Togetherness will help Arsenal cement Top Four

“Togetherness is the cement we build on”

In his first press conference since the latest round of international fixtures the boss was talking about the team foundation and spirit which we can all see has grown immensely since he first took over!

As we all know there are 10 games left in the run-in this season and the boss speaking to was talking about how much the team being together will be a key factor in the build up to the end of the season.

He stated: “For me it’s crucial because it’s the platform and the cement that you can build on.”

Although you can have a good foundation the key factors of a team or workforce is those that are part of the team, and those that you count on to go out and get those results.

To which Arteta added: “Then obviously you need the players, you need the quality, the understanding. You need the club and the supporters to be on board with what you are doing, to support it, encourage it. This is what we try to do.”

There is not doubt that at the beginning of the season, and even at Arteta’s appointment, eyebrows were raised due to his inexperience in managing, but forward on to now and it is clear to see that although we may not always get the results, things are much more settled and cemented in place and more and more supporters seem to be on board.

Of course winning always helps his cause.

But there is also no denying that Arteta, despite his lack of experience does have a good head on his shoulders where he speaks well and knows, and more importantly tries, to implement his knowledge on to the club, players, fans and the team as a whole and if it works we will not complain, that is for sure.

He is also right because the key to any team and workplace in fact, is togetherness with a solid backbone and foundation to build on and grow.

But as nice as it is to hear this and with certain results in big games that haven’t always gone our way this season, we know there is still a bit of work to be done to make us perfect again, so let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves because even if a team is 100% together on and off the pitch, results do not always go our way, as sometimes there are things that are not in our control.

However it is definitely nice to hear that things are somewhat positive in and around the club, and we can only hope that things stay this way or improve even more, in the best way possible for as long as possible.

If it does, and Arteta is still at the helm I guess we can say job well done!

But for now let’s take it one game at a time hey Gooners!

Shenel Osman


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  1. Expectations, focus and consistency are key.
    The horror start ended up being a blessing in disguise for Arsenal because expecations were lowered to ground level so low that Arteta was able to purge anyone not technically or mentally suitable.No European football has been a factor as it meant one game per week allowing for generous recovery and preparation times which was not the case last season and wil not be the case next season. So small squad,low expectations and one competition has been crucial.

    1. We haven’t plaid only one game per week the whole season, but in general I agree with you. We have a small squad and have enough with one great competition the EPL.

      I expect Arsenal to increase our squad depth and quality during the next window. If we want further progression we need more quality players, because Liverpool and ManCity have set an impressing standard.

  2. Arsenal are in a great position to get back into the champion league from the remaining 10 fixtures we have left but financially we are in great shape too.

    This summer window I also expect us to spend big but in regards of exits there is a long list of possible departures which means some money coming in and alot of wages off the bill which is needed if we are to spend big again in the summer for a few positions. (ST, CM, RB, RW)

    Departing this summer;
    Matteo £13m
    Lucas £10-15m?
    Dino £3m
    Laca – wage – £182k a week
    Eddie – wage – £30k?
    Elneny – wage – £50k?

    Leno £15m?? – £90k Wages??
    Pepe £25m?? – £100k Wages??
    Xhaka £15m?? – £100k Wages??
    Bellerin?? – £100k Wages
    Mari?? – £50k Wages??

    Possible £75m+ from sales & £650k+ possibly in Wages saved a week plus Aubas already £350k weekly wages off the books along with Chambers too, we will have saved so much money which leaves alot to play with with incoming players for wages and space in the squad.

    The most exciting part of all is Xhaka & Laca are the only 2 above who are really used, most of these players above havnt been used much or at all by the club & tbh can both be replaced by better younger players to take us to the next level to which I am sure Mikel & Edu are already planning.

    We are in very good shape heading in to the summer no matter what happens regarding European football but Champions League will attract better players no doubt.

    Replacing Laca & Xhaka with the likes of Nunez & Teilimans, we would have a super starting 11 & a deeper quality squad ready to compete. With Saliba returning also we will have strength in depth heading into Europe.

    Read alot about Cody Gakpo who may well end up at the Emirates is another to get excited about, means Pepe is gone! We have Academy players like Azeez, Taylor-Hart, Patino, Moller plus loaned out Balogun who is looking really good at Middlesbrough.

    If we get Top4 along with the clear out above sprinkled with a few top players in the summer like Nunez, Teilimans, Gakpo & Saliba returning we could a real team for a few seasons to come. These last 10game means so much h to this club, now go and get it.

    1. Ramsdale – Okonkwo – Turner
      Tomi – Cedric – Cuffy?
      Saliba – Gabriel – White – Holding
      Teirny – Taveres
      Partey – Azeez
      Teilimans – Lokonga
      Øde – SmithRowe(LW) – Patino
      Saka – Gakpo
      Nunez – Balogun
      Martinelli – TaylorHart

      We could also look at another midfielder like Renato Sanches who is said to be available for about £15m. Be worth a punt in my opinion.

  3. Thanks for the maths and the detail working out mate.

    I only came to notice the beautiful togetherness after Nevez and young criticism.

    Yes togetherness will play a massive part going forward as we bond on and off the pitch,
    I remember playing department football at work many moons ago, there was a young man that was on our team not cooperating and distracting the team and led us to concede a goal, I remove him from the team and played short, we were able to equalize and the match went into penalties shoot out.

    The point was the team became smaller but we were compact and more together.

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