Tony Adams reveals one player that Arsenal shouldn’t have allowed to leave

Arsenal has lost some important players in recent seasons. A lack of success and participation in the Champions League has made it very hard for the club to keep hold of their best players.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is one player that the club is at risk of losing when the transfer window reopens, but Mikel Arteta will look to stop the club from continually losing important players.

Last summer, the club had to allow Aaron Ramsey to leave after they failed to get him on a new deal and Tony Adams has claimed that was a transfer that the Gunners shouldn’t have allowed to happen.

He questioned why Edu would allow the midfielder to leave and claimed that if he was the manager he would make it clear that he didn’t want to lose the Welsh star.

He insisted that if any team wants to be successful; they have to first keep hold of their best players before looking to add more quality players.

“I do question Edu,” Adams told Stadium Astro.

“I don’t think he’s had the experience of building European squads and I said very early, at the beginning of the season they took Ramsey, Koscielny and Petr Cech out of his team and gave him Luiz.

“You kind of going ‘hmm’. If I was the coach at that moment in time I’m going to go: ‘No, actually I want Ramsey’.
“If you’re going to build any lasting, victorious football club you need your best players.

“You can’t sell your best players, you need to keep them and work with them.

“So yeah it’s big problems as I see with recruitment at the moment and it’s been there for a little while now.”

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  1. I can’t agree with this statement from him .
    He was here 10 years ,half of them pretending he was Henry and the another half injured.
    Could you imagine if we had given him the same salary he is on now at juve .the mind boggles .
    No different to when Ozil was out of contract and the fans Would have gone ballistic if he hadn’t signed , now look at the same fans now .
    No thanks ,could count on one hand the number of games I got excited watching him .

  2. Each one of my favourite Arsenal players of the past has a different point of view on who is/was worth it
    I’m waiting to see if Arteta has Gold dust to scatter and dwelling on the past only brings up ‘if’ not ‘we’ve done it!’

  3. I know fans don’t rate Ramsey. I don’t think he reached his full potential. He only had that one great season (2013/2014). To be fair all those injuries didn’t help. Is Ramsey the best midfielder in the world? Of course not, but is he better than our midfielders? Of course he is. He is way better than Guenduzi, or Willock, or Torrera. I think fans dislike Ramsey because we know how good he can be, but didn’t produce his quality often enough. Ramsey should have been providing 10-15 goals and 10-15 assists every season, not 5 goals and 5 assists. But fans can bash him, and stick praise what we have. I don’t even think our midfielders have more than 5 goals between them…shocking!

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