Tony Adams defends Mesut Ozil over post-match rant at a teammate.

Former Arsenal legend Tony Adams comes out in defence of Mesut Ozil.

Arsenal’s match against Brighton was yet another sad tale in a season that looks to be heading towards a disastrous ending.

The Gunners were beaten 2-1 at the Emirates by Brighton on Freddie Ljungberg’s first home game as their interim manager.

The team was quite poor in the first half and they went behind to the impressive Seagulls before the break.

A good start to the second half helped them get an equalizer but they lost their momentum and Neal Maupay scored the visitors’ winning goal ten minutes from time.

Several players were frustrated by the team’s overall performance and Ozil seemed to be angry at Alexandre Lacazette after the final whistle.

The German was shown shouting towards the French attacker after the final whistle and Tony Adams has come out in his defence, and he seemed impressed by the German’s reaction to the result.

‘I don’t mind that actually,’ Adams told Premier League productions as cited by Metro Sports. ‘There’s a little bit of spirit there. I don’t mind that.

‘Maybe he should have done it before the game. Before the game take that attitude on to the pitch.
‘The game’s gone now, it’s all over.

‘If he’d got the frustration out before the game and say ‘I’m really go and run around and do my stuff today’. He’s frustrated, obviously.’


  1. I couldn’t give two hoots what Ozil, or anyone else at Arsenal is saying after a game. I want to see something on the pitch!

  2. At least Lacazette scored. Whereas Ozil only produced one assist in this season

    If Ozil really has to play, he should only play as no 10 at Emirates. Because he is too limited to play in other position and his effort to retrieve the ball is too little

    Nonetheless, it’s better to gradually cut our reliance on no 10 attacker. We need more midfielders to win the ball, since we can’t dominate our opponents anymore

    1. It’s not ALL about the assists, he contributed to the team, somewhat more than others I could mention, like Willock for instance.

      1. Given his wages, and status, Ozil should not only be producing more than anyone else in our team, he should be the best playmaker in the league. Apart from retaining possession well, he literally does nothing else!

        1. Are the wages Ozil’s fault??
          Always these ignorant posts about Ozil’s wages. It’s board’s fault not Ozil’s if he’s overpaid (which he is).

          He’s actually been better than Ceballos this year. That’s Ceballos of REAL MADRID.
          But like similar players Ozil needs a Casemiro or Kante behind him, not Xhaka or Guendouzi type of midfielder.

    2. gotanidea, a simple question to you:
      Who supplied the cross from the corner that Lacazette scored from?

      As for being limited, would you say that Lacs is “limited” to being a forward – or Tierney is “limited” to being a defender?

      1. Is that his one and only assist this season Ken? And it’s not exactly difficult to cross a ball from a set piece now is it. Even Sunday league players can easily manage that! I want to see something from Ozil that sets him apart from the rest, yet it never happens.

        Like the majority of our squad, he’s not good enough.

        1. TMJW, tell that to gotanidea, who obviously didn’t see it, but saw Lacs head the ball in.
          Easy to dismiss though, especially if you one doesn’t want to give credit – are we now expecting a goal from every corner taken as it’s not exactly difficult?

          Unfortunately, the “I want to see something from Ozil that sets him apart from the rest” is based onyour fixation of his ludicrous wage – get over that obstacle in your thinkking and then the question you ask will not have to be answered – the answer is, of course, no…but then you will question what constitutes an assist in order to prove your point – just enjoy the man and his magic TMJW, we have so many other problems since you got your Arsenal back and we gave UE time to prove himself don’t you think?

          It just shows by his silence, that gotanidea has really gotnoidea when it comes to Ozil.

          1. Ken it hasn’t and has got to do with his wages, and I do not understand how you can always dismiss this?

            If a colleague of yours was paid more than double what you were, for the same job, AND he was consistently performing far, far worse than you, wouldn’t you question that?

            Even if we take wages out of the equation, what does Ozil do, that a League 2 player couldn’t do?

          2. Please explain what “magic” we are seeing from him? Because it seems you’re seeing something that pundits, ex-pros, the majority of our fans, and journalists are not seeing.

          3. TMJW, I’ll tell you what I REALLY think about Ozil’s wages – it’s a debacle and I have never said otherwise.
            You ask about the other players feelings, well I believe they just saw gazidis and his cronies as the complete idiots and soft touches that they were and just thought “good luck to you mesut, we’ll try the same thing.
            There has NEVER been a hint of jealousy from the rest of the squad, just the fanbase I’m afraid.

