‘Too wild’ – Arteta accused of crazy player management

Gabriel Agbonlahor has claimed that Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta has ‘overly punished’ Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, before claiming he shouldn’t be captain regardless.

The former Borussia Dortmund forward was stripped from the role after the victory over Southampton, with Auba having been dropped from the that match-winning squad.

He has since been overlooked for the three successive squads after that also, and at present their is no inclination that he is set to be returning on Boxing Day when we take on Norwich either.

Agbonlahor claims that the manager has been over-the-top however, and claims he can be ‘too wild’ when dealing with his team.

“Arteta has done well as a manager but I think his treatment of players can be a bit too wild for me,” Agbonlahor told the Football Insider.

“For the offence, Aubameyang has committed I think he’s been overly punished. It’s been overkill. You’d think he’d committed a massive crime.

“Stripped of the captaincy might have been overkill but you understand it. Get someone else in there who is always going to obey the rules and not do anything wrong. Aubameyang was never a captain for me, he’s not captain material. No problems with that.

“Miss a game, ok. It’s a bit harsh but you’re ok with that.

“But then you banish him to train on his own is massive overkill. That’s crazy. It’s like Arteta’s on a power trip. They’ve been winning games so he’s thought ‘Ok, I’m just going to keep him out.

“It’s too much, to be honest. If he’d been caught having a covid party with 100 people enjoying life, partying and drinking, that’s different, I’d understand. He’s gone to get his mum, for goodness sake, give the guy a break.”

Maybe Agbonlahor didn’t hear the recent rumour that Auba did in fact throw a party before the start of the season which resulted in his absence from the opening matches on top of the latest incident…

Either way, he’s entitled to his opinion as a player himself, and I believe that it would be much easier to have an opinion if we did in fact know all the facts. Unfortunately we are left to guess what to believe from other sources instead.

From the information you are aware of, do you believe Arteta has been wild in his reaction to the situation?


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  1. Got to agree
    We saw it with Ozil and now Auba
    To me the whole thing as been handled badly ,by all means drop him for being out of form ,but to completely shun him is over the top ,obviously something had been said that we are not privy to and now that’s his Arsenal career over mind you it was over the minute Arteta walked in through the door .

    1. He wasnt harsh enough for me, Auba has been poor since signing his new contract , has not led the team on or off the pitch and its great to see these prima donas having to succumb to some discipline as all other workers have to do.
      Keep it up MA and bring these young players through

  2. I think some situations are over the top and in fact hurt the club. The ENTIRE club management staff has handled things poorly with several players now,, not all on Arteta.

    Ozil being banished diminished any value we could have received in a transfer, and there certainly was a better way to handle that.

    Sub appearances, cup games, something to try and correct the wrong behavior while maintaining trade value in the shop window.

    Same for Auba, fine him, bench and sub appearances as punishment, while hopefully drawing interest for any potential transfer.

    Guendouzi value dropped by tens of millions also, poor poor business overall. Is there a club psychologist on staff or retainer? Serious question; the behavioral issues and reactionary punishments are not going away.

    You can transfer 1 side of the equation away, but the other side remains unresolved.

  3. Areteta is a control freak, just like Wenger doesn’t like his authority to be challenged, Auba should never have been given a new contract, I believe he should have been sold. Arteta brings to the touch line a system of jumping up with his other minions and berating the ref, a Pep style. we will see what happens against Wolves and Man City after the Norwich game.

      1. Exactly! Arteta goes about exerting his authority his way. Wenger seemed calmness personified.
        If Arteta has learned from Pep then who am I to argue? Foden and Grealish got the hairdryer treatment recently – justified by all accounts

        I only had a problem with the length of Auba’s contract and the pay award. Poor from the club.

    1. Leave MA alone, he will soon learn by the end of January, he will struggle to win games with his team. Whether auba plays or not his pay is intact so who is loosing after all he was given three years contract. Fine if you punish a player as a disciplinary measure but missing four games and striping him off the captaincy is too much. I hate arteta for the way he treated gendouci. I never believe him anyway. Arsenal need a better manager

        1. Psychological torture to Auba will not solve our problems. As a manager Arteta should understand error is to human and solve issues with players amicably. Deterrence as a means of punishment sometimes may not be productive. I wish they resolve the issue, forget and move on.

      1. If the manager didn’t discipline Auba, you same fans who have a crazy agenda against him would have labelled him a weak manager who’s lost the dressing room.

  4. What I seriously believe is that Agbonlahor- whom I sometimes liten to on TalkSport breakfast programme is not a ninteligent man and has his own biases I dismiss this crass opinion of his as total nonsemse with no evidence at all to back it up I also listened to BenWhite alo on TALKSPORT only this morning.

    He was being interviewed by Jim White , a far more cerebral broadcaster than those on the downmarket and puerile breakfast show. BW clearly said he thought MA by far the best man manager of all the managers he worked under , which includes BIELSA(Leeds) and Potter at Brighton, both well respected managers.

