Too good to be true? Arsenal chasing £137M La Liga duo?

Arsenal are claimed to be pursuing deals to sign Real Madrid’s James Rodriguez and Atletico Madrid’s Antoine Griezmann, but I’m refusing to accept there is any truth in such, unless some concrete evidence arrives.

The French forward has been enhancing his profile since joining the Atleti from Real Sociedad in 2014, scoring 22 goals in each of the last two La Liga seasons, before firing his France side to the final of the European Championships with a Golden Boot winning tally of six goals.

Griezmann signed a new contract with his current club a matter of months ago, with his club keen to dismay any interest in their star player, but that is not believed to have put off Arsene Wenger, who is keen on landing the forward for his side.

The French attacker has a €100 Million release clause in his current contract, which currently translates to around £86 Million, but Arsenal are not believed likely to trigger the clause, and are working on an agreement with Atletico.

They are also said to be in the race to sign James Rodriguez from Real Madrid, who is claimed to be available for transfer, with Chelsea also keen. The Colombian was a €80 Million purchase only two years ago, after a thoroughly impressive World Cup campaign, but has seemingly fallen down the pecking order at the Bernabeu this term.

Real are claimed to be willing to accept a £51.5 Million fee for their attacking star, with a wealth of options already available int heir current squad.

The latter appears to be the most likely acquisition, with the Spanish giants seemingly happy to part ways with James, but our club has played down talk of big money signings.

Do you think we would pay the asking price for Rodriguez? Could we persuade Atletico for sell for less than Griezmann’s release clause?

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    1. This is exactly what happened last year. We were speculating on who was going to come in last minute and save us and then lo and behold, the window shut. It’s identical. We should know by now how the story ends!

      1. AW probably has max of £50 mil to spend this year remaining. So if he buys a CB and ST then they won’t be the expensive ones. So we need to calm down on these rumours.

  1. Hahaha wouldn’t surprise me. We need a striker and a central defender, Wenger buys a winger and another attacking midfielder.

    1. Might as well buy Hart from City and throw him on the wing or in central defence. This is becoming ridiculous.

  2. James ain’t a striker is he?

    Greizmann or Lewandowski. Pay the price ffs, revenue will pour in with jersey sales and advancing further in champions League. Offer a deal these teams can’t refuse.

    1. Not everything can be had by throwing money. So late in the window clubs won’t sell. All big deals are complicated and take time. An ozil-esque deal is very very rare.

      It is not about buying Lewa and Griezmann- do they want to come? The answer is NO and we all know why???

      Let’s hope we manage to get another body in central defence. Striker is out of question and honestly 60M for Lacazette is bollocks! I am not against over spending but we should have targeted the right guy and overspent on him. We have left it too late. And to add to that like I have been saying it’s not about the money- like Henry said may be top players don’t want to come because we don’t ever win anything !

  3. Rodriquez would only be a good signing if we filled the other positions first. Don’t know a great deal about him but I dislike it when clubs buy a player because of how he performed for his country. With his price though there would have to be something about the player, overrated yeah, but he must be more than decent. The Griezmann link, I read that it all hinged on Che getting Lukaku, then Atletico nabbing Costa, and us hoping Griezmann became available. If he did become available there would be allot of interest in him, Bayern Real Juve city che utd PSG and then us. Not sure if I like those odds.

  4. “I’d spend £300M if I find the right player”

    Ok……. Prove it!

    Get Lewandowski for ST and Griezmann for RW.

  5. Rodriguez is married to David Ospina’s sister. So that’s probably what drove the rumour
    He would def improve the team but he isn’t a huge goal scorer (roughly 10 to a dozen goals per season). He is a winger/AM

    Rodriguez is possible. Simply because Madrid have several players who can play winger or CAM like Ronaldo, Bale, Isco, Modric, Kroos and Zidane hasn’t used him a lot lately. He would get more playing time with us

    Greizmann = Forget about it. I would love Greizmann or Lewandowski but that’s just a dream especially in last week of transfer window

    Both Greizmann and Rodriguez would be amazing, that’s why it won’t happen.

    1. I know i might be dreaming but I do feel Wenger is more likely to spend 70M on Greizmann than 45M on Lacazette.

  6. Finally. A rumour that at the very lead can get me excited. Even tho it’s all wishful thinking. To get greizeman I thinking you have to go over 75m to even start having a serious conversation.

    The Rodriguez link could happen and would be a positive signing as he would be a clear upgrade to ox and Theo. 10 goals a season is more than either of them get at the moment so if he can contribute that I’d be happy considering who is left as viable options a week to go before the window closes.

    1. Lol yes but it will just pepper over the cracks. May for now the best possible solution is to get James and use Walcott only as striker.

      Given our team now we should be working on our tactics to make sure our wingers and midfielders score more.

      To be honest a good team is not just about the striker alone. We hardly get any goals from Monreal. Cazorla unfortunately of late misses a lot of chances and so does Ramsey. Al the guys need to contribute more starting from Ozil to Cazorla to Alexis. Alexis should be scoring close to 20 goals every season for Arsenal. Ozil gets into so many goal scoring positions but either misses them or chooses not to shoot. The problem is not just Giroud. Its the team and somehow the way our team is set up- the goals aren’t coming.

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