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Tony Adams – England won’t win anything with Tottenham players

Tony Adams is undoubtably an Arsenal legend and the only one that has been dubbed ‘Mr Arsenal’. And obviously the Gooners culture also means having a little rivalry with our noisy neighbours Tottenham.

The spuds have now finished above us in the coveted Champions League spots for the last two seasons, but according to Adams, any Spurs players simply don’t have the belief and confidence to take England anywhere at the World Cup. “You must be able to handle winning emotionally and mentally and if they don’t know how to win it, they aren’t going to win it,” he said.

“I’m really worried about these Tottenham players, I don’t think they know how to win. They’re very good players but at certain points in seasons and tournaments, you have to step up — there’s a psyche players must have.”

I see what Adams is saying about the mentality, but could that encompass a whole club? And if so, what makes anyone think England would be better with Arsenal players???

58 thoughts on “Tony Adams – England won’t win anything with Tottenham players

  1. big g

    Adams comments don’t matter as the England team consists of players from across the league and players will either play well or not as the case may be. If Adams is really looking at the winning mentality of Cane and Ali then I feel he is wrong to single them out, he should look at the bigger picture and why England seem to have the same problem which has existed now for how long !

  2. Ravspur

    That means Adams that no new players will ever win anything because they dont know how to win.

  3. killamch89

    He’s right though – Tottenham players are serial bottlers. Tony Adams may say some ridiculous things from time to time but the fact remains that the concentration of Tottenham players in a team is directly proportional to the chances of a trophy. Harry Claim can never be found in these kinds of high-pressure situations.

        1. tas

          I think what Adams is trying to say is that in the past most of England players come from Man-U and Arsenal players who wore wining trophies almost every year but recent successful clubs like City and yes Man-U don’t have the core of UK players anymore apart from Brazil most wining countries usually have most of the team from one or two teams which makes it easier to gel, lets see what France do, on paper they have a great team but like i said they do tend to lose consistency when it maters because of their players spread over many leagues

  4. Diana

    A lot of people may disagree with me but here is my piece.

    1. There is an exaggerated protection that English players get from the FA, referees and even coaches. Result is a group of players who feel entitled without the “tough mentality”.
    2. All England team players come from ONE league, the EPL where all get paid more and cost more to buy MERELY because of homegrown quotas and not merit. And coming from one league means the play is too predictable.
    3. Physicality in the EPL is discouraged actively but you expect better performances from very physically aggressive tournaments. Check how many times England players go down and immediately look at the referee to intervene. More than others
    4. Until the FA are comfortable enough to bring in a non-Englishman manager to kick butt, the result remain the same. Am i saying English managers arent good enough? No. Im saying they come in and reinforce the existing culture.

    More English players should dare to play AND excel in other leagues (usually seen as failing). More young players should EARN spots versus retained merely for Homegrown requirements. I personally think that needs to be revised and looked at, and see how that qouta can be lower but a bit more invloved. Eg 5 English players but each must play at least xx hours per season, so teams are aggressive with their development versus just having them on a team sheet just for admin purposes. All that contribute to a non-winning mentality. Its not only about Tottenham players) though i like that Mr Arsenal took a swing at the Spuds- happy for days.

    1. Ozziegunner

      I’m just worried about Australia having to play France first up in their group! Two good friendly results against the Czech Republic and Hungary, but real competition is a different level. Hopefully they can find France over confident.
      I expect a few Australian players to increase their transfer value. Matt Ryan currently at Brighton continues the production line of Australian goal keepers: Mark Schwarzer, Mark Bosnich, Brad Jones, John Filan etc.

  5. Jeremy

    Last time it’s Liverpool n Manure players who are England’s darling. Now it’s scums.

    I think Adams is right. But seriously, thought our focus should be on our team.

    Anyway, good to burn out their players. The more the better.

  6. tony M

    England will struggle in the last 16 as they do in every World Cup cant explain why but just look at the results of the past 50 years NOTHING is the answer ADAMS is right mentality is the key Look at Germany and how many times they have been in a final its there fight to the last that makes them good I rest my case

    1. PIRES

      we have a lot of non-english fans here, so please Admin dont bore us with articles about England

      1. tas

        PIRES i agree but nothing much is going on ATM, the thing we all have in common here in Justarsenal is that we all watch EPL and all the English players are in the EPL, we all know the players so we can all comment on England, i will be supporting England but i will be more than happy to hear your country’s team where ever your from

      2. jon fox

        I sympathise with you and see your point. My own view is that the WC is a corruptly awarded competition to a corrupt(to it’s very core) regime running Russia. I will therefore be totally ignoring the WC. However and thankfully, most of us on here live in free countries which have free choice and I have no beef whatever with other fans exercising that free choice. That I disagee with their point of view is an irrelevance. But I repeat, Pires, you have my sympathy.

