Toney responds to Gabriel and admits Arsenal is stronger now

Ivan Toney has responded to Gabriel Magalhaes after the defender mocked Brentford on social media following Arsenal’s 3-0 win against the Bees.

The Gunners had faced their London neighbours in the first league game of last season.

The then newly-promoted side beat Mikel Arteta’s team, with the Gunners making a terrible start to the season.

After the win, Toney posted on Twitter: ‘Nice kick about with the boys’

Arsenal won the reverse of that fixture, and Alexandre Lacazette copied and pasted the tweet by the Englishman.

After Arsenal beat them for the second time in as many matches at the weekend, Gabriel also tweeted: ‘Nice kick about with the boys’.

This time, Toney didn’t see the funny side, and he responded during a press conference with the England national team.

He said, as quoted by The Daily Mail:

‘I think once was funny, second time was a bit cringey. 

‘I bit my tongue, I wanted to reply and wanted to nibble.

‘But fair play to them, they are a different Arsenal side to the one we played before.’

Just Arsenal Opinion

There is no limit to the number of times you can make banter and Toney should have thought about the response when he started it.

He was disrespectful to us, and now he cannot take a piece of his own medicine.

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  1. It pays to be humble most times. Why risk adding motivation to a club or putting a target on your back?

    Don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk as the saying goes.

  2. Was he expecting to have “kick about” every time they played against us? I don’t like him personally, just because of that singular statement of his. I am still waiting for the big side that will add him to their squad.

  3. I’ve got no problem with Toney’s initial banter. From the All or Nothing series it looks the lads used it as motivation last year in the return fixture.

    And as someone who often gets told by my wife that I repeat old jokes ad nauseum, Toney is probably right about the Gabriel’s comment being funny first time and not so much second time.

    Nice to see a bit of banter rather than the usual sterile comments. Gets the blood pumping.

    1. What is risky in throwing banters? If you are talking of humility Toney should have been magnanimous in victory the very first time but he did not! Now when the reprisals are flying in, you are talking of being humble. Humility my foot! Let the game begins, Tottenham the next to taste the bitter pill of defeat come October 1. Up Gonners!!!

  4. Yet another everyday happening, though almost all never make the back pages, but then pounced upon and foisted on us as being “news”.
    Except that is it not news at all. Just silly tittle tattle about nothing of any consequence. Yawn!

    1. Better to accept and show respect to the lads otherwise they’ll be always humiliating him for his personalities 😂😂

  5. He is a yung boy dat wants to be noticed,he cant even play our pattern,he’s not our kind of player besides,….so good,his statement motivated our boys to mark him off,not even a chance to shot a ball on target,aside his wasted free kick,all joins,great 3points,perfect mark out,and 3goals,nd a clean sheet at the bees home,,,rada they were stingd.

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