            I don’t dismiss it, as I say, but I don’t use it as an excuse to hammer him at every opportunity because of it either – that’s the difference between you and me.

            As it happens, gazidis is STILL screwing kronkie by giving this obscene salary and both of these deserve each other in my opinion.

            Now, the second part of your reply, what does he do that a second division player couldn’t do?
            TMJW, I respect you and your views too much to even begin to reply to such a moronic question – and I know (or hope anyway) that you say it in jest as I always read your responses for the quality of their thinking, even though we disagree on 90% of our personal views.

          4. Just seen your add on – once again I can only tell you about the reaction from the crowd when Ozil appears, is announced, or even when not playing…his name is chanted and his song is sung – living in Australia you cannot see/hear this, but THAT is the majority of our fans voicing their views, not a small selection on a website.
            Why can’t you accept that, if not from me, there are others who have repeatedly told you this.

            As for pundits…like cundy and talksport’s durham?
            Give it a rest TMJW…have a read of what Wee-fella said below, he was at the match and that kind of view is what you should be digesting and considering, not people with agendas regarding our club.

          5. As always you give an arrogant, and vague answer, if it can be called an answer!

            Although I gave the wrong perspective about Ozil’s wages, it WILL still have a knock on effect in regards to negotiating new contracts, and signing new players. They will look at Ozil’s wages in relation to almost zero productivity, and demand parity at the very least.

            The perspective I should have given, was from a clubs perspective. They cannot be happy paying so much money, for so little in return. No club would want to continue this. Hence why they have tried, and failed to get of Ozil.

            In regards to numbers supporting Ozil, I do believe you need a math’s lesson asap, if you think the opinions of part of a crowd of 60,000 fans (a lot less on average in recent years) is representative of the wider fan base. I can honestly say since 2013 until now, I have rarely come across fans that rate Ozil. A good way of measuring his quality, would a top club sign him, even for free? You know the answer to that. Obviously over in Australia, and others in other countries, we must have no idea whats going with Ozil, other players, or the club in general.

            Putting everything aside, and opinions, how can you honestly say Ozil is a quality player worth keeping? You must have watched the likes of Cesc, Santi, Iniesta, Xavi, De Bruyne, Bergkamp, etc. Do honestly believe Ozil is on par with these greats? He’s not even fit to lace their boots!

          6. TMJW, vague, arrogant and not answering the questions?
            OK, let’s get stuck in to Ozil shall we?

            First of all, you say that Ozil’s salary will see other players demanding parity if they sign for The Arsenal…we have signed a minimum of fifteen players since Ozil signed his new contract, including Auba, and pepe…not once has Ozils salary been a factor in any of these signings and, in fact, the name of Ozil was one of the reasons given for joining the club.
            Just so you can’t accuse me of beingvague, I give you pepe and martinelli as examples.

            You the go on to say that the club resent paying him the salary and have tried to sell him…if that’s not a vague statement I don’t know what is?
            Firstly,the club is kronkie and kronkie authorised the contract and, as far as we know, is being paid diligently every month.
            As you know, the club widely announced through it’s official channel the fact that mustafi was up for sale and told the player himself – to date this has not been the case with Ozil…infact, the complete opposite, as I remember raul coming out and officially stating that Ozil was part of the clubs future plans. Why one and not the other?

            I hope that has answered those parts of your questions in a non-arrogant, factual and alsonot vague, whatever that insult meant.

            Now, comes the most incredible part of your attack on a current Arsenal player.

            You state that, since 2013, you can honestly say you have not come across fans that rate Ozil…well would you believe the fact that he only signed for us and played his first game in September 2013?
            Were you not even aware of that simple piece of our club’s history?

            Since then, he has:
            in his first five seasons at the club, created 476 goalscoring chances, more than any other player in that period.
            in 2017/18 became the fastest player to 50 assists during 141 appearances
            named player of the year 2015/16
            won three fa cup medals 2014/15/17
            created more goalscoring chances (45) than any other Arsenal player last season, despite only starting 20 times and being substitute in another 4

            Your knowledge of the ACTUAL FACTS ( which can be found on the official website so as not to be vague) when denouncing a player is arrogance of the highest order and your vagueness in not remembering the clamour of fans demanding the club give him a new contract in 2018 is overwhelming in it’s ignorance of someone you try to belittle at every opportunity…even more so when you don’t attend games, as you have stated.

