Top Arsenal tactics – Top of the Table – And Top January signings?

Wenger has the dressing room and tactics right by SOH

Things are not as bad as they seem on the field at the moment, so I’ll give Wenger credit where it is due!

I for one am always having a pop at Arsene for some decisions he makes but last night’s instructions/plans worked perfectly, and it’s not often we see him switching wingers (play) so suddenly in a game, where we all usually slate him for doing nothing (twiddling his thumbs on the bench!) But, the way the players all played out of their skin for him, the way they did it with what he had available, shows good signs of the way the dressing room is progressing! I’ve always gone on about behind the scenes (Board) etc… That all needs changing but the main thing should always be the team, and it looks to be in pretty good spirits, not depleted by injuries and coping well! (Clapping hands!)

The move to switch Campbell back to the right, where he has been gaining a lot of confidence and understanding of the players around him in that position, and his duties offensively and defensively, was a super move by Arsene. It looks like Joel and Hector have a good understanding with each other, while Walcott could tear down the left as we have (IMO the best LB in Prem) “Mr Reliable” Nacho Monreal covering him at all costs! Even though we were missing players and had a bad start, we recovered in brilliant fashion, defied the odds and are through to the last 16 draw on Monday of the UCL… well done lads! (Thumbs up sign)

We will now enjoy the draw and to be honest it doesn’t matter who we get, to win it you have to beat the best and we want the big games at The Emirates don’t we? Bring them on! With our injured players back (and maybe a signing or two in the transfer window), we will have a good squad going into the Last 16 matches. I’m happy we are still in it But I am not getting carried away and saying we will in it! Just a good run will do and we will refocus on that in February (winking face!)

Who would you like to see come in to add to our squad? (realistically now) We have the funds to do two signings in the coming window?
1) Wanyama
2) Mahrez
Maybe John Stones? – One or two big summer signings with a CF? Just my opinion of course but I would like to hear everyone else’s! Any ideas for a striker?

The signings I suggested would help for our push for the clubs main target… The Premier League Title! Arsenal are 2nd, only 2 points off the leaders Leicester who have a tricky Monday night game against Chelsea, but by that time we could be top of the league and stay there. If a draw is the outcome on Monday we will still be top on Goal Difference, by beating bottom placed Aston Villa away on Sunday.

If we show the character we did away in Athens then I’m sure we will be top of the league come Sunday night. As we are placed nicely in the league it’s on to the team I believe will challenge us for the title, Man City! They were impressive too there the other night and have a few players out (like ourselves) like Kompany, Toure, and Aguero… Big players… just like Coq, Santi, Alexis…

If we can get past City, we have nice fixtures right up until after New Year so it’s all in our own hands. If we show up in every match we can actually get a grip on this title race. I’m not saying we will win it yet but we have as good a chance as the rest.

I am a Very Proud Gunner today, couldn’t be happier! If we win our next two league fixtures, it is Game On!

Gooners in the Title Race!!

Sean O’Hara

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  1. In the winter i would really like to see a DM (whoever he is, just has to be good competition for Coq)
    In the summer,
    1. Icardi (i said this at the start of June and we are now being linked to him).
    2. A good CB (Stones, Laprte etc)
    3. Ship out Flamini, Arteta, Debuchy and bring back Jenko

    I think this is very much possible considering the habits of Arsene.

    Over all of this, if possible
    1. Replace a couple (2) from Gibbs, Ox, Wilshere, Welbeck, Chambers with players of good quality and strong injury situations, my choice of replacements : Mings, Mahrez, Isco, Akpom, Bieliek

    I know Arsene would not listen to me and do anything but these transfer activities would be great for the club without disrupting the team chemistry.

    1. We dnt need to sell any of Gibbs,ox,wilshere,welbeckGibbs,ox,wilshere,welbeck,chambers.. we need to add to them and at the very least loan out chambers like we did Jenkinson. . Take a cue from Bayern squad

  2. We don’t need mahrez, get us wanyama, thatz a destroyer DM that has EPL and UCL xperience , wNt be cuptied and won’t totally diplace coquelin bUT offer invaluable competition. He is viera-esque in physique

  3. I am going to lot of stick for this but I am just being honest. If we lose 2/3 games in a row, everyone is on Arsene’s back and how he’s lost his mojo, now we scrape through a group where we should have been guaranteed a place in the last 16 a while ago he is the right man for the job at task. To be fair he got his tactics spot on, but let’s take one game at a time and not get our hopes up: As an Arsenal fan we should be used to disappointment unfortunately. I do hope we are top by the new year, but don’t write of other teams as well.

