Tony Adams lays into Bellerin over Tottenham’s opening goal

Arsenal’s legendary defender Tony Adams (a.k.a. Mr Arsenal) was not a happy bunny when Harry Kane’s pass to Son for Tottenham’s first goal gave him a clear run and acres of space to pick his target at will.

Hector Bellerin was nowhere to be seen, and Adams was obviously upset that it was so easy for Tottenham to take the lead. Adams said in the Mail: ‘Where was Hector when that first goal was going in? He’s up the pitch. Do your job first. Learn how to be a good defender, keep clean sheets, then take it from there.’

‘Work with him’ he continued ‘Don’t get him on the right wing, say “sit there” and go out there morning and afternoon with the kid and make him into a full back.’

‘He’s no better or no worse than Lee Dixon when he came to the club. He was playing like a right winger.

‘I went “Dicko, come here. Sit here. Learn your job. First and foremost stop that ball going in the back of the net.’

It might be a bit of a stretch to call Bellerin a “kid” after all his nine years at the club, and to befair to the Spanish right-back, it was a brilliant counter-attack from Spurs after Arsenal were trying to get the opening goal at the other end of the pitch.

Do you think Hector was at fault?


  1. I would not blame Bellerin, He was not just sitting on the filed somewhere during this debacle, he had gone to attack. Where is the leadership in the midfield to cover the forward going wingbacks of Bellerin and Tierney. I have seen when Elneney is playing doing this well.

  2. Bellerin AND Arteta
    FFS- @Grandad posted exactly what TA implied before the game and still we get suckered into their game plan.
    Bellerin may have just played himself out of the side with that performance. And another “Priority” signing for next season MUST be a RB.

  3. Bellerin was definitely at fault.

    I really don’t understand how a player can basically not improve at all in 8 years and have the exact same weaknesses as at the beginning.

    No left foot. Very predictable. Poor crossing. Usually passes back. Constantly out of position defensively.

  4. Yes maybe maybe Arteta is naive but the players as well.For God sake these are professional players and the coach can’t do everything for them on the field.

    Bellarin I always say don’t deserve to be at Arsenal.Every single team in the world knows he is the weakest link in the team’s set up.

    How many goals this season have we conceded from his side and how many goals has he contributed from his side?The guy is finished my problem is our players don’t learn and am worried.

    Xhaka got Wenger and Emery sacked.As long he plays Arteta will be sack.

    leno too.this was the reasons why I wanted Martinez instead.

    Auba when you get free header and you show no commitment to score how can that be the fault of the coach. The players are not good enough.

    My problem with the coach is he keep selecting those players and put his trust in them and they keep disappointing him.why don’t you bench them.

    Bench auba,xhaka,bellarin and willian.

    1. Your second to the last paragraph says it all. The coach keeps selecting poor players. Can’t Auba be benched? Is xhaka better than AMN or Elneny. Xhaka got Partey injured as Partey was doing his job for him.
      Also about Leno and Martinez, another mistake from Arteta.

  5. I’d rather have Cedric in the team. IMO a better defender and can throw-in a ball, also way more consistent.

  6. Bellerin is in the first team because he’s an underperforming senior player.

    Xhaka is always in the starting line up bcos he’s popular in the dressing room.
    Bellerin plays with no football sense.

  7. We played Rapid last thursday and I never saw any of our midfielders playing back passes. Elneny and AMN were all direct, making Laca and Nketiah find spaces.
    When Xhaka comes in, our midfielders were starved of balls in the middle.

    How would you feel if u are a striker in your team, making runs to get behind defenders and your midfielders always turn and take the ball back?

    How frustrating that will be. I won’t fault Auba.

    1. Not Really, I am starting to get sick of AUBA.
      I cant remember when last he created(not scored) a goal.
      All the other strikers in top flight actually create goals . Auba wants it on a silver plater to score.

  8. In his defence the system that Arteta had Arsenal playing yesterday often put Bellerin (as a wing back) high up the pitch which played into Spurs counter attacking for Son’s goal.
    He does not however seem to learn from the numerous number of times he’s penalised for a foul throw in, and when he does get it right it invariably gives possession to the opposition.

    1. Guys, Its Bellarin who had gone up top to aid in attack. or does he have two bodies to play two positions at the same time.
      He should have been covered by midfield, or Willian Period.

  9. I been saying in recent weeks Bellerin is on my sell list.
    Reason being his career at arsenal has come to its end. I cant tell you why but he just doesnt look interested anymore. Maybe its like when people need new challenges.

    Il get the lad from Brighton but I understand Lopez is coming along well and could soon be with the 1st team…

  10. Right with you big Tone, he has never been good defensively and never will be we should have sold him in the summer, to be fair to him it does not look like anybody has ever got hold of him and sorted his defensive issues, he can be good in attack but sorry ,i have never rated him as a full back he hasn’t got a clue needs someone with a bit more savvy ,also how many poor games does Willian get before Mikel realises he wase signing that contract, its about Smith-Rowe was given a run in the side ,Lampard is no a mistake? he is pitiful in fact there are only three players that looked as if they care yesterday, Lacca Tierney and Gabriel , even our captain looks like he is thinking he made a mistake re-signing.

  11. sorry someone distracted me and my reply got all jumbled,Lampard is not scared to blood young players and look how well they are playing he has found the perfect balance between experienced and youthful players and it is working like a dream,I like Mikel and I hope he can turn this appalling run around but he will have to do it
    soon we have a cushion but we are not far above the relegation zone try something different these players look bored.

  12. Most Goals scored against us this season is from Bellerin’s side.
    Our CBs are good. Holding and Gabriel, we need Cedric or Niles at that RB

  13. I have been saying what TA said about BELLERIN NEEDING TO LEARN HOW TO DEFEND -WHICH ALSO MEANS BEING IN POSITION- and I have been saying this loud, clear and often for his whole time here. I would sell this non defending “defender” tomorrow if I COULD.
    Can you imagine what the members of GG ‘s legendary defence would say to HB if he played with them? Unrepeatable on a public forum!

  14. Looking for scapegoats. Hector is not the best defender and has lost pace but to blame all goals scored from his side of the pitch against him is ridiculous…The guy gets no cover from midfield nor from the person partnering him higher up the pitch..To begin with he and Tierny are usually so high up the pitch because there is no creativity from midfield nd it is left up to them..
    Questions.. Why is someone with so many foul throws allowed to still take them? Why is Nelson allowed to take corners?
    The first goal yesterday was a combination of Holding backing away on the wrong side and Lenos poor positioning…but don’t dare blame these 2 players..

  15. Thickie in chief Adams is always there with advice when we lose or play poorly, but does his own failed coaching career warrant him criticising players for following Arteta’s instructions?
    I liked Tony as player for all of his time at Arsenal (even through the ‘donkey’ times) but he does have a habit of popping up at the most inopportune times doesn’t he?
    Deputy thickie Merson also.

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