Tony Adams and Thierry Henry – Arsenal’s deam team?

There are many Arsenal fans that are seriously hoping that this coming season will be Arsene Wenger’s last at the helm, and the latest rumour is that Le Prof is wanted as England manager to lead them to the World Cup.

So there may be rejoicing in the ranks with today’s news from the Sun that Mr. Arsenal (aka Tony Adams) is returning to the fold to work alongside Thierry Henry with the U18 Academy youngsters. Many Gooners think that Henry, as one of our biggest legends of all time, would be perfect to take over Wenger’s job when he finally moves on, but the fact is that he has absolutely zero experience as a manager.

But Adams,who is arguably as big a legend as Henry, at least has some real working knowledge of management after his stints at Wycombe, Portsmouth and his weird time running the Azerbaijani outfit Gabala. He spent his entire 19-year playing career as a Gunner making 674 appearances, and winning four league titles, three FA Cups, two League Cups and the Cup Winners’ Cup.

So I wonder if this is Wenger training a dream team to take over from him when he steps down? Maybe he would start by working as an advisor while the pair get up to scratch in the way that Wenger likes things done, with the added bonus of them getting to know the youngsters that are breaking through with a view to integrating them into the first team in the future.

Who thinks this would be a good idea?



  1. If Thierry and Tony are as good at coaching as they were at playing the game then this is great news for our U18’s and potential first team players.

    I would hope that they are giving advice to the first team players as well, even the biggest ego must listen to these two.

    As for grooming either of them to take over from Wenger then for me the answer is no. We have to have a proven top quality manager, and I want to remember these two as arsenal legends, not failed manager of arsenal. If either of them become top managers elsewhere then of course coming back to arsenal at some future date would be great.

  2. Your’e having a laugh, admin. Thierry is a celeb not a manager. And Tony is a failed one at lowly clubs. I love them both but we’ll need a top manager. One manager. (No dream team nonsense, when has that ever worked?)

    1. Wenger and Dein = Dream team
      Wenger and Gazidis = nightmare

      You have to have the right personalities working together to get the exceptional results, a passion they can bring together with the knowledge they have.

      Thierry may be a ‘celeb’ now but that is because he was damn good at football and he knew what to do on the pitch, he may be a commentator for Sky but he is also a coach, if he wasn’t good enough then would he be a coach? Would he be able to get his badges?

      He may make a great manager, like Pep.
      He may make a terrible manager like Adams did.

      We do not know, let us wait and see how he progresses?

  3. It is nice to see a legend return.

    I dunno if it would work but it would be nice to see;

    Manager: Henry
    Ass Man: Vieira
    Attacking coaches: Bergkamp & Wright
    Defending coaches: Bould & Adams
    GK Coaches: Lehmann and Cechs GK coach (forget his name)

    Fill out the coaching staff with some of the worlds top trainers and get a nice blend of passionate legends and the best in the world…

    I dunno if it would work but it would be nice to see and a dream team if it did work 😛

    1. As Viera already is a manager I don’t think he would accept being Henry’s assisstent. And to be honest.. how do we know Henry will be a good manager? Don’t get me wrong he was my favorite player and I would love him to be a successful coach but having been a good player doesn’t guarantee you that.

      1. “how do we know Henry will be a good manager?”

        I had ALREADY said:

        “I dunno if it would work”

        You see the answer there already?

        If not, let me repeat it for you;

        I dunno if it would work but it would be nice to see and a dream team if it did work ?

        Oh as for Vieira being a manager, so was Adams. Your point it what? That a manager can’t do other roles after doing a manager role? PMSL!

        Not like any of this would come true anyway… being a DREAM team 😉

  4. I like the idea of Adams working with our young defenders. However, Id prefer it if he was working with our u21 defenders rather than the 18s. What happens when they go up into the u21 team. All his work could be erased with two seasons or so. Becoming more attack minded players, with allot of work focused on building play from the back. Id say, how about him working with the first team defence. Except judging by Boulds influence maybe it is better that he is working with them when they are young and eager to impress.

    On Henry, I’m not sure if he translates very well, tactics and such, sometimes he could be mentioning the simplest of things, but will emote or demonstrate it in an altogether more difficult way. Sometimes he’ll points things out through punditry which do not need pointing out. Like with a movie, you need to treat your audience like they’re at the least of an average intelligence. Or better yet, expect them to be intelligent, with years of experience in watching the beautiful game,.

  5. I think its wonderful that the players of old are contributing to there old club, i am really appreciative of Adams who i think will assist with the youngsters defensive development, because we seem to not develop enough defensive players to get into the senior squad.

    Its also important for Adams and Henry to take things from wenger’s coaching and modify it and make it better. I do not think any of them will be the coach of arsenal anytime soon, Adams may have experience in the area and although it was not great i think he will get better along the way and Henry just started along the way which in truth i do not know if he is actually going to do coaching, i feel he is trying out various options before settling on one.

    Its very important our young and old players develop the mind set to play their offensive and defensive positions, so its obvious that arsenal have taking on two of the best individual to pass on this knowledge

  6. Hmm, Theiry should be our club embassador like Vieira was for citeh and I think Keown should be first team coach, I believe he played a big part when we set a CL record for clean sheets? He’d be a nice contrast to Wenger in the short term.

  7. While we are on the subject, the GK coach should be the man who learnt from the man, David Seaman.

  8. Sort it out, how many ads do you need ? The damn rabbits obscured the whole screen. Anyway Adams was a terrible manager but fantastic that he’s involved. Don’t see either of them as successors now but it’d be a dream partnership if they end up doing a good job.

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