Top Arsenal target claims he was “verbally assured” he could leave

Arsene Wenger admitted during the Euros that he was watching the performances of Julian Draxler for the Germany team, and there have been many links with Arsenal over the last few years. Now it looks like this move could finally happen as the 22 year-old has spoken out in public about his desire to leave Wolfsburg and insists that the Bundesliga side agreed that they would enter talks, if an offer from a “top international club” came along.

Draxler has decided to make his plans clear through the media after the Wolfsburg sporting director Klaus Allofs has insisted Draxler will ‘100 per cent’ stay at the club, despite his previous promises. Draxler told Bild as translated in the Mail: ‘Before one goes public, they should also have a word with myself,’

‘For me it is so that I have expressed myself clearly after the Euros, with Dieter Hecking, that I want to leave Wolfsburg. The coach knows for more than three weeks

‘Two days after the semi-final at the European Championships I told him how I see the whole situation and what I want – which is to leave the club.

‘I was verbally assured with my transfer in August 2015 that I can leave the club when given opportunities. Both from Hecking, as well as Allofs.

‘It was always clear between all parties that I would like to go to a top international club if the opportunity arises. It was discussed that we speak rationally with one another, if other clubs show interest.’

The German international is obviously aware that a “top international club” wants him, and no-one would be in the slightest surprised if Arsenal was that club, given Wenger’s ongoing admiration. Could this be the surprise signing that Wenger has been waiting for all this time?



  1. Well Arsenal fans would welcome you with enthusiasm and love

    I only hope Wenger is interested in you

    1. Breaking news!
      Wolfsburg have just released this statement regarding Draxler.

      “Wolfsburg wish to make it absolutely clear that at no time did those responsible at the club make either written nor oral commitments on the transfer of Julian Draxler within the current transfer period, which is due to end on August 31st, 2016.

      “This is reiterated by a contractual release clause agreed upon with Julian Draxler and his management, which does not come into effect until summer 2017.

      “VfL Wolfsburg will not be selling Julian Draxler during the course of the current transfer period.

      “In joint discussions with Julian Draxler, VfL Wolfsburg again made it clear that they would not be granting the player’s wish to make a move.

      “We now consider any possible uncertainties to have been eradicated and that all parties can revert back to a professional and responsible collaboration for the good of VfL Wolfsburg and, in particular, for our fans.”

  2. Well Arsenal being a top international club is kinda debatable nowadays… You know with all the round of 16 exits and penny pinching on player transfers. Oh there is also that small issue about that dusty cabinet..

    1. @quantic dream
      The only reason top players outside of England wanted to come to the BPL were either because of the clubs wining reputation through the years like ManU and Liverpool. Then it’s the big pay day. Now it’s top shelf wining managers, Jose, Klopp, Pep and Conte, coupled with a big pay day. Then there are those maybe not top, but decent enough players who use the BPL to up their profile in hopes of getting recruited to another European league, with better climate and maybe better pay. AFC offer neither of these things nowadays. Sad but true…

  3. This is click bait article Admin. Most of us read the articles even if it doesn’t have sensational title. How about “Draxler claims he was “verbally assured” he could leave”

  4. Is he striker? We purchase MARHEZ too, which one striker? Lacassette look no chances… MEN CITY sign JESUS, Wenger still play hide seek while Pip Guardiola does his businesses!!!

  5. Everyone wants to join Arsenal now. Morata, Draxler, Lacazette, Mahrez. We are in better bargaining position now…. Shame Chelsea, ManU & City have spent all their money now…..

  6. I think he would work really well with Ozil. He has been a target for so long he should be with Arsenal.

  7. i bet anyone tommorow lacazette gets a mention, Friday will be icardi, Saturday mustafi.

    how about we throw some curve balls in there.make it interesting….

    anyone seen titus bramble? is heskey still playing??

    1. Tomorrow, has already come, mate ? ?

      Arsenal have agreed personal terms with Lyon hotshot Alexandre Lacazette, according to a French report.

      French outlet Le 10 Sport claim that Lacazette has a ‘financial agreement’ in place with the Gunners as they prepare a second bid to clinch the signing of the 25-year-old.