    2. stubill

      Very simple, DON’T read the article if it doesn’t interest you.

      Arsenal are an English club, England are in the World Cup, so there is a connection like it or not.

  7. Naija Jollof


    All in England’s first team😆😆😆
    We all know what to expect

  8. Ingleby

    I’ve never liked circuses so I don’t intend watching. Fortunately I’m on holiday during the final 10 days so can do more interesting things like counting seagulls.

    WC being hosted by country which regards cheating and corruption to achieve success in sport as a requirement to obscure it’s appalling record in most other facets of life.

    1. jon fox

      A kindred spirit, Ingleby, and very pleased to meet another principled person. Well said. My own post below in this thread says the same thoughts.

      1. Ingleby

        Have now read it and agree. How football has been hijacked by corporate gangsters and their political cronies is disgusting.

  9. Julie Bailey

    To all so called England supporters, it shouldn’t matter what team the England players come from, they are the best on offer and we should be supporting them all. Shame on Tony Adams, he wore an England shirt and we didn’t win anything with him playing!

    Get behind the England team or don’t call yourself an England supporter.

  10. Julie Bailey

    Shame on Tony Adams, he wore an England shirt and we won nothing! If you are a true England supporter then you get behind the team, and fly the flag. The reason we haven’t got a winning mentality is because of people like Adams, who criticise instead of supporting. Negativity breeds negativity. I know the Tottenham players will give 100%

    To all true England supporters, be proud and fly the flag.

  11. Hez

    This WC will be a long one. No African team collectively strong enough; Egypt has Salah but thats all-likes of Elneny are average at best, Nigeria used to have strong willed characters like JJ and Amokachi now all they have is Moses and Iwobi, Mane may not help his Senegal much too. I could support England but there is no Arsenal player, not even Wilshere… Brazil used to be a good one but now filled with media sissies like Neyma, u kind of miss professionals like Cafu, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho. As things stand, I may end up enjoying Croatia, they atleast have a proper midfield

  12. iGooner

    I laughed when I read the title… Seriously though; shouldn’t this be the time to put-to-bed old rivalries and unite as a country in this tournament rather than singling out players based on the clubs that they play for. In all honesty Harry Kane and other Tottenham players deserve their place in the England squad to go to the World Cup tournament in Russia this year (there wasn’t much competition from other players especially Arsenal players (ouch, that hurt!)).

    1. tas

      for us who support England yes i totally agree

      I AM ROSE
      I AM ALLI
      I AM CANE
      I AM TAS

      1. Sue

        I’m sorry but I’m not going to idolize Kane or Alli just because they have an England top on! I can’t stand either of them week in week out! So call me petty or whatever you want, but it isn’t happening!

        1. iGooner

          In what country does support equated to idolatry? Come on, do tell! It’s the World Cup, not domestic cup where your comment would be better served, so support England…

          1. Craig

            Exactly, at least this crop of players will put the shirt on with pride unlike previous who just played for their clubs. England fans get behind their team. If not stop crying and support Brazil. Tony Adams never won anything for England so what right does he have. Bitter.

            1. Sue

              Don’t think anyone has a right, not just Adams…it’s been ages since England won anything! I’m certainly not crying Craig!

    2. jon fox

      Some times honesty, like you have used, DOES hurt. But it’s vital importance makes the pain worthwhile. Without truth , we are smaller people than we need be. Sorry to be profound but the reason I personally will be completely ignoring the World Cup is because it is not honestly run by FIFA. It was corruptly awarded by a corrupt organisation to a corrupt gangster run country. By associating ourselves with it , even as “mere” fans, is to condone the dishonesty and I for one will not pay that price. I cannot avoid knowing what happened , after games are over, as we all inhabit a 24/7 world. But I will NOT be watching or seeking out details. If this makes me seem an oddball to some , then so be it. But I repeat , honesty is paramount and without it we have no true sport ; just dirty, corrupt, bad business!

      1. Ozziegunner

        jon and the 2022 selection of Qatar is even worse. No OH&S for construction workers in Qatar – life’s cheap.

