Tomiyasu’s Wise words: “I’m not happy with the result but we have to be positive.”

Arsenal’s hard fought 0-0 draw in Brighton was the quintessential “Can they handle a rainy day in Brighton” scenario, and to be honest I think that we did well to come away with a point. Home fixtures are going to be much more of an advantage this season after the empty stadiums during lockdown, and Brighton have always performed better at the Amex.

Another positive is that we are now unbeaten in the 5 games since the last international break, and only conceded one goal in the process. Admittedly the opposition were not world beaters, but you can only play who is in front of you!

Our new right back Takehiro Tomiyasu has been part of our new back line, and he is positive about that but he admits that the rest of the team needs to catch up with the defence in ball winning. “I am not happy with the result but I have to think positively about the one point because they controlled the game most of the time. We will take one point. I’m not happy with the result but we have to be positive.

“I am happy about the clean sheet. You have to think positively because in the box I think we won the duels. Only in the box. In other spaces we lost the duel most of the time. We have to improve this.”

But there is one more positive in that we have now won 3 games in a row at the Emirates, and Tomi thinks the crowd helps with that. “Yeah, the atmosphere in the stadiums is amazing. Especially at home. Our supporters give us a lot of energy every time. They fight with us and also we have to give them something back on the pitch.”

Well, our next three games are also going to be played at the Emirates, why can’t we win those three as well?

See, we can be positive!

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  1. Well said Tomi, sums it up pretty well.

    He touches upon the duals in our box.

    This is one aspect I was dreading big time.

    Dunk, Duffy and Burn from set pieces were a major concern – but we coped very well (although thought the last minute Duffy header was in ! ).

    Fair words from Tomi., but words are just that – let’s see them brought to life on the park.

    Word of advice though – need to brush up on your throw ins mate 😊

    1. AJ, SERIOUS QUESTION ; is the laughing emoji there to soften the correct criticism you make of Tomi’s throw ins OR do you not think it your place to say that to him, hence you trying to make it jokey!?

      My view is that you have a perfect right to tell him and need not soften what is the clear truth. Throw ins are not difficult to teach even 10 year olds.


      1. Hi Jon.

        Broke a golden rule of my mine, and shouldn’t have ( used an used emoji that is).

        To answer your question directly, it was to give the impression of NOT being overly critical and a rather poor attempt at softening the comment, a “throwaway” so to speak – as we all know Tomi probably reads my comments ( note, no laughing emoji).

        I only commented at all in that I feel when any of our “new lads” have spoken publicly to date, they have projected themselves (and by association the club ) very well.

        Astute as ever Jon- you “sussed” me out” !

        1. AJ, Great reply and are you therefore willing to publicly pledge never again use these silly cartoon symbols that have infected so many younger peoples writing and made their views far more difficult to understand?

          I admit to being wordy but all my views are fully understood at least, even though very often disagreed with. That is fine and is why we have a fan debate site .

          But its rather difficult to debate with a none too clear – in most cases – cartoon symbol.

  2. Home ground advantage and the quality of the opposition are the two major factors influencing results. With Liverpool and Chelsea drawing Arsenal has taken the most points these last 4 games. Brentford beat Westham away today which shows brings even more perspective to our opening day loss at their place while Chelsea sit top and City sit 3rd. The next two home games v Palace and Villa both at home will define the first quarter of our season. 3 points minimum 4 points passable 6 points preferable. 6 points should see us breathing down the neck of top 7. After just 9 games a great response after 0-3

  3. YES Ad Pat, Indeed YOU can be and often are positive.

    But you put to shame your two in house colleagues(one of them your son too) who are almost entirely negaive and regularly so.
    Have a word with them both , PLEASE!

    That being said, I do of course realise that simply being able to find something, ANYTHING , to write about is paramount for JA and implicitly actually believing ALL that you AND your inhouse colleagues write, is not as necessaryto you all as the need to fill space and constantly too.
    Most writers can easily play Devils Advocate too and convincingly, to most readers! Unless those same folk are already used to your style of course.

    You should see my blog on the benefits to society of red hot socialism, even though I do not believe a single word and wrote it and posted it on a political site purely as an experiment to see how many I could fool.

    And it was almost 100% of those who read it too.

    That being all said, I still far more respect those who absolutely believe what they write, than those who play DA.

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