Too much over reliance on one player could cost Arsenal dearly

Arsenal need to find another Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Too often a team becomes over-reliant on a single player that ends up costing them in the long run. That is a situation Arsenal find themselves in with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

So far this season Aubameyang has saved Arsenal on numerous occasions, he scored the winners against Newcastle, Burnley and Aston Villa, the equaliser against Tottenham and Man Utd and both goals in the draw with Watford.

That is 12 points that the Gabon international has been directly involved in. How many points Arsenal would have attained without him is anyone’s guess.

You could argue that Arsenal has enough back up with Lacazette, Pepe, Saka and Martinelli but can they replicate the contribution that Auba provides? I do not think so.

When Man City lose Aguero they have consistent scorers in abundance, Tottenham has Son when they lose Kane, Liverpool has Mane and Salah as backup scorers for each other and so on.

Arsenal does not have that sort of prolificacy in reserve. Yes, Lacazette is a top-class player but he is not a goalscorer in the mould of Auba.

When Kane got injured last season for Tottenham, Son and others stepped up and the England captain was hardly missed. Would that apply at Arsenal? The evidence suggests no.

Arsenal needs a natural goalscorer that can step into Auba’s shoes in the event he is injured or suspended. Martinelli may be the ideal candidate but he needs game time. Saka could possibly be the answer but he also needs game time. Maybe Pepe will come good and be that man but right now, Arsenal simply are over-reliant on one player and that has to be resolved.


  1. usman umar says:

    I think we have Laca

  2. gotanidea says:

    I disagree. We don’t rely solely on Aubameyang, because we have good goalscorers in Lacazette and Martinelli

    Lacazette is excellent in the penalty box, despite being a bit inconsistent. However, Arsenal haven’t asked Martinelli to start regularly yet

    But based on what I saw in the couple of matches, Martinelli is ready to be Aubameyang’s replacement if required. Scoring two goals in an European away match and another two in a home match is not an easy feat for a young foreigner that doesn’t even speak English well yet

  3. Namo says:

    Auba is doing his duty as a striker, simple and short. When we had RVP fit and firing it was almost the same situation. When Alexis was here, it was something similar too.
    Laca can always step up in Auba’s absence. Same goes for Martinelli and Saka.

  4. Les Martin says:

    This article is stating that Arsenal need a world class striker always on form and ready to stay in the reserves waiting for a chance to play in the league cup and maybe get a 1st. team appearance any time Aubameyang is injured . I suppose this mythical player may also get injured in which case we need a stand in for the stand in and if every player in the 1st XI needs similar back up that is 33 players ( not bad for a 25 man squad ) Next thing you know we’ll have 22 players unhappy because #1 they’re not playing. Therefore even the ‘reserves’ will have to be persuaded to stay , just as well paying everyone Β£300,000 per week to keep em sweet. Then everyone will be like Ozil ie not motivated. you really haven’t thought this through have you?

    1. Mobella says:


  5. Godswill says:

    Are you underrating Lacca? Martinelli is also there. We don’t have problem upfront please. There are games Auba did not play or played and others scored more than two goals with clean sheets.
    You can’t keep three of Auba happy I a team as one of the other two will not be happy to be on the bench always

  6. sixtus says:

    I disagree also Aubameyang is scoring moat goals Now solely because lacazete has been away to injury and martineli isn’t starting yet and I also believe with time Pepe would improve with time let’s not forget even didier grogba as great as he is blossomed to life in England after two years saka would also contribute a little but I strongly believe in lacazete and Pepe then martineli as players than can get u 15-20 goals a season

  7. Sean Williams says:

    I think we are seriously short in a particular position. We desperately need a player with the creative capabilities of a Cesc or a Santi. We are creatively redundant at the moment. Without a midfield magician it will be hard to compete at the top level. Man City have David Silva, Bernardo Silva, and Kevin de Bruyne. The Spuds have Eriksen. Liverpool don’t rely on a creative midfielder for their high intensity style, but we have always relied on magical midfielders. Where are they since Cesc, Jack and Aaron. No magic in our midfield.

  8. Sue says:

    Podolski is looking for a new club.. just saying πŸ˜πŸ˜†

    1. Innit says:

      I MISS him. He was soooo happy as a Gunner even when on loan and even after he left he was sending lovely messages.

      Wenger treated him badly. In his last years he was actually our most accurate or precision striker, not our best but most accurate. He would have been useful if Wenger had not benched him and then loaned him out

      1. Sue says:

        Me too, Innit! He’ll always be a gooner πŸ‘Š

  9. Innit says:

    It was a good move and great timing for Henry to have left for Barcelona because if he had stayed there would have been tremendous pressure on him to bail us out in lots of matches. He stayed 9 years and helped us win trophies so love him to bits. He deserved to move to a bigger club

    I don’t think Aubameyang is in that position. Lacazette will get at least a dozen goals. Pepe will score. So will Martinelli and Saka. Other players can score too

    We seriously need to get another top attacking midfielder next summer I think. CAM or LW

  10. Ackshay says:

    I think our current forwards firepower is very good. With aubameyang, lacazette and pepe our front 3 has good potential for goals also having different skillsets and mentality. Aubameyang is predatory striker/winger who plays best off the ball with his world class positioning and accurate finishing, lacazette is a workhorse who relishes the battle with defenders, drops back to link up play while pepe likes to take on defenders and either cut in to shoot or cross the ball.

    Once lacazette returns and pepe fully adapts there will be less reliance on aubameyang which means more space for him and more goals. We also have young forwards with huge potential coming up and the required mentality to succeed in epl. Saka, nelson and martenelli can cover the 3 forward positions while they develop and in a few years lacazette and aubameyang will be gone or unable to play every match thus opening a path to the starting 11 for them.

    our biggest issue right now affecting our attack is we lack a creative player who also has a high workrate. De bruyne and eriksen are the type of player we need, they are attacking mid and they also work hard off the ball. I wonder if playing lacazette behind aubameyang in a 9/12 role with pepe and martenelli/saka on the wings would work. lacazette has the play-style required and it allows emery to use 2 cm/dm he wants to use without affecting our attacking style. with ceballos, xhaka, guendouzi, willock and torreira fighting for the 2 spots it is good depth.

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