Tomas Rosicky to say goodbye to Arsenal?

Our own little Mozart Tomas Rosicky is one of the unsung heroes of this current Arsenal side, after none years of loyal service, but the Czech international could finally be calling time on his career at the Emirates.

The 34 year-old’s contract runs out next month and according to a report from Italy he is in talks with his old club, Sparta Prague, regarding a return to his homeland before retiring from football.

Arsenal’s wealth of midfield talent has restricted Rosicky to just five starts this season, and although the Gunners have retained the right to add one more year to his term, he has already told Arsene Wenger that he would like to move on rather than sit on the bench for another season.

“We’ve talked about it in September, October.” Rosicky was quoted as saying in March. “Then the transfer market was closed, so I couldn’t do anything. When in December I had not played a single game and the market then opens, it’s obviously a very real issue. Then you start to think about whether or not it is time to leave. I was no exception, it was very real. But Arsenal said that I wasn’t for sale and that was it. The rest of the season will go very fast, then we’ll work it out. Arsenal has another option on me next season, they have everything in their hands. When I get back from the national team, we’ll begin to deal with it.”

Surely Arsenal won’t stand in the way of Rosicky returning to Prague, where he started his career. When Rosicky has been called on to play this campaign he has proven that he is still able to perform at the highest level, so why not let him return to the club that moulded him into a star?

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  1. Yes. Sadly. He’s at the end of his career and wants to play regularly whilst he still can. I don’t want us to keep him if he doesn’t want to stay. It’s different to all the money grabbers that have left.

  2. We treated him kinda bad. Wenger has no love for old people. Wenger is a good coach but a bad football manager.

  3. I’m really frustrated with Rosicky not getting minutes even in ‘less important’ matches. Wenger still really loves to overplay his favorite XI while we have great players on the bench. It’s pretty much a given Rozza will leave Arsenal this summer and who can blame him really? I love him but I want him to play for as long as possible before he ends his career.

    Magnificent player.

  4. Super Tom has been a good servant to arsenal.
    He should’ve been used a bit more this season, but Wenger has limited his playing time.
    So if Rosicky wants to leave get more regular playing time, you can’t blame him

    Thank you Tomas #7
    Always a Gooner!!

  5. A real “gunner” who wore his heart, on his sleeve every time he took to the pitch for the arsenal cause! A truly loyal servant! We will miss you THOMAS ” little mozart” ROSICKY! coyg!

  6. I want Wenger to put in a sly bid for Bale, that would be priceless in so many ways…

  7. Mystery why he has been totally ignored by Wenger. He has to be one of our best players.Even if he is just used as an impact player he can come on and change a game He can make things happen.I feel that the present line up is sterile and too predictable.To get the best out of Giroud he needs players with pace around him. Also the build up play from the back is negative and flat footed.Again lack of pace is responsible. Mertesacker has to be replaced .For me he is confused and has a negative effect on the rest of the back four who are all much quicker than he is. When he gets the ball the team stop running. Why not give Gabriel some playing time. I’m afraid I don’t understand Wenger’s logic.

  8. Nice to see Fabianski back making mistakes again after keeping a clean sheet against us… *sigh*

    1. @Mick The Gooner
      That bastid…
      Monk didn’t want to go toe2toe with us, but he’s tryin to do it against City and it’s not working…

    2. Those poles are only good for strippers.

      That dude messed us up. He could not even let one in for old times sake

    3. Can’t blame Monk blame ourselves. He was playing away and came with a game plan and it worked. Tough nut to swallow but it is what it is. We flat out didn’t shoot enough and when we did it was straight at Fabianski. They took their 1 real chance and went home with 3 points, now we have no choice but to get a decent result at Old Trafford were as if we had beaten Swasea there would have been absolutely no pressure on us and all of it on Utd. That’s life and football for you.

  9. I will be very angry if Wenger starts Ramsey on the right. we should exploit Blind’s lack of pace cos Bellerin will deal with Young.

    1. Well you’re going to be pissed because I just saw the starting lineups for both teams and guess where Ramsey is playing. Lol I hope he has a great game though…

  10. Looks like Swansea are up for this one..Win this one and I forgive u for parking the bus last time out..

  11. our squad..and more importantly our best clearly still behind chelski and man what is the frenchman going to do about it…11 year olds and aging keepers is not the answer thats for sure… big game ahead for him this afternoon on all levels and his idiotic decision to start with ramsey on the right says everything about why his (ten years of unfounded) arrogance will not take us back to the very top

    1. He makes the club money though, that’s all that matters in this world. When will you kids realize this? i don’t agree with it but that’s the way of the world.

  12. wenger y……. I love dat guy! not fair wenger, this guy probably has more speed than almost all, more technique and u can just see his heart on his sleeve…. he’s still got 6 yrs of football left in him judging by how he’s playing…… mehn I’d miss u to pieces rozza!

  13. I for one will be really sad to see him leave, a true arsenal legend who epitomises the way we want to and should play. If we see him on the pitch Wednesday night it may be time to say our goodbyes to him.

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