiss to ignore the gossip flowing from the media.

These are some of the beauties I have come across today:


EXCLUSIVE: Brentford want £30m for star amid Arsenal, Spurs interest.

The player in question is Said Benrahma and my first reaction was, “who?”.  I have never heard of him and “£30 Million?” are they serious? Not saying this one will or will not happen because I do not know, but on the face of it, I just can help feeling this one is nonsense.

Daily Mirror

Arsenal transfer news: Gunners face competition from Bayern Munich to sign £70m man

We already covered this ongoing link to Nicholas Pepe on here and to sum it up, this is not going to happen, too expensive and plain ridiculous to think we will spend £70 Million on one single player with another £30 Million in wages, forget it.


Gunners offered chance to sign long-time target, agent speaks out

Not sure why this link to PSGs Adrien Rabiot is being reported today by Football.London when it has been reported almost every day this week, including on the BBC gossip page yesterday but there you go. This one may have some legs in it, he will be available on a free but he does seem to be a bit volatile and carries a bit of baggage with him, but will not rule it out, he is free after all.

That is about it for today, there may be some more later on, there usually is, however, now is not the time to get excited about anything, take all that you read with a huge pinch of salt unless it comes with verifiable quotes from either the player, his representatives or the clubs involved.


  1. 30 M for a Championship winger is crazy

    But Rabiot could come because his name can boost Arsenal’s popularity

    Another rumor today is also about the LB position, Tagliafico and Kieran Tierney. Despite Tagliafico is described as a lung-busting LB on the Wikipedia, I’d prefer Tierney because he is much younger

  2. To be honest, when Wenger bought Xhaka for £35 million my first reaction was …”Who?”

    1. Whereas, now that Xhaka has been here alreqdy far too long it is not so much “who” as “why” and “when” can we get rid of him. Some on here think he has improved. They do not include me. All I see is a one paced and predictable trundler who has a powerful shot , a short temper and a ponderous playing manner.

      1. Jon
        Good evening sir
        You forgot to mention…a person who only passes sideways
        Can’t play on the half turn and slows our play down
        A person who will always give a sloppy pass away and puts us under pressure
        A good bench warmer but never a regular starter
        I would put him on a free and cut our losses

        1. Who are you referring to? I hope it is not Xhaka because many realistic fans will not agree with that description. If it’s another one whom you don’t want to name that’s fine. Now I will endeavour to ask Jon why he feels Xhaka should be got rid of as soon as possible? Is it because in big games like the one against Man U he scored a stunning goal that was the catalyst for our victory? Do some of you give credit where it is due? Xhaka might have made some grave mistakes previously but he has greatly improved this season. Why should anyone judge him on past mistakes? The greatest weakness I observe in some of us is inability to accept that players can change. I recall how clumsy Alex Song was when he joined us but who can forget the great improvement he made. If you hold grudges against some individuals you never see the good in them. The best way to judge individuals is to behave in a cool and impartial manner and don’t be too sentimental. There are no perfect beings anywhere. Thus we need to be tolerant of different individuals.

          1. David, I agree Xhaka has improved this season under Emery, particularly when partnered as the DLP with Torreira . It is reasonable to criticize when warranted; however credit should be given when due.

          2. David, I want to answer your question honestly, so I will. In Xhaka I see a player who has improved from a very poor Prem playwer to one who is now a flat track bully. By that I mean that against lesser teams who we can dominate in midfiled he can and at tim3es does look good. Given ample time he can spray the ball around well and has a powerful though not esp accurate shot. He is whole hearted . On the minus side, he cannot play on the half turn, is slow and slow to see danger too. He is still hot headed, though less so than he once was. Against strong teams I SEE A VERY LIMITED PLAYER BUT NOT ONE WHO IS REMOTELY GOOD ENOUGH AT TOP FOUR LEVEL AND HOPEFULLY TITLE CHALLENGING LEVEL. Merely being better than he was does NOT make him good enough. He is one paced and in the Prem that is a massive handicap, esp in midfield. You make some fine general points about some players much improving but on the SPECIFIC matter in hand, I do not see nearly enough improvement , though there has been some. Some is not enough though and that is the bottom line, IMO.

  3. Sarr would be a good buy and at realistically 25m.
    Clubs might be interested but in truth he is a prospect still.

    At home against us he was excellent. Away he was unknown. So there is signs he needs to still develop.

    Zincheko from city for 30m could be a good buy. He can play LB or LWB in a flat 4 with 3 behind and if given the chance, like the last 20mins of the game he can play LW were he can close down higher up the pitch.

  4. At least now we are being linked with Robert Fernandez and zubizareta from Barcelona who used to work with Raul and that why Sven was pushed out and Monchi I do not think he had a chance either because him and Raul they do have two different direction- I am very excited for next summer at least we will recruit players the Barcelona way unlike Gazidis/Wenger regime which had too much politics 1st and their person interest and Arsenal and football as a whole was 2nd.

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