Tonight is Arsenal’s 7th UCL Quarter-Final – Here is what happened in the previous six

On Tuesday Arsenal face their first quarter final in the Champions League in 14 years!

The more you look at the form of the two clubs this could be a great time to face Bayern Munich. They are not going to win the league in Germany while their manager has already announced he’s leaving in the summer.

I think we should go for their throats at the Emirates, especially with them having injuries and not bringing fans to the stadium.

Here’s what happened the previous times we got to this stage ….

2001 Arsenal 2-1 Valencia
Valencia 1-0 Arsenal
(Valencia won on away goals)

Two goals in the space of two minutes gave Arsenal their first ever victory in the quarter final of any version of the European Cup.
Such was Valencia’s record at the Mestalla though there was a sense of regret that we couldn’t get a third goal at Highbury.
In Spain, we were on course for another famous defensive display when Carew headed home with 14 minutes remaining.
We would have been beating Leeds United away from the Final if we had gone through.

2004 Chelsea 1-1 Arsenal
Arsenal 1-2 Chelsea

Outside of being in the Final perhaps our biggest opportunity missed?
In the midst of our 49 Unbeaten streaks in the League we were clearly superior to the teams left in the Champions League.
Yet the 2nd leg at Highbury came days after the disappointment of being knocked out of the FA Cup in the Semi Final.
As the 2nd half progressed, for the first time that season we physically and mentally looked exhausted, and Chelsea sensed it.
Even if we had hung on to extra time, I’m not sure we had the energy to survive.

2006 Arsenal 2-0 Juventus
Juventus 0-0 Arsenal

Fittingly Highbury waited for its farewell season to produce its finest ever European nights.
This included the visit of Juventus.
Famous for the return to North London of Patrick Vieira, our former captain was overshadowed by his replacement, a teenager called Cesc Fabregas.
Two clean sheets against the Italian Champions meant a record 8th consecutive game without conceding in Europe.
Our first ever Quarter Final victory in any version of the European Cup

2008 Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool
Liverpool 4-2 Arsenal

Not for the first or last time, Liverpool used their greater knowledge and experience in Europe, drawing on the history of Anfield to get the better of us.
That was after we were incredibly wasteful at the Emirates.
In the 2nd leg, seconds after Theo Walcott had his coming out moment, running the length of the pitch to set up a goal that was putting us through, our opponents were given a very contentious penalty that remains controversial to this day

2009 Villarreal 1-1 Arsenal
Arsenal 3-0 Villarreal

A stunning solo goal from Adebayor gave us a crucial away goal in Spain making the return leg strangely straight forward.

2010 Arsenal 2-2 Barcelona
Barcelona 4-1 Arsenal

Barcelona were so dominant for large periods at the Emirates that coming from 2-0 to draw felt like a victory.
In reality we still had to go to Spain where we knew we have to dramatically improve to advance.
We didn’t!

Sometimes you just have to hold your hands up and accept you have seen something special after watching Messi score 4 times in the Nou Camp.

What are your predictions for tonight peeps?

Dan Smith


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  1. I think Arsenal will win with 2-1 scoreline and Bayern Muenchen will park the bus since they will have no supporters at the stadium

  2. Slightly of topic
    For everyone going to the game tonight needs to be cautious after threats being made by pro IS media outlet.
    My son is going and I’m more worried about that than the score

    1. Hoping nothing bad happens tonight. Can’t even begin to imagine the level of stress you’ll be on.

  3. I personally would like to give them a taste of there own medicine by sending them off with a 5-0 mauling
    Nothing like revenge is best served cold 😃
    Reality…they are still a decent out low on confidence but have enough CL experience to test us at times.
    Fast start
    Quick goals and see them off
    Good Times people
    Onwards and upwards

  4. Im between Arsenal winning 3 nil
    Or 3 – 1.
    I remember all the games mentioned in the post above and im still torn between the valencia and liverpool away games on which was the most painful.
    We had them, we had them both but we didnt put them to the sword when we shouls have.

    Hope and pray this yr will be ours as it is looking very hard and dificult, but i am encouraged with the fact that arsenal usually thrive best when it is hard and dificult.


  5. Bayern may be floundering at the moment but they still remain a team filled with WC players and an enormous amount of CL experience that could wreck us if the boys are not prepared mentally.

    That being said if we start like a house on fire and score early this could turn ugly for them fast. Need a good result to dampen the pressure of that 2nd leg away game. Not to mention the mental boost it would provide us in our league challenge if we can dispose of a big team like bayern.

  6. Try as I may, just can’t see anything other than a convincing win for the gunners, not a complete mauling but a respectable 3 nill score line for the red and white outfit.

  7. Pls recall that champions League form is not proportional to league form. If we are going to go through, it’s not going to be that easy. Porto proved it the last games with us

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