            Now let’s look at the man from the fans supporting him at games and not on keyboards.

            You dismiss out of hand those who go on a regualr basis to home and away matches, when they cite the chanting, singing and recognition of Mesut Ozil.
            Despite telling you what happens, you choose instead to cite 2013 (yes 2013!!!!) and dwindling numbers at the Emirates…is it not arrogance to dismiss supporters, not fans, who try to tell you what is actually happening?
            From thousands of miles away, you profess to know better, in a vague way, by bringing in empty seats!!!

            Let me just remind you why there are so many empty seats…your saviour UE, who dropped Ozil, tried to make him the scapegoat of his own incompetence and got the sack for gross incompetence.

            Back to your tirade against me – comparisions with others:
            A new angle for you to try and attack him, but I will go along with it.
            I believe that, apart from Dennis Bergkamp (and Debroyne because of his age) Ozil at his best, was as good as, if not better than all the others you name – but please dont take my word for his ability, take the time to read what those players you name think of him and THEN go and check out what Ronaldo said whem he left Madrid for us. Nothing vague about his take on Ozil I think you will find.

            So, in summary, instead of accusing me of arrogance and vagueness, when you trying to destroy a current arsenal player, just do your homework on simple things such as:
            When the player signed for the club
            What the player has done in his career at the club
            What other players, inside and outside of the club, think of him
            What diehard supporters (examples Declan and Phil) tell you about the support he has

            Just like your Lichsteiner comment that he didn’t count, because he came on a free (completely ignoring the reported £4,000,000 plus salary he cost kronkie) your wonderful insight into the similsrly ridiculous statement that no- one rated Ozil since 2013, the year he signed for us, will be testimony to your dislike of Ozil, without knowing or bothering to find out and check the mans credentials.

  3. How can anyone actually defend Ozil, im not sure Adams was, i thought he was slagging him off for not doing it. I thought he was saying he should have shown that passion when it mattered, on the pitch. He plays with a face like slapped arse and then throws his dummy out after the real fight has finished.

    1. REGGIE, i couldnt agree more with you !. you got ozil down to a tee. and as regards throwing the dummy out of the pram, well, thats the dummy that he used to suck on whenever (on the very rare occasion)that he scored.he makes me sick looking at him, the weight of the world on his shoulders, i guess he is counting his millions in his mind.

  4. The only pride I see or hear is from the fans. They have more pride for a badge they will never wear on the pitch. Why should players care, when their board and absentee owner don’t care a bit? I would say it goes right to the top and to the Kronkes. Let me explain my thinking on this;

    Absentee owner, never invests own money in club (but invests millions and millions with Rams), and views Arsenal as a “Cash Cow” and a piggy bank.

    No wonder the board is apathetic; the money still comes in, worldwide branding, free money fans continually throw at the club.

    Player’s apathy and only play for a paycheck. Why should they care? The board doesn’t, what have they done during the last decade?

    Why should the players fight for the badge when the owner says he “Didn’t get involved to win titles,” hasn’t the last decade proved his words true?

    The owner lied to the fans about moving to the Emirates and “competing with the biggest clubs in the world.” Wouldn’t that man be willing to lie to players in convincing them to sign with Arsenal?

    How can anyone, how DARE anyone at Arsenal FC speak about competing, while Owner, Board, and management allow the defense to rot away year after year. Have money for Pepe, but not a pair of competent CB’s? Spend over 100 million on 2 strikers but won’t bring in competent CB’s?

    Sick of this owner, sick of this useless board, and getting sick of Raul and management as well. The only pride I see or hear is from the fans.

  5. DURAND, i think you are echoing what most of us fans are actually thinking . very well put.our players are behaving that we are priviliged to watch this dross, we are the lucky ones paying to come and see these self centred superstars !!!. thats what my take on all of the players at the moment. gods, overpaid tossers who are bleeding the club dry of competitiveness . arsenal are no longer a sports club, it has turned into a zombie footballers paradise.

    1. Well said DURAND and JF, AFC is such
      a rudderless ship atm creeping
      dangerlously toward that unavoidable
      Iceberg that is Championship futbol.
      My beloved club, the club of Henry,
      Bergkamp, Viera, Adams, Pires, etc
      has been criminally reduced to the
      LAUGHING STOCK of English futbol.

      The Kroenkes, board, Raul, Edu have
      been exposed for the duplicitous
      Chronies that they are.

      Its time for the fans worldwide to
      find a common voice and take our
      Cherished club back.

