Tony Adams slams Arsenal’s recent transfer history under Stan Kroenke

Tony Adams has slammed Arsenal’s recent transfer business as he compares the club’s current selling history to when he snubbed Manchester United to remain with the Gunners and the club eventually signed several top stars to compete with the Red Devils.

Arsenal has become a selling club in recent times with the Gunners losing their top players like Alexis Sanchez, Samir Nasri, Emmanuel Adebayor and Robin van Persie.

The club is also close to selling Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang at the moment as the club’s captain looks to leave for a more ambitious team in the summer.

However, Tony Adams believes that it says more about the club’s owners at the moment as he compares now to a time when Arsenal comfortably kept him from joining United and they signed several top players from across Europe including future world cup winners.

He said as quoted by Football London: “Alex Ferguson came in for me but I wouldn’t leave and I said to the chairman: ‘have we got ambition at the club?’

“He said: ‘Don’t worry, we are injecting a lot of money and we are going to go for it.’

“I stayed and the rest is history – Dennis Bergkamp came and Nicolas Anelka, Patrick Vieira, Emmanuel Petit, Robert Pires – we had five World Cup winners in the team.

“It is a completely different club today and I think recruitment at Arsenal for a good few years has not been great.

“Now we seem to be selling our best players and you are never going to recruit a championship squad selling all your best players.”

The Gunners are now struggling to attract the best players and this summer looks set to be another summer of limited incomings and more outgoings in terms of quality if they lose Aubameyang.

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  1. Couldn’t really argue with anything Tony says – but one important thing in that statement was that in his days, the club WAS ambitious – since that time, kronkie has taken over the club and, when we sell our top players (for whatever reason) he gives the club peanuts in cash to buy new players.

    When one is buying the very best, there is no gamble in what you expect in return – when one has to go down one or two levels, there is always an element of guesswork.

    The same goes when investing in younger players of course.
    We do , at least, have some excellent young players coming through, but we have also seen other never fulfill their potential.

  2. I don’t know if I believe in a EPL restart this year. Or next. Many players are scared to death of a too early comeback. It’s easy to understand why. Now even young athletic men and women get corona, and if you once got it, you never know if you survive. But regardless of a future or not for the human race, it’s refreshing when Tony Adams kick the club owner in the a… Asn’l under the soccer ignorants from us of a have de facto an ambition of a team on the lower half of the table, and that’s completely unacceptable for a club with this history and traditions. Selling good players to buy less good players leads to relegation. If that’s the Kroenkes goal with Asn’l, it’s a shame. A dirty rotten shame. Why not try something radical, Stanley, become a man. If you don’t care, sell the whole sh*t to some one who cares, some one who want to build a winning team. Sell it to Bergkamp and Jensen and their associates. They maybe not have the money, sell it anyway. Give them the money as a lone. You can afford that. Stanley, realize that you are not interested in english football at all. As it is now, you are only making a fool of yourself. Asn’l fans all over the world, and we are millions, don’t like what you are doing with the club we care for. Yeah, some of us, love the club. It maybe sounds ridiculous to you, but it’s true. Asn’l is some peoples best friend, perhaps their only friend. It can be their whole family, their loved one. And I can assure you, Stanley, these people hate you. And if you are that kind of person who like to be hated, I can understand you (in a way), but at the same time I feel sorry for you. Nowadays people are standing in the streets all over Europe, shouting: We want our lives back! We gooners shout: We want our team back! This sounds mad, doesn’t it?

    1. Robert, NO, it does NOT sound mad . Not at all! It sounds moral, humane and lovely to read. What IS mad is the fact that a personal wealth loving, non football or fan caring monster like Kroenke is ever allowed to own a football club at all. He is unfit as an owner and if the Prem had done their job properly back in2007, he would not have been allowed ro buy into our club. THAT wicked allowing by the Prem, IS MAD! AND BAD!

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