Top defender wants “exciting” Arsenal move

The Arsenal fans have been crying out for Arsene Wenger to bring in a new spine of a keeper, classy DM and a top striker for the Gunners team for the last few years. Well, last summer we got our goalkeeper Petr Cech, Wenger has already confirmed that Granit Xhaka is on his way, and Jamie Vardy is in the pipeline so have we finally got our wish?

But, other than those three, Wenger must also make sure the rest of the squad is in tip top condition, and one worrying position for Gooners is the left-back spot, with Nacho Monreal approaching 30 and his backup Kieran Gibbs suffering the English disease of injuries and inconsistency. There have also been mutterings that Kieran may be looking to move on this summer to try and get regular game time and try to win back his place in the England squad.

So it is no wonder that we have been linked with some classy young left-backs, one of which is the Wolfsburg and Switzerland left-back Ricardo Rodriguez, who is a good friend with Granit Xhaka and has a very affordable release clause of just £19 million. He was named Swiss footballer of the year in 2014, and is still young enough to have even further improvement up his sleeve.

When asked about the Arsenal transfer rumours he made it clear that he was attracted to the idea of joining Xhaka at the Emirates. Rodriguez said: “That would be exciting, yes, especially because the room arrangement at Arsenal would be fixed as well.”

Rodriguez added that remaining at Wolfsburg this summer would be “not impossible but unrealistic”

So he is young, very talented, available at a reasonable price, and a good friend of Xhaka. Should Wenger snap him up right now?


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    1. Great effort? How is that? We have still only signed yet another midfielder, but we have not signed the players who win the league – a centre forward, a centre half and a CDM who controls things at the back. As I keep telling you guys, this Arsenal team does not contain enough winners to win the EPL or the CL. Ask yourself honestly, how many of the big games against the trams we have to beat have we won in the past 5 years? Answers on a postcard pease!

      1. It appears a centre-forward is very much in the pipeline (Vardy); Xhaka IS a CDM, one who can “control things” with his sweet left foot, as well as do all the dirty work required of a CDM; while a centre-half is also high on Wenger’s list, if various reports are to be believed. With Xhaka and (hopefully) Vardy as early additions to our talented squad, Wenger is indeed making a “great effort” to turn us into genuine contenders for the title.


        1. Let’s not count our chickens, just yet!
          Because ‘Wenger knows best’ when it comes to playing the fan’s! ?

          1) We could still lose key players, during this transfer window… Even Ozil stated a “You Never know ?⚽” on his #AskMesut tweets recently… So don’t disregard facts! Especially when it is coming from our own player.

          2) So far, We have only signed one player!

          3) Xhaka is only 23 and has potential, and we have been hearing that word for the last decade at Arsenal, so don’t act -as- if, we just signed clark kent.

          4) Vardy is in the pipeline and the deal apparently hinges on his decision! .. And again, he is no Superman, He is 29 and for me this signing proves that Wenger is going backwards, Once upon a time, wenger used to push Arsenal players out of the club at that age, by only offering them 1 year contracts extensions! And we lost afew legends in that way! … Infact, we lost them all, in that way! ?roll on a decade And now Wenger is signing a 29 year old striker! not a defender but a striker, at that age and he is giving him a 4 year contract! ? ? ? Now tell me again, how great Wenger’s efforts are? ? true be told… he has totally lost the plot! … We could afford to buy a £70 million striker, yet the fellow deluded cry “Who?” And ” no one wants to come to Arsenal” … then ask yourselves Why?

          If Vardy isn’t a panic buy .. I don’t know, what is.
          Can any of you imagine Ozil and Sanchez, jumping for joy with this signing?…. Exactly!

          I will leave you guys in peace, to celebrate something that has the same taste as a fourth place trophy!

          1. Some of u are always complaining…every decition is bad.i has been very chritic to wenger in the last time and im not so sure if he is the man who can lead is to the trumph….but, im ok with this vardy transfer…it shows us many things: 1) wenger is changing, something some of us have been demanding for a long time; 2) it shows that wenger is taking risks: think about it, he is buying a men for a not cheap price, knowing he could not getting anything after, with a future sell i mean…this is an act that shows wengers intentions to win something, the buy is not motivated by any financial or economic reason but only for a “get the f epl once again” reason…this is an act that shows us hungry, even if we fail, we could said we try…first ever, we really try; 3) finally but very important…vardy is the kind of player we need…he is a warrior, a fighter…he has character…look at how he celebrate his goals…full of energy…he, like alexis, can motivate the team when the things are not going in our way (something wenger cant do because of his age and because he has never been an active coach on the pitch)…the vardy transfer, if it finish well, is a demostration of a change, and a good one…lets take care of winning things and dont look the economic side for once…vardy is a bit old, but we can give a chance to welbeck after maybe, or akpom…u are not thinking about the future when we talk about ibra…guys: u complain when wenger dont spend or because he is always looking for the bargain when u are the guys who has to pay the very expensive tickets…u complain when wenger buy the always for the future guy…like morata…stop to complain for everything and be consequent with yourself…i would love auba, but it is not going to happen…lukaku is awesome but the asking price is stupid…lets try with vardy, give us the throphy..then we look another oportunity with less urgency, so we can look akpom progress too

  1. Ferdinand, Wright, Di Natale…


    Jeffers, Forssell, Saha, Benteke..

    Which one will Vardy be? If forwards peak at their late 20’s, there’s still major hope left for Theo by that logic!

    1. Vary has had a great season, but at his age he is only going to get slower. One injury and a couple of months out and his fairy tale is over. Sign that Dutch player … er,… Rip van Winkle.

  2. With regard to goalkeepers, we had our classy goalkeeper, Ospina, just check out his stats on squawka for 2014/15 season. Cech was bought because he was available and had experience of how to win things.

    Cech has been good this year but I do not think he has been better than ospina would have been. Ok ospina did not have a good game against olympiacos (along with about ten others on the park) but cech was not that impressive against west ham.

    I expect ospina to leave this summer, lets hope we can get a good price for him.

  3. This guy is andre santos 2.0 great going forward, poor defensively. Much rather we got, ghoulam from Napoli or kurzawa from Monaco. Much better offensively and defensively than this overhyped player.

  4. I’ve wanted vardy since he helped destroy man u 5-2 season before last. I’m delighted we’re signing him, would be even better if we get chicarito as well.

  5. let’s conduct a poll here between A and B
    A. Vardy+ Malik/Jasen (=£40m)
    thumbs up for A or down for B

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