Top defender wants assurances before Arsenal move – Should we say Yes?

There have not been too many Arsenal transfer rumours around so far this summer, but one player we have been linked to consistently is the Turkish centre-back Caglar Soyuncu who has been earning rave reviews for his work at Freiberg. Only last week his agent made it clear that he wanted to move to England. “The main objective of the player is to play in the Premier League, that I can tell you at the moment,” Mustafa Dogru said. “We are negotiating with some clubs, but I can’t give the name of the clubs – I’m sorry.

“Next week we will have some meetings and I think in 10 or 15 days his situation will be clear. They (Freiburg) are open to negotiations.”

“He is perfect for the Premier League,” Dogru continued. “We are sure he is going to make a big impact in the first season. He’s very quick, he can use both feet and has excellent technique.

“He was playing also as a defensive midfielder when he was young. He plays almost 85 per cent in the head. Over short distances he is very quick and fast, so with these qualities and specialities, he is unique at the moment actually.”

He is only 21 but he is obviously very confident in his abilities, but now the youngster has piped up with a demand of his own to any club that wants to buy him. “For me, it must be a team where I can play first,” Soyuncu told Ajansspor. “We will evaluate my chances of playing.

“It’s best to wait. The English league is a very good league. Of course I have a goal to play in top clubs. A decision will be made in the interests of all of us.”

Well I personally think we can give him guarantees if he is as good as Mislintat thinks he is. Mert has gone to the training ground before getting his pension, while Koscielny has gone to the treatment table while he waits for his retirement date. Very few of us think that Mustafi is good enough, and Chambers and Mavropanos are probably our two best bets at the moment!

Should we just promise him the Earth and see how he works out?



  1. Sign someone Orsin Venker says:

    OT – seems Unai Emery is the latest rumour going around. Now this is a manager that I wouldn’t mind, with Arteta as his assistant. Very experienced, won Europa league several times with Sevilla, managed PSG….. Good move it would

    1. Sign someone Orsin Venker says:

      Also Unai Emery plays a very attacking, stylish brand of football,, could be fun

      1. barryglik says:

        Emery all day long.
        Please let it be so.
        Any one but the man with no
        managerial experience.
        And I don’t mean Homer Simpson…

      2. Big Cheese says:

        His football isn’t all the great at all, very disorganized. I watched PSG a lot this season and they looked like a bunch of disorganized amateurs running around like chickens with their head cut off. But having Mbappe, Cavani, Neymar, Di Maria, and Veratti guaranteed they scored a bunch of goals. I’d honestly rather take a chance on Arteta. Emery got gutted when they played Real in the UCL this season. It was embarrassing.

    2. Sean says:

      Yes all day long,Arteta no2

      1. barryglik says:

        Patrick Vieira as assistant.
        Arteta as academy coach.

        1. Merci Arsene across the belly/prove you lost already says:

          Unless you want to break the news to Per I can’t see that happening

    3. Trudeau says:

      I’m not expert in Emery but he seems to tick a lot if boxes. Reasonably young, used to winning with budget constraints but also experience in handling pampered superstars. Interesting development.

      Double OT – prioritising Wilshire over Ramsey? I don’t get in unless it’s for money reasons (Ramsey would bring in a healtht transfer fee and probably be on a higher weekly wage)

    4. RSH says:

      Arteta is inevitable. Just some last minute betting for Sky and other gambling outlets.

    5. AndersS says:


  2. Kenima says:

    He needs to show he is better than what we currently have.

  3. Sean says:

    I would say yes to play alongside and exp CB. Mavraponas could be another gem, if they are brought in by the new recruits then they must think they are both good enough to be here, why not start in the deepend between the two to battle eachother to play with the Exp CB we may buy in Sokratis from Dortmund.

    Soyuncu can play CDM too apparntly according to his agent, thats where he started, not a bad extra trait to have especially at Arsenal. 2 footed also & i did notice that in the scoutnation videos of his passing with both feet, long balls too! Cant be any worse then Shokran!

    Mustafi sold, replaced by Soyuncu.
    Per retiring, Mavropanas steps up.
    Koss injured, Sokratis his competition.
    Chambers, Holding will fill the voids on rotation.

  4. barryglik says:

    Outside the Emirates there
    is a sign which reads
    “We don’t make stars we make them”
    Let Arsenal for once walk the talk.
    Offer Freiberg 2,500 quid for Soysauce.
    Offer him 500 quid per week cash, a leased Ambassador Classic 1800,
    free wifi, 30 quid SSE electric a week, plus a 50 quid grocery order from Tesco’s.
    If he turns down our generous offer tell him to fan off.
    Otherwise stay with Holding Mavro Chambers and Bielik.
    Remember we don’t buy stars we make them.

  5. barryglik says:

    “We don’t buy stars we make them”

    1. Merci Arsene across the belly/prove you lost already says:

      It actually says ‘we don’t buy stars we buy other club’s youngsters and turn them into very average players that never fulfil their potential’

      1. RSH says:

        shhhhhh. you’re never supposed to admit that!

  6. jon fox says:

    Clearly and IF, he is as good as this article suggests, our defence would be made for him, so it’s watch this space , as with so many other things Arsenal wise right now. Todays Daily Mail, has a prominent story saying that Unai Emery, of PSG is now unexpectedly available and of interest to Arsenal. He could work alongside Arteta it says, though in which capacity is unclear. He has an impressive CV, where he managed to keep Sevilla in touch wih the Spanish giants without any real money to spend. He also won 3 successive Europa Cups with them and then went to PSG with much success , already well documented. Suddenly my heart is beating faster and I am in less despair over Arteta being a shoe in, though the Mail, depressingly, adds that Arteta is still favourite for the top job. So now, who knows?

  7. Grandad says:

    Soycundo is a very talented young centre back who has all the attributes for that position.He is very quick for a big guy and despite a lack of experience at top European level he is a cut above Mustafi who I assume will be sold on to make way for the young Turk..Would Freiburg be interested in a swap with a cash adjustment of say £15/20m in their favour?

  8. Meja says:

    We have far too many talented players. I would suggest that this time round lets get big physical players and we can win big matches. I tried to watch roma playing against teams like liverpool and barcelona and i discovered that they did beat teams because they were either taller or stronger than the opponent and thats what mourinho does with fellaini and it has worked alot of times. My point is lets buy big bodied players just like our 2004 squad

    1. jon fox says:

      Though I believe we can never have too many talented players – at least, not with OUR tight budget – your point about physical height and power is a good one. I for one was thoroughly cheesed off with all the 9 stone dripping wet,weeds and dwarfs, many of them injury prone, that Wenger had such misplaced faith in since approx 2007. No one ever bullied Adams, Bould, Viera and Petit. Wenger clearly forgot this truth rather quickly or perhaps “(He) I did not see it”!

      1. Ozziegunner says:


  9. Barren says:’s going to be arteta it always was.
    2.the board is only interviewing other contenders in case the arteta thing doesn’t work out and they can’t get hammered for not interviewing other people.
    3.this turkish kid is really good let’s hope his replacing mustafi.
    4.personally I want arteta reason being all these good young coaches wer all once given their chance I do not want emery!!!!!
    5.with the right additions made to our squad in arteta I trust!!!!

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