    He said that MA gave far more insight into the role of CB and could not praise MA more highly.
    Bearing in mInd that BW WAS ALSO HIGHLY RATED BY SOUTHGATE, WHO PICKED HIM IN THE ENGLAND EURO SQUAD, together with Agbonlahors own many indescretions when at Villa, I as a deep and sincere thinker, am convinced that BW is correct, whilst Agbonlahor is an immature and foolish man.

    I also believe the many foolish Gooners on JA who consistently say MA is a bad man manager, are profoundly wrong and biased, whilst possessing their own warped agenda against MA. Each passing game he is proving them all more and more wrong.

    1. Well you are entitled to your view, take it or leave MA is a poor man manager. If auba is in fine form will he have the mind to drop him. What was gendouci offense? He is stubborn right? can you have all your players’ behavior to be same? That why there is punishment but the one that will truncate their development or progress.

      1. @femi. Guendouzi has an attitude problem. Caused problems at the training camp in Dubai in February 2020 when The Arsenal had a mid season break. That carried on when he was loaned out to Hertha Berlin. Even earlier this season at Marseille his coach spoke of his attitude problems.

  5. we’ve been the poster organization for asset mismanagement and managerial disciplinary-based missteps for more than a decade now…when will this amateur hour madness end so that we can final reclaim our once-deserved place at the big boy table

  6. Arteta is working to ensure that players are disciplined, focused and driven. If you are talented and hardworking you will get your chance. But you have to take it.
    The premier league is one of the strongest and toughest in the world.
    There is no room for shirkers, whiners and crybabies.

    1. 🤔🤔🤔Thank you Dave! In a club, where alot of young players exist, you can’t afford an ill-behaved adult poisoning their minds. Arteta is doing is job, here. And he deserves getting appraised. Also think that the issue is beyond the Manager, for I suspect the board
      involvement. I am totally with Arteta on this, 100%.

  7. I personally think both the Ozil situation and the Abumayang situation have been handle well by the club. Fans have moaned for ages that players aren’t giving there all, both the above mentioned being two of those, then when the club dead with it compared to previously sweeping it under the carpet, the fans moan! Listen, it’s clear as day both the club and the team is performing better than we have in sometime. There are a lot of notable differences and changes that Arteta and his team have implemented.

    Get behind the team! if you can’t see what’s happening at Arsenal, your either blind or your a spurs fan in disguise.

  8. Just like everyone outside of the club, Agbonlaher has no idea what Aubameyang is being punished for.

    All we can do is trust the manager is doing what is best for the club.

    I really can’t believe that the other players wouldn’t have reacted negatively if MA was acting OTT – but we have seen how close knit the players are since Aubameyang was dropped.

    I disagreed with the way he treated Ozil and that story has never seen the light of day and I doubt we will ever know what happened here either.

    MA is the manager (for good or bad) and he will be judged on his results…. if we continue to win, Aubameyang, like Ozil, will become history.

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to every single Gooner around the world, no matter what your views are!!!!!

    1. well said ken..
      Its obvious some fans are wishing for the team to perform badly so they will have a reason to say “I TOLD YOU” however, I believe the team is improving at the moment without Auba as the results have shown.
      Lets not forget the target for Arteta by most fans at the start of the season especially after the signings we made (perceived to be poor signings by same group of fans) was a top 6 finish, which was later extended to a top 4 finish because they found out that the team was beginning to progress beyond their expectation at some point. Therefor, if this team finish the season in the top six its a success, also if it finishes further than that say top 4 then he (Arteta has surpassed expectations). So lets all be patient till then, if all you see when this team play week-in week-out is faults then safe your self the heart break and purse for a while until Arteta is sacked.

  9. Don’t give over the hill players bloated contracts and the problem goes away. Who made these $tupid decisions on Ozil and Auba?
    Arteta seems to be a jerk, unforgiving, my way or the highway guy who is learning. Free spirits like Guendouzi scare the hell out of him in the dressing room. Look closely at winning managers and they are all that way. Just get him his 3 players they winter and then evaluate in May. He gave Auba 4 more starts than any other manager, not Klopp, not Ole, not Conte, certainly not Mourinho. It is a very delicate time with Covid ruling the day. Whoever heard of 4 games in hand?

  10. We none of know how any Football Club is run, how Managers manage, how players behave or interact but they are just people who happen to very good at football, just like us (apart from the second bit obviously)

    I suspect that what actually goes on is less interesting than we imagine it to be, conspiracy theories are fun though aren’t they, particularly between matches, which is when we then shine because we can all see what’s happening in front of us and all have equal value opinions of what we see, nobody’s right and nobody’s wrong and that lot on the telly don’t know any more than we do

    However you do have to have discipline in any team

    Remember Who you are, What you are and Who you represent

    A Healthy & Happy Christmas to one and all Arsenal fans around the World

  11. Auba’s treatment was not just because he returned late from seeing his mother. It was the last straw on the camel’s back for his deplorable form on the pitch. Coupled with the massive wages he is on, the owners and the manager became fed up with him and used the lateness from his trip to strike!

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