Tomiyasu is already a Gooner after turning down Tottenham

Tomiyasu claims he rejected Spurs for Arsenal

It is a well-known fact that even though Arsenal have had an underwhelming decade, they still have a greater “pull” than many of their rivals.

Thomas Partey, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez have all declined good offers from other clubs to join our gargantuan institution.

More recently it has been Japanese defender Takehiro Tomiyasu. The 22-year-old, who plays as a center-back for his national team, claimed that he rejected an offer from Tottenham Hotspur to join Arsenal.

Speaking to DAZN Japan, the young defender said, “I thought I wasn’t able to join Arsenal. I thought I was going to Spurs. On Deadline Day, I rejected them.”

He continued, “Arsenal asked me to join them and I did immediately.”

The Gunners and Sp*rs could have easily gone in a different direction with Emerson Royal and Tomiyasu. When Emerson was being linked to a move to the Emirates Stadium, the former Bologna man was a serious target for their North London rivals.

Fast forward three months, and with the way things have gone, Arsenal faithful believe that they dodged a bullet by not signing the Barcelona full-back.

Tomiyasu has been way more beneficial to this Arsenal team than Emerson has been to Sp*rs (it’s the history of Tottenham).

The Japan international, who has made 26 appearances for his national side, quickly showed the Arsenal fans why the club made an investment on him as he was voted the club’s Player of the Month for September.

Tomiyasu was then asked about which club or country would he like to move to, to which he replied, “No, I wouldn’t like to move. If I could go back to the time when Arsenal was at the top, that would be the best for me because where I am now is the best place in the world.”

Tomiyasu has continued to show his defensive and aerial qualities. The current Arsenal right-back has provided better numbers in every department than the former Hector Bellerin, who’s on loan at Spanish outfit Real Betis.

Although “Tomi,” as they call him in the training ground, still has to prove that he can provide good numbers on the final third too.

But with Tomiyasu being just 22, he has certainly massive room to improve.

Now the Japanese just has to focus on his performances on the pitch. He doesn’t need to worry about the support from our fanbase.

Because he’s never going to be short of it.

Yash Bisht

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  1. Hahaha … you’re deluded and so is Tomiyasu (or his words have been mis-translated!). Manifestly we decided to buy Emerson Royal on deadline day and rejected the opportunity to buy Tomiyasu, although we had been linked with him for the whole Summer. As the Royal deal was completed first and as Tomiyasu was around 5 million GBP cheaper, it should be fairly obvious from the standpoint of logic that if we had wanted to consummate a deal for Tomiyasu we would have done so.

  2. Yeah PAL- and we were linked with the fella you ended up paying £5m more for and you believe we are delusional????
    You would have been better off taking Bellerin to the Toilet Bowl on loan. He can’t defend, and has lost his pace, and crosses to nobody either. It would have saved you money you don’t have as well.
    Now FCUK off back to your slum and dream of one day being a club that is not the laughing stock of the Premier League.
    Spuds- the club that just keep on giving
    Ha Ha

    1. Obviously you are too thick to understand basic logic! The Royal deal was consummated first and was for a higher priced player, thereby confirming that we elected to buy the player ahead of the cheaper option in Tomiyasu. Therefore Tomiyasu’s statement is either false or mistranslated, unless according to your manifestly towering intellectual capacity, you think we intended to buy two right backs on deadline day!

      1. The Spuds !
        The only team in living memory to finish 3rd in a two horse race .
        Now that is a trophy to be proud of .

        1. The same season arsenal were top at christmas and fell apart and spurs were never top once? You absolute joker il look forward to you falling to pieces again this season

      2. And obviously you are too thick PAL to realise you have brought another inferior player due to the simple fact you were turned down by a player who wanted to play for a big club.
        MIND THE GAP
        YOU MUG

  3. Admin pat haha, you really finished the guy, I don’t believe that any spurs fans would have the gut to talk to arsenal fans any how… After changing your coaches as you like and still having the same challenges or result as usual…..

  4. Tomiyasu is so far ahead of the woeful Bellerin as a player that I AM AMAZED THAT WOEFUL BELLERIN – who was IMO STILL WOEFUL, EVEN WHEN HE STILL HAD SPEED, was ever allowed to stay so long and so hopelessly at our club.

    Bit by bit all the old dross and useless trundlers are being kicked out the door and replaced by far BETTER players.

    Now only the following to go to clear out ALL the TRUE deadwood: Xhaka, Elneny, Kolasinac, Torreira, Guendouzi, Chambers( more of an occasional useful understudy then actual deadwood, but ultimately not good enough) .

    1. Bellerin was a pretty good “prospect” as a WB until the 17/18 ACL injury – although he could never defend and was always out of position, his tremendous pace got him out of trouble. After the ACL, with less pace his many faults were magnified.
      We hoped and hoped but rather than improving he got worse. I think the reason he was/has been kept for so long was partly the forlorn hope, partly that he was our longest serving player, loyal, very popular and a great ambassador for the club. Yes he stayed as first choice RB for at least one, probably two seasons too long, but I understand why.

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