Tony Adams claims Arsenal are getting closer to the top

Tony Adams has claimed that Arsenal are maybe two players away from being Premier League champions again.

The Gunners returned to winning ways with their 1-0 win at Old Trafford yesterday, after consecutive losses against Man City and Leicester.

Top four will have been the target at the start of the season, and we are very much on target to get one at present, and Tony Adams doesn’t think they are many players away from ‘champions’.

‘They’ll finish above United, they’re a top six team for me,’ Adams told Stadium Astro (via Metro).

‘Great positive signs especially not only the result today but the performances.

‘I think they’re just missing a goalkeeper and maybe another No.10 to be champions.

‘But there were great, great signs today, we’ve got another couple of leaders now in central defence and central midfield, so, top six, we’re getting closer.’

No team has taken a grip on the league lead at present, although Liverpool have been the best thus far, and I wouldn’t be shocked if we were able to challenge for the title this term.

Do we expect our side to keep pushing up the table and mount a bid to win the league this season? How many players do you think we need to finish on top?


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  1. We need a GK? How?

    If we win our next run of games (which is winnable? We will surely get Top 4

    Villa home
    Leeds away
    Wolves home
    Spurs away
    Burnley home

    All the home games should be straight forward wins, Leeds away is the kinda match for Elneny and Partey as they will be all over us. However, Spurs and Villa is a game for Partey- Ceballos in my opinion cos these two will surely park the train

    1. No, Partey and Elneny is the way to go in all these games in my humble opinion. Ceballos just cannot hold onto the ball, he lost possession 17 times in his last game.

      1. Declan

        I get you. Presumably, Villa and Spurs will park the bus against us like Leicester did, and we both know that Cebs is a bit more creative than Mo.
        In a game where the opposition’s team is playing a compact low block, I think Ceballos will have all the time in the world on the ball to wreck havoc, provided he is played in the same position Mo played yesterday and not the right midfield he played against Leicester. It’s just my opinion anyway.

  2. Waited for 14 years for a win at OT! Nobody is celebrating. What an achievement for a young Mikel! Tony is right, a CAM is a must and a top top GK good at set pieces or Leno needs rigorous training. I always said keep Ozil, Kolasinac, Mustafi and Xhaka out of the team, and victories will come and we won without them. no coincidence. Way forward to go with Elneny and a replacement for Laca, maybe Martinelli once fully fit. The lad lacks fear and has the composure and confidence in front of the goal. Next season will be exciting.

  3. Tony Adams was a great player and captain for us, of that there is no doubt and i respect what he did for the club!

    But that is where it stops!

    He couldn’t make it as a coach or manager when he tried, there was also that silly dance in training at Granada i think it was.

    Since he was rejected by the club to come back into the fold at Arsenal a few years back, he has been nothing but bitter towards them.

    He rates Martinez as the best thing since Seaman but he had a howler imo against Southampton.
    I was a goalkeeper and goalkeeper coach and you dont set your walls up like that!

    As for a No 10, MA doesnt want one, not in the traditional sense anyway, if you add a 10 to that team right now it wont work the way we all think it would as we’re set up to press and break opponents press, having a 10 there would break the team balance.

    To me Mr. Adams is more annoying than listening to Michael Owen and Roy Keane who are 2 total idiots!

    1. Val how did you know MA doesn’t wants a no10, did he tell you that himself,,if he doesn’t want a no10 why did he try to sign that french guy all summer.

  4. Lol..
    That french guy Auouar isn’t a number 10, he’s an 8. Just that he is more creative than our current options.
    I watch Auouar and Lyon very well.

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