‘Took leadership’ – Arteta wowed by his Arsenal players’ response to loss

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta insists that he has been impressed by his players’ response to their most recent defeat against Liverpool.

It was a performance to forget for the Gunners, with the Reds at their ultimate best in running away with a 4-0 victory at Anfield, a result that ended our unbeaten run of 10 matches.

We now have the task of picking ourselves up when we take on Newcastle at the weekend, and the manager insists that he has been impressed by hi squad’s reaction to the Liverpool fixture.

“I really liked the reaction that we had already in the dressing room at Anfield after the game,” Arteta told reporters in his pre-match press conference ahead of the Newcastle game (as quoted at Arsenal.com).

“How some players took leadership and described what happened in a really honest way, and looked forward.

“This is something that before it didn’t happen, and I am really pleased it is happening at the moment.

“This is not something that in a season it will never be like this, there are always bumps in the road, there are results, there are injuries, there are issues you have to deal with and I really like how the team has reacted through the week.

“There are a lot of things you can learn [from the defeat], you see the standards you have to raise to compete with those teams in that league, and how consistent they do it for every game, but as well how consistent they do it throughout the game. They dominate every area, and that’s why they’ve been so successful.”

It seems as though our team finally has much more character, belief and maturity to deal with certain situations, and the Gunners hierarchy deserves some credit for building a core of players who will take responsibility and stand up when it is needed, although it remains to be seen whether we will see what is needed when we return to the field on Saturday.

Is the team and the bosses getting enough credit for the good work they are doing of late, or is it only when problems arise that voices are heard?


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  1. all that “response” chatter means functionally nothing until we prove it on the pitch this weekend with a truly dominant performance…unfortunately, I still not convinced that our novice manager will have the tactical cojones to properly pursue just such a result…more than likely, he will deploy a more negative game script in the hopes that he can squeak out a result…as he’s shown in the past, his fear of losing far supersedes any other prevailing concern

  2. Where was the ‘leadership’ on Saturday? It’s always the same; receive a damn good hammering then come out with all this crap!!
    On the pitch is where the talking should be done! Can’t believe I [stupidly] thought we’d be up for it at Anfield, probably be the same against United [as they’ve been poor of late] and as for Newcastle – well imagine if we fail to turn up!!! I will be raging; even more so than I am now!

      1. I’m still livid, Kev!!! I think we’ll always be a laughing stock up there and yet we’re told to calm down, take positives from the game and also take solace from Juve’s defeat! Sheesh!

        Every season it hurts that little bit more. You were right when you said people’s judgement was clouded by our unbeaten run. Nothing has changed and it is unacceptable.

        1. Wow that’s the first time I’ve seen you riled up Sue 😳 yeah I don’t see any progress and the football is rubbish let’s call a spade a spade Sue 🙄 take solace from Juve what are these people smoking 😂

          1. We’re a guaranteed 3 points for some teams, Kev – no fight, hey we even assist their goals!! Unbelievable..

            Joelinton (goal machine) to score on Saturday, Kev? Willock? Well I certainly won’t be going with my heart this week while predicting!

            1. Man city and Liverpool 💯 Sue 👍 we just roll over for those teams, no wonder Pep wants Arteta at Arsenal he knows he’s getting 6 points every season lol. I would be tempted to bet on willock, how often do we give goals to our former players we are actually famous for it 😅

  3. Perhaps Arteta also held up his hands to admit his own failings in terms of not matching Liverpool numerically in midfield.If he did’nt, somebody in authority at our Club needs to point this out to him.To face Liverpool at Annfield with only two recognised central midfielders is asking for trouble.

  4. Am I the only one here not worried about our loss to Liverpool?
    We seem to be causing a storm in a teacup.
    Firstly, we are all aware of how we’ve been weak as a team over the years as well as the ‘bad trashing” we’ve received as a result especially at the hands of Lpool. It’s been our waterloo at Merseyside for sometime now. A situation that I look forward to changing as we move on.
    Secondly, a young team in a rebuilding process, falling heavily against a very much matured team with character is not a happy news neither is it one to berate the team/coach over.
    Thirdly, most fans before the beginning of the league least expected us to be fifth on the table at this point, more so after our sloppy start. Most had little faith in players that were brought in by MA and Edu. The players now begining to gel and after a 10 game unbeaten streak, all of a sudden, we must beat them or draw at Merseyside at all cost? I dont think so.
    We need to add In to the quality of our team thos January as well as in aummer, building a mean and ruthless team. It is MA and Edu’s job to do that and I expect that done after summer.
    Every team has and will stumble.
    “This is not something that in a season it will never be like this, there are always bumps in the road, there are results, there are injuries, there are issues you have to deal with and I like how the team has reacted through the week”.
    I agree with that statement. It was a bump we met at Merseyside and better bumping on a quality top 3 team than a lower table team.
    I believe we can make top 4 and hope the team recover quickly and hit ” NoCastle” to build up on our current standing. I tust the process.

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