Top Arsenal stars’ contract talks forcing Wenger into transfers?

It is bad enough for Arsenal fans when there is a transfer window open and we have to wait and wait without the club spending money while Arsene Wenger gives a gallic shrug of the shoulders and tells us that he really is working hard but there is just nobody out there, except that all of the other clubs in the Premier League and around Europe seem to be able to track down these shy and elusive creatures called professional footballers.

But there have been even worse transfer windows for us Gooners in recent years when the clubs that have no problem spending their money came along and cherry picked our best players. At the minute I think Arsenal are at a crossroads where we could press on and improve the already strong side into a great team or we could start to see our best players leave to join other clubs with more ambition.

Two of the prime candidates for that are Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez and both Arsenal stars will have just two years of contract left in the summer, so Arsene Wenger and the board will try to get them to sign extensions. In a Sky Sports report the boss declared his confidence that this would not be a problem even if the season ends in disappointment, but I am not so sure and I think the Frenchman knows that he needs to convince these Arsenal stars that they have a real chance of winning things with the Gunners.

Wenger said, “That will be done in the break, in the summer. There is nothing [at the moment].

“I am confident they are happy and would want to stay. They have two years left on their contracts. They look happy. When I talk to them they are happy and they want to extend their contracts so I don’t think it is a problem.”

But we have already heard our German play maker talking about the need for transfer action in the summer and the burning desire of Alexis to win things is well known, so will the contract talks with these two players, along with the protests and demands from the fans, force Wenger to spend big?

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  1. My all my, the world of professional spot. In any other field one would think when you have a two year deal and an option to extend you actually have a lot of time to make a decision.

    To be honest I don’t see Ozil or Sanchez ending their careers here nor will they move during the summer as some reports suggest. However if we don’t win a major trophy next season lets prepare ourselves of at least one of these players moving on. Teams like Bayern, PSG, Man City and even Man U who have the financial muscle are always sniffing around these players.

    Time to bring in TWO. not one or zero BUT two top players at Arsenal who can have an immediate impact on the team and help us win titles.

    – Lukaku would be a good option for the ST position, all top teams are looking at him and rightfully so.

    – Ageing Carzola might need an under study or replacement at deep laying play maker as Ramsey and Wilshere don’t cut it for me. Elneny is a whole different player and has his own strengths but some games require that player with a death touch to get you out of trouble and pitch in with goals, for this reason I would propose either Isco or Pjanic.

    1. Top add to that, lets give Everton Theo plus 30mil for Lukaku plus add on’s if he gets 20 plus goals. We can even loan them a couple of players are sweeteners.

      For Pjanic, Roma needs something Arsenal has and does not need, Schz. Let them have him with the option of getting Joel too who would do well in Seria A plus we add 25 plus add on’s should we win the CL.

      Total about 60 or so plus we offload 3 players and there wages.

      I know it’s not as easy as it sounds but it cant hurt trying. The only teams Arsenal can do business with now are these kind of teams with lesser financial muscle, appear, CL football and appear to some extent, good luck to waiting for bigger teams to get tired of a player offering them, seems to be the norm at the club now.

  2. Does anybody know exactly how many PL assists Ozil has?
    I lost count

    He should break Henry’s record but not many matches left
    I thought Ozil would have broken by now but he hasn’t had much help from our strikers

    Ozil is my pick for player of the season and my favourite player with Alexis and my Jack (even though he hasn’t played all season )

    1. What can one say, except for “same sh!t different season”? We’re the most stable team in the league, yet so unstable intraseasonally. I’m not really surprised how Özil’s assist count stagnated, but let me excuse Özil for that, because the one and only reason for this stagnation is what happens after Özil delivers his magic. Özil delivers, Sanchez, Giroud and Walcott does not.

      By the end of the season, Giroud makes up a quite decent scoring statistic, but his intraseasonal inconsistency is exactly what is a part of the teams problem. We need a consistent striker, we need Zlatan.

  3. Wenger doesn’t make the transfers happen, that is Gazidis.
    Learn who does what at Arsenal if you are really fans.

    Wenger and Dein have both said how they use to talk to each other about players, Dein was the one who use to get players… heck he even made sure Arsenal had Vieira before Wenger arrived to make sure we got Wenger.

    Wenger done that role for a short period until Dein was replaced by Gazidis, that short period on his own Wenger spent ‘big’, breaking Arsenals own transfer record while having stadium debts.

    Gazidis is Silent Stans yes man, do you all seriously think that has nothing to do with the transfers???

    I want Arsenal to invest in the squad like they use to, moaning about Wenger will not change it, that might get us a new manager but then what? More moaning because the new manager doesn’t spend? End up like Villa?????

  4. Till some Arsenal product does great things and really is creative or scores 30 goals a season Wenger will make talents and give them chances and that includes giving Giroud,Walcott,Wilshere,Gibbs and other under-performing players chances due to the impact they have which is minimal and don’t need to spend, i mean Giroud will score in 7 consecutive matches and then go on a dry spell which ends in criticising him by the time Summer arrives Giroud will have a personal talk with Wenger not to buy a new striker.Repeat.

  5. Kroenke is not interested in winning championships but does want to grow the brand and make money. Top players want to win things so how do we keep players with ambition to win when the owner does not have the same ambition? If top players leave because the club lacks ambition how do we stay in top four and maintain the “brand”.

    Kroenke at the conference in USA made statements with the above contradiction in them. Silent Stan has opened his mouth and put his foot in it.

  6. I wonder if the fans who defend Silent Stan and blame Wenger want us to become like Villa?

    The guy has shown his true colors and now it is time us fans stuck together for the good of the club.

    We currently have a manager who can make top 4 with minimal investment, let us fans take advantage of this and stop funding AFC until Silent Stan sells up, we may be able to stay at the top this way.

    I fear that the fans will keep moaning and Wenger will be replaced, the new manager doesn’t have the funds to spend and we fin outside the top 10… New manager, no spending, worse season to follow. Might as well call ourselves Villa by that point.

    1. Stop defending AW. How do you know we’ll become like aston villa, are you reading in the furure now? Noody ever denies that kroenke is part of the problem but AW is the PROBLEM. Kroenke is not responsible of the poor tactics, lack of motivation and inability to bring the best out of the players. That’s is on AW. If AW was dissapointed by the board’s behavious why hasn’t he stepped down and resign; telling the board he can’t go for years without winning? He could have and yet he’s still on the job. The truth is the lack of ambition of the board is a blessing for AW; he’s not a winner anymore and he’s still paid 8 million/year without the pressure to achieve. Stop bringing the transfer policy because that’s just excuses, the reality is with even WC players, AW won’t delivers trophies. He’s DONE

      1. I think midkemma has a point. Last ten years, due to stadium debt, top four PL, last 16 CL is aim whilst selling our best players. AW achieved this. The expectation of us fans was that things would get better as stadium debt repayments eased. Signing of Ozil and Sanchez supported the view that things were on the up.

        Now Kroenke says that winning championships is not the aim of the club. In the past fans accepted paying top money for tickets and merchandise because they understood that the stadium had to be paid for. The question is, now stadiun debt repayments are small, will fans continue to pay top dollar for tickets and merchandise when the owner will not provide the resources to challenge for top honours. Will fans consider they are being ripped off. If so, empty seats and unsold mercandise follow, so reduced income and players under contract still to be paid. Downward spiral is a possibility.

        Has Kroenke had a Ratner moment, remember the largest high street jeweller who described his products as cr*p and wiped £500m off the share price. Kroenke has told us that his aims are not the same as us fans, will we continue to spend our very hard earned cash to line the pockets of a very rich owner who does not want to win championships.

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