        1. jon fox

          Exactly. FIFA has been corrupt to it’s core for decades; probably going back to just after Sir Stanley Rous retired as President. So is EUFA. Getting rid of Blatter, Jack Warner and Platini from EUFA, was supposed to have cleaned up these rotten organisations. Infantino is as corrupt as Blatter but more skilful in disguising it and so many corporations run by powerful men, esp men rather than women, are deeply corrupt. National governments are so often run by male despots where women are treated as serfs or at least marginalised. When such as Trump run our supposed greatest ally, we are in deep waters indeed. Mankind, esp malekind has a long way still to evolve before honesty becomes the norm. Even the one eyed nature of almost all us football fans is really condoning dishonesty. I very much include myself in this too but as I get older and hopefully wiser, I am increasingly uneasy about accepting wrongdoing , merely because it may be convenient or to my liking. This is what I mean by the necessary evolvement of so many males, in particular. This is of course a wide ranging subject and one I think would bore many on here.

          1. Midkemma

            ” where women are treated as serfs or at least marginalised.”

            If a woman is good enough and takes her chance then she can rise to the top, have you seen who our PM is?

            I mean, she may act like she has a bigger pair than any guy around but it is hard to say that women are marginalised when it doesn’t take a blind man to see that equal opportunities are in place (in UK at least). It’ll take time for things to balance out but we can’t kick old white men out of their jobs at the top for behind white males… That would be hypocritical.

            UK PM is a lady.
            SNP is lead by a lady.
            DUP is lead by a woman.
            Green Party is a job share between a male and female.
            Labour Party has a man.

            Do I need to go on?

            Equal opportunity is a beautiful piece of legislation, we are striving for equal opportunities in the UK, it allows the best at “insert profession here” to get employed for the role and their ethnic minority or gender shouldn’t be used against anyone. If it is then the legal system is there for that. Although I will admit it isn’t always easy to get legal aid when unemployed.

            ‘Malekind’, as you phrased it, are not a source of all lies. We do not need to evolve more than women. That is sexist. Evidence? Our PM. Just YouTube anything to do with her and at least half of what she says is BS.

            I hate it when people ignorantly bash men! In 2015 it was reported that the biggest killer in men under 45 was suicide. Mindless bashing does nothing to help reduce those numbers. If that had been directed at women then it could have been seen in the negative light that I see the comment in.

            Sexism is disgusting, I don’t care if you are doing it against your own gender, it is still disgusting.

  13. jon fox

    These bitter , biased comments from an ex- player who was a legend but has shown how small a person he can be at times are very sad to read. He must have noticed that in the present era, say three years past -which is all that is relevant – Spurs have a far better team ethic and workrate than Arenal. Had he been unbiased, which he seems not capable of being, sadly, he would have been far more accurate levelling his claims about England being let down by Arenal players. Except that only Welbeck has even made the squad and he will surely not start games at all, unless mass injury stikes the start eleven. Our other English players are not remotely good enough or in Wilsheres case, reliable enough, to have been picked. Particularly sad to me to see these comments coming from a man who has suffered hard times and come through them with bravery and humility in his private life. Not worthy of the man you really are, Tony. Banter is one thing but these are not banter but a serious made and a seriously silly comment. Sigh!

    1. jon fox

      It seems I cannot properly spell Arsenal . You might think I would have learned how to after a mere 60 years attending!

      1. Ozziegunner

        I agree, jon; I am disappointed that Tony Adams (someone I respect) made these comments.

    2. Midkemma

      One could argue that some of the English lads in Arsenal have a better cup record than the spuds, how many cups have we won in the last 5 years compared to Spuds?

      Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the tournament a cup competition?

  14. Jeremy

    Y should we be upset w Adams?

    Not when it’s Spurs players he spoke bad about?

    The closest good enough performance from England was Platt-Linker, Shearer era.

    Nothing came close after that.

    Ex- players always have hated teams. Adams was just being himself. There will always be people who will ostracize him if he starts singing praises for Spurs guys.

  15. Ruelando

    Brazil will be the team I support, however, it’s crappy to disrespect the England team because they have a large number of Tottenham players in the squad, the team should be support no matter the colour of their jerseys.

    I can not recall an English squad other than 1966 actually doing something in the world cup. So Adams with all his trophies did not do crap for England in any world cup or euro cup.

    Let us hope Welbeck gets some game time and score,.

    1. Midkemma

      It wasn’t Adams who missed the penalty in 96…
      Germany won the Euro in the very next match and if it wasn’t Southgate that missed it could have been us.

      Adams lead a tight def for England in that Euro and of all the fans from the EPL, I would have thought we would be the ones to point out how well England did as a team def when Adams was key in it.

  16. Midkemma

    Last year was bad but how many cups did we win prior to last season?
    Not saying AFC players are the best but they have shown they know how to win a final in recent times… Although Rambo has helped a lot in the finals and he isn’t English so…

  17. Wolf

    i’ve studied this issue for sometime now and I’ll have to concur with Field Marshal Gooner Captain Arsenal on this. spuds players are crap

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