    2. @muff………. Please rule out “saturdays” and “sundays” …….. We never do business at the weekends (Corporate Lifestyles)

      if on friday, a medical is scheduled to take place in 48hrs…… Tag is a “BS”

      we are in for a very Looooooong, painful window

  8. Citeh have completed two deals in two days:

    sane for 37mil
    gabriel for 27mil

    something we can’t do in two months…….. For a team that really isn’t lacking in these positions….. It’s enviable

    As for my dear Arsenal….. All we can do is sit and troll Draxler’s conflicting dialogue with his Bosses….. Waiting for a fickle opportunity to wade in… Which may eventually be Last minute or probably Not at all

    As for other fish to fry (Mahrez, Lacazette… Mustafi)…… Our reputation preceeds us….. Selfish….Coy….unserious…. Under-bidders…. Uninterested parties….and stingyness

    we have to Drop this habit…… It really isn’t worthy


    1. City have been chasing Sane all Summer, before the Euros I was reading about there interest. Gabriel is Brazillian, there would be allot of background work put in before pulling that one off. This is all similar to the players we do eventually sign, like Xhaka, Cech, Alexis and Ozil.

  9. So wenger where you are?? You kept on saying that you will sign if a top player is available, how about now??

    1. No player is Literally available…….. U make em available (Convictions, Negotiations and Transfer fee)

      but in wenger’s case, he underbids, gets their head turned and finally backs out…

      Who recalls Two seasons ago when the media claimed this same draxler was shown around London colney facility?

      Keep that as a souvenir!!!

  10. Personally, I would prefer Draxler over Mahrez but Im not picky. I’ll be very happy to get Mahrez.

    Im still praying for an experienced CB (a quality one, not like Silvestre/Squilacci)
    A quality striker (Lacazette) and winger (Mahrez or Draxler)

    We could have the best or one of the best attacks in the PL, whomever we sign


  11. What? ?.. No mention of Arsenal handing wenger an extra £100 million for transfers?

    The money is now available, to get the latest 3 targets:

    1. and draxler would command a Top of the roof transfer fee…..

      & with Wenger in his underbidding audacity and capacity expect wolfsburg to become the latest team to splatter raw media eggs in his face !


    None of Lacazette, Mahrez, Mustafi or Draxler is a Target for Arsenal

    [We’d all go home crying….Hahaha]

  13. Come on wenger, do the right thing. Get mahrexler and ship Walcott to the WWE. I think he will make a great partner for calisto!

  14. I know we all desperate for a striker – but this would be superb addition-

    And although I hop Sanchez form returns to his 1st season best – or better. I fear his performance maybe more like last season- if so we missing some critical midfield goals

    So a Draxler makes a lot of sense to me, and would justify the cash

  15. Looks like he is moving, he even laid into them for going public without first speaking to him. There must be bids from top clubs because he says that that is all that’s needed for him to be let move. I doubt he would say this if it was just rumours which he was going by. Draxler, he’s defensively sounder than Mahrez, he’s tall which is a plus for prem, and he’d have German teammates at Arsenal. The Mustafi one along with him would be interesting, two more German Internationals. With the money needed though, what about a striker, it’s difficult to imagine everything working out for us.

  16. This is all very confusing.
    1. Draxler signed for wolfsburg in summer 2015 for fee believed to be €30m
    2. Draxler says that there was a verbal agreement that he could leave if a top club wanted him
    3. Wolfsberg have issued a statement denying any verbal agreement and saying there is a contractual release clause which comes in to effect in summer 2017. They also say that he will not be sold this summer.

    We are meant to believe that arsenal are the “top club” who want to sign draxler.

    My first comment is that we did not dip in to financial reserves last summer to buy him so why would we dip in to financial reserves now to buy him when the price will have gone up?

    Based on draxlers comments it would appear that a top club is after him. The question is why are they trying to sign him now and not last season when he signed for wolfsburg. Most likely reason is that the “top club” has changed its buying policy, snd the most likely reason for this is a change of manager. So that puts us out and the likes of manu, manc, chelsea and bayern in.

    1. I would add that if a club wants to buy draxler this summer they will have to pay substantially more than the sum contained in the release clause which becomes active next summer. That is my interpretation of wolfsberg statement that draxler is not for sale.

      I cannot see arsenal paying over the odds for a player they could have bought for €30m a year ago.

    2. I have just read that a year ago draxler did not feel ready to leave germany. That puts things in a different light so it could be us, but I still think that it will be mega bucks to get him this transfer window and arsenal will not go for it. Maybe next summer when the release clause kicks in.

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