Too late for Arsenal – UEFA vote to scrap away goals rule

The UEFA Club Competitions Committee have been meeting up in Porto ahead of tonight’s Champions League Final, and have had a meeting where they have finally decided to do away with the away goals rules in all their competitions.

This was confirmed yesterday by the Times, who reported “Uefa competitions chiefs have given the green light to scrapping the away goals rule in the Champions League and Europa League from next season.

The move to ditch the rule — which has existed in European club competitions since 1965 — was revealed by The Times this week and Uefa’s club competitions committee have now took the decision, which now needs to be approved by Uefa’s executive committee.”

This year Arsenal would have profited from the rule if they had managed one goal at home against Unai Emery’s Villarreal side, but of course history shows that the Gunners failed yet again.

The year before we exited to Olympiakos on away goals in Mikel Arteta’s first ever European tie as manager, but of course we can all remember many Champions League knockouts where Arsene Wenger’s sides were the victims of away goals, especially against Monaco which particularly upset our former boss.

Wenger also cast his vote against the away rule this season and it seems he now has got his way after a riduculous season where teams were generally playing on neutral grounds because of the distruption of the Covid virus.

I think most Arsenal fans would agree with scrapping the rule, despite the fact that we can’t take advantage of it due to the sorry fact that we are not in Europe for the first time in 25 years…


  1. Davi says:

    I never had a problem with it to be honest, just seemed like a way to avoid extra time/pens. Seems fair enough to me as everyone understands the rule…

  2. Marty says:

    Thank goodness they have done away with this rule. It was implemented to try to get away teams to attack more and not be defensive but of course it just meant that if an away team scored in the first minute they just then sat back and defended which defeats the object of the rule.

  3. Drayton says:

    It’s about time! Such an absurd rule.

  4. Twinlights says:

    Heard Arteta is putting in a bid for sterling. And that is a cause for concern. You would think he has learnt his lesson from the Willian debacle.

    1. Quantic Dream says:

      Sterling is only 26, BUY BUY BUY!

      1. Ackshay says:

        Sterling!!! I would take lord bentner before him 🤣🤣🤣🤣

        Whose next lingard 😳

        1. Sue says:

          🤣 Brilliant, Ackshay!! 👍👍

        2. jon fox says:

          You are talking nonsense and even you know it! Why write such rubbish when you don’t even believe it yourself?

        3. Sue says:

          How poor was Raheem last night?!!!

  5. Ackshay says:

    Away goal was not an issue for me. The only thing they had to fix was remove away goal rule if the tie went to extra time as it was unfair that one team had 90 min to get an away goal while the other got 120 min.

    1. AY75 says:

      You’re making sense

  6. Nigel Jones says:

    I think the removal of the away goal is great, let both teams battle over the two legs , see who can stand stronger

  7. Nigel Jones says:

    I am glad the away goal is finish with, let both teams go at over two leg ,see who stands stronger after

  8. jon fox says:

    This stupid unfair law should havelong ago been consigned to the bin of history . Hopefully now it seems that, at long last, it really will be. Roll on that blessed day!

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