  6. I am fed up with seeing the same shit, game in, game out the same slackniss, no passion from any of our players or drive.. they give up in the first few minutes already. We need someone like Santi Cazorla or Ramsey back I our mid to give that Arsenal factor, hey doesn’t Lacazette bench so Aubameyang plays through the middle, Ozil behind him. Martinelli left and Pepe right. Midfield we lack that energy and aggression, if we can get a Wilfred Ndidi in I’m sure we’ll be able to link up defence better with mid and push on forward from there. I’d like to see Chambers with Torreira there, defence Bellerin was horrible last night so give Ainsley his chance, start Tierney left back and give Holding and I’d like to see Mavropanos given a chance since l our CB’s currently playing there are all clowns! C’mon Gunners we need to get our charisma back.. we have seemingly lost our way but we will bounce back cause we are THE ARSENAL

  7. Everyone on this slating Ozil is completely filled to the brim with shite. I was at the game last night and couldnt fault ozil on his work rate. Laca on the other hand did not play well yes he score but done nothing else to help the team. Ozil is a number 10 playing on the wing. For anyone who’s ever played football will know that is extremely difficult no matter how much money you get paid.
    It was my first time seeing Arsenal play and I could tell by half time the players that cared to the ones that didn’t. Ozil cares for this club. It’s about time you keyboard gangsters realised this.

      1. Not only nice Sue, but perfectly true and well done Wee-Fella for coming out and saying itas it is.

        We have so many on here, who through no fault of their own or because they have made that decision, don’t go to matches, but who comment about the games after watching highlights or MOTD, yet somehow feel they have the need to pass judgement on the whole game.
        Even watching a full game on tv doesn’t give the full picture, as it follows the ball and not the movement off the ball.
        So many times, s/t holders have tried to explain the chanting of Ozil’s name and the song that is used for him, but to no avail – they are the majority it seems.

        Ozil showed his frustration after the game and, yet once again, he was singled out for criticism – just as he was when walking off slowly after being substituted.
        Yet we are told he lacks commitment, no cojones and mentally weak.
        You have quite simply pointed out he was played out of position YET AGAIN and his salary couldn’t help him to play any better – simple and easy deductions, but the “keyboard gangsters” as you describe them, just will not accept or see it.

        He is part of a team that is playing well below it’s potential, at least he showed his feelings about it – name one other player who did last night?

    1. And what has Ozil actually done in the last 18 months. What actually did he do against mighty Brighton. He doesn’t score and he is there to create, when he doesn’t do that, what does he actually do/achieve? Are you trying to defend a player on his wages for just being on the pitch and having a kick about. He is the epitome of what is wrong with Arsenal.

      1. Reggie, what has any player done in the last eighteen months?
        Remember when UE didn’t select him and we were losing and playing badly then
        What does auba achieve when he doesn’t score – what does luiz achieve when he doesn’t defend?
        Who put him on the wing in order to, supposedly, create?
        What on earth does his wages have to do with his play – are you saying that if we give pepe another £150 grand a week, we should expect a different player?
        Utter nonsense and you forget that the club offered him this ridiculous salary, so slag off the club….they are the epitome of what is wrong with Arsenal and THAT is why auba and lacs are refusing to sign new contracts.

        Every player is letting the club down at the moment, why you concentrate on one man is because of what exactly?

        1. @Reggie I’m not wanting to insult you but you clearly don’t have a footballing brain. Not one arsenal player apart from Aubu has earned his wage for the past 18 months. Although the majority of players haven’t played well you can clearly see who cares and who doesn’t give one shit about OUR club. Please open your eyes because were all in the same shit situation here. We need people who care about us the fans.
          @Ken1945 your the man. Keep doing what your doing.

          1. TMJW
            Last season Ozil played
            League 20 starts and 4 subs
            Europa 8 starts and 2 subs
            FA Cup 0 starts and 1 subs

            Please direct me to where I have said anything different..and it’s good to see you getting some facts right in your arguments.

  8. Please can anyone give me a name of any of our Midfielders that can be rated over Ozil since he’s debut from 2013 ?and again compare the likes of cazorla,ramsey ability and skills with the partnership of Ozil in Midfield to the likes of willock,Xhaka and there likes. Most of the times the type of player that plays with you matters a lot,Ozil work for what he’s earning right now or did you think those who offer him that huge Salary don’t know what they are doing you can said what you like but they are doing there job so try to do yours

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