    Because Wenger says that he will buy someone, doesn’t mean he will. It’s not just up to one team in a negotiation, it’s down to both parties and the player. Martinez won’t let Stones go for less than £30m and we aren’t willing to fork out that sum of cash. IF Leicester are top by January, why would Mahrez leave? Perhaps they don’t have the squad depth to continue their streak but you never know.
    As for Wanyama, he would be a welcomed addition, but only time will tell.
    Take one game at a time.
    Onwards and Upwards.

  4. We definitely should not buy into hype names like Mahrez. The last thing we need is another attacking midfielder slash winger, it’s about the only area we have PLENTY of depth in.

    Just sign a solid DM in the January window is that too much to ask? We absolutely have to if we want to maintain a balanced side with Coquelin out. Wenger will probably test Chambers before he will go on the market but I just hope we’re not going to be let down again.

    1. I agree with you, DM is the only open question we have.

      For one, I hope that Wenger plays Chambers in DM next to Ramsey. In my opinion he has the qualities to play sitting midfielder in Arteta mould. I would argue that he has the passing skills that are far above everybody thinks of, and is mobile enough to perform (or like Wenger said, has the engine to play in midfield).

      He is not Coquelin though in a sense that he isn’t as extremely fast and mobile, and for that reason he needs somebody like Rambo, who covers a lot of ground and does his share of running, while Chambers does his Arteta role of screening the defence and passing out of it.

      I believe Aston Villa game is the perfect game to do the experiment, granted that he comes in a relatively gelled in team without too many changes. Experience of solid back four, Rambo and Ozil to pass to and relatively weak opponent should make for an perfect opportunity to prove if he can do it, all while resting Flamini, who is at the moment most reliable performer in that position.

      If Chambers doesn’t perform to standard, then some urgency effort in transfer window should be made by all means.

  5. John stones was my summer buy on this article incase anyone was thinking i wanted him as a jan signing as that is impossible tbh but him and a TOP CF would be my main summer targets is we can snatch up a DM (quality enough to cover/challenge le coq, prem exp = Wanyama hands down! Would piss the spuds off while were at it ? didnt he say before he liked arsenal aswell as Carvalho but he would take time to settle in the prem!?! One of the two would be fantastic for Arsenal and both would want to go here im sure of it!

    Jan transfers are tricky and see that alot of gooners dnt agree with me on Mahrez? Its really a winger im looking at thats realistic and possibly available now but with prem exp was my main target as thats our main goal to win the title! I think hes a good player in an average team, he could be another Freddie Ljungberg type imo. Would put a shift in and him, Alexis, Ox and Campbell could fight it out (rotate) for the two wide spots? Lets Theo, G12, Welbz take the role up front and challenge to keep all 3 on their toes bt maybe Mahrez isnt needed amd Welbz is the man covering Alexis?

    Still like W. SILVA whos injured on loan at Bolton, has something about him! We need alot of deadwood gone (which wenger has done tbh last 2 seasons) which is Scez, Ospina, Debuchy, Arteta, Rosicky, Flamini (Hayden takes his spot or 1yr deal just as cover) Ox and Chambers have to go out on loan and then we have Jenko, Gnabry, Martinez (no2 next season), Akpom (maybe loaned to prem club), Hayden (loaned or takes flames place)

    Thats alot of shifting about but very do-able for Wenger as these players need to leave to make room for other better players or be loaned to gain crucial game time exp!

    Jan Signing: Wanyama (maybe a winger, Mahrez)
    Smr Signing: Stones and CF

    1. Players that will come up to the big team next season or be loaned but have a massive future at the Emirates: Beilik, Iwobi, Adelide, Crowley, Zelalem, Toral, Dragomir, Malen, Fortune… all good players and young. Plenty to do for Arsene but all good problems

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