Today’s transfer deadline is HUGE for Arsenal and Wenger

I am finding it hard to summon up much positive thought or optimism about the way the transfer deadline day will pan out today for the Gunners, with most of the Arsenal transfer rumours doing the rounds seemingly about which players will be leaving the Emirates instead of which players will be signed by the under fire Arsene Wenger.

But a lot can happen in the next few hours and, let’s face it Gooners, it really needs to if the boss and the players are to get back to Premier League action next weekend with anything but a dark cloud hanging over their heads. Wenger knows this, as do the Arsenal board, and so I am fairly sure they will be trying to wrap up a few deals today.

In an ideal world today would see Arsenal see off the transfer interest of Man City in our Chilean international striker and also sign at least one more attacking star like Mahrez, Lemar or Julian Draxler. The Gunners also need to sign a top quality defender in my opinion and a powerful central midfielder to balance out the undoubtedly talented but often lightweight technical players we have like Ozil and Ramsey.

Arsenal have the money and despite our recent troubles we are still a big club that most players would at least consider, so can Wenger deliver the huge transfer deadline day that Arsenal fans are demanding?



  1. mark says:

    I’m trying so hard not to be negative, but all the signs are….no-one is coming to Arsenal. It’s a travesty of gigantic proportions.

    I cannot see how the club lifts itself after this sorry debacle.

    1. Simon says:

      Couldn’t agree more

  2. arsenal_epl_champs_2018 says:

    Transfer window comments
    on justarsenal are always chaotic
    but fun as passionate fans
    demand mega signings.
    I recall the last minute deal for Ozil in 2013
    when we were all expecting a big name striker.
    The fans went wow we signed Ozil.
    Then like 10 minutes later went “who is Ozil?”
    May be we have a big surprise coming for us around 11pm.
    Yaya Sanogo and Lord Bendtner sign for the Gunners 🙂

  3. Arseneout says:

    we just need a new manager and a mew owner easy as that

  4. Jib says:

    I’m done,we all are. The ineptitude of this club is too much to bear. What incoming business have we conducted this window? Kol was signed way before the window had opened. So we have signed one player. And the player that we were able to sign, it was sheer F**KI** luck that we got hold of him. No transfer ban for atletico, no laca.What makes me shudder is to think would we have gotten anyone in the CF position and what quality would they have been?
    And they have the audacity to claim they are happy with the business we have conducted?
    Let’s look at the outgoings, gibbs 7 mil, gab 10 mil, szczesny 11 mil, ox 40 mil.
    How have top teams been able to sell their leftovers for competitive prices in this market, but barring ox we are giving away decent to quality players for peanuts. No wonder we have “no money”!
    Perez still here, not going to recoup anything near what we paid
    Debuchy STILL here, sucking away at our wages, we recoup nothing
    Chambers, will he? won’t he?
    Buying players that we do not play or want, stack them on the wage bill and then sell for peanuts?
    Ozil no contract signed
    sanchez no contract signed
    Someone is not doing their job! But what really terrifies me is that they can’t see it!
    This transfer window will effectively kill off the divide in the club as to whether wenger should finish his contract. You might as well write off this season, but the bile felt from the fans is the worst it has ever been since the prem started.
    Prove us wrong!

    1. mark says:

      The alarming thing is we have got rid of 2 defenders and our defence is already very shaky. Not exactly filling me full of confidence.

      1. Jib says:

        I just don’t understand this…
        The running of the club just makes me furious. Wenger says we have to be sensible and responsible economically in order to compete with the giants. I’m willing to accept that premise. But what exactly is fiscally responsible about how we have conducted ourselves in recent years? I’m not even talking about results on the pitch. Wenger has created our financial restrictions. He created this bloated squad with a high wage bill! No we’re desperate to sell and other clubs knew it, and could offer these derisory sums and we had to take it.
        This club has been very irresponsible with purchases and we the fans get punished?
        Finish 5th, Wenger gets a 2 mil quid pay rise. But we have no money? What does success even look like at arsenal anymore?
        Rant over. Sick of this s**t…

  5. ayodeji says:

    WENGER Please leave out club alone ,can someone tell me why Arsene hate us this much

  6. Chuauhnuna says:

    All those who are signed today, if any, would be panic buy.. Stan Kronke doea not have heart for the club.. 10 years back, all Chelsea, City, Totenham and Liverpool were far behind us in all respects. We are the only club making no progress at all…

  7. Chuauhnuna says:

    Huge? Tragic insteaf

  8. Chuauhnuna says:

    Huge? Tragic instead

  9. arsenal-steve says:

    What hurts me is a couple of weeks ago Tottenham had not signed a player. Now they have 4. They’ve moved forward. We are waiting on hopes Lemar or Draxler come at the last moment. Not the right way to do business. Two more years of the “Specialist in Failure”.

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