Top Arsenal man back on the radar of Spanish side

Arsenal’s Alexandre Lacazette is back on the radar of Atletico Madrid, reports Marca.

The French striker has entered into the final two years of his current deal at the Emirates, but Arsenal hasn’t exactly been eager to get him on a new deal.

He has even seen his position at the club come under threat by the emergence of Eddie Nketiah.

He remains one of the most senior members of the club’s first team and Mikel Arteta seems to trust him.

Nevertheless, he is of interest to a number of European sides in this transfer window, and Atletico seems to be his most-serious suitors at the moment.

The Frenchman has been a target of Diego Simeone’s side for some time now and the report claims that the Spaniards have made him a top striker target.

It claims that they know they will struggle to pay a high transfer fee for him, but they have devised a plan to be creative.

They are prepared to allow Vitolo and Thomas Lemar move to the Emirates in exchange for Lacazette.

Lemar has been an Arsenal target before now, but he has struggled for the past two seasons, scoring no goals and making no assists last season.

Vitolo has also not impressed as well they will have liked. It will be interesting to see if the Gunners will accept either of them.

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  1. Laca’s made it pretty clear he’s very happy at Arsenal and he’s a very popular member of the squad, and obvs has a great relationship with Auba.

    Ability wise, we could probably do a bit better but all things considered, I hope he stays.

  2. The only thing I want to hear is thank you for your interest but he is not for sale please don’t ask again his team mates need him so do the staff and fans thanks again for your inderstanding.

  3. The only News am constantly checking now is for Sokratis, Kolasinac to leave, and Aour, Partey are in London for medical

  4. I think this Merca article is a reprint of something a few months ago.
    I’m sure it was reported in one paper about these two, but it was one or the other for Laca.

    I wouldnt read much into it as the player even stated after the Fulham win, that he is happy here and its just the media printing BS.

  5. The worse mistake that Arteta vanake now is to allow Aubameyangs play mate go to Spain after Auba has just signed a three years contract.
    After they have both toilef together in a scrap team for two good years?
    Just when things are getting set for trophies from Arteta’s hard work, Lacaa will be allowed to leave? I see it as sabotage from. Lacaa can still make it in Arsernal F.C.
    Detracting teams!!!?

  6. Haha, doubtful.
    First Laca and Arteta both happy with his place in the team.
    Second AM having a laugh with demanding full freight for Partey while thinking they can offload their trash in exchange.
    Third, Nketiah isn’t “threatening” Laca’s place in the team. Nketiah hasn’t shown he can score goals at the PL level consistently. Martinelli is more threatening and miles ahead of Nketiah.
    Don’t forget Laca was out injured last year, and even played through an injury when he returned. Give him a year with Arteta and then we’ll see if he’s actually “threatened” for that starting spot.

  7. I’m not as set on keeping Laca. Laca is a capable pro who’s at ease in the system, but I’d rather have Partey and let either Nketiah or Edouard (or Saka/Pepe/Nketiah/Martinelli on the wings, with Auba in the middle) have a go.

    Unless Laca’s loss affects Auba too much personally: I hope the club made it clear to Auba that there was a chance of Laca going.

    But Laca for Atletico’s discards is a joke. Laca for Partey (maybe with the sop of a bit of cash) works for me.

  8. Laca is quick, skillful, strong and can score goals. I believe he just had a setback due to injury. He is an intelligent player and I’ll keep him.

  9. I fear this Laca-Partey dance between Arsenal and Atletico Madrid will go all the way to the end of the transfer period. I have certainly had enough. I am getting tired. Maybe we should just exchange players, turn off the lights, and go home. No mas!

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