Top Dutch striker doesn’t want Man United but likes Arsenal – A bit!

There is an up-and-coming Dutch striker that is reportedly a Man United target, but he thinks that United and Man City are possibly a step too far at the moment, but has indicated that Arsenal are one of the teams that he admires quite a lot. He sounds like a typical Arsene Wenger signing and it sounds like he is a lot better than Yaya Sanogo!

The 19 year-old has been a sensation since being shoe-heeled into the Ajax side after Arek Milik was sold to Napoli last year. He was quoted as saying in the Express: “My goal was to play for Ajax’s reserve team, become their best player and maybe get a few matches in the first team,”

“But then Arek Milik went to Napoli and I got the chance.

“Then in the first game of the season I played and scored against PAOK in a Champions League qualifier.

“From that point I was motivated. The coach gave me confidence to play in the way I’ve always done.

“It’s too big a step to go to City or United now.

“It’s important to keep on playing, as I don’t know what could happen in the future.

“I haven’t got a dream league. When I was young it was Barcelona, but once I got older I didn’t have one.

“In England, I followed Arsenal because of Thierry Henry, but it wasn’t like Arsenal was my favourite.”

If he is saying that Arsenal are a possibility because Man City and Man United are too big for him, then it could be considered a bit of an insult, but if we could tie him down to a four year contract we could certainly consider it as an investment for the future. Should we go for him?



  1. Mr_Clear says:

    Interesting. What is his name though?

    1. Alexis Sanchez says:

      It’s Kasper Dolberg im pretty sure.

      1. Henrik Stanek says:

        The article says an up-and-coming Dutch striker so it could’t be Dolberg because he is Danish 🙂

    2. Arsenal007 says:

      Didn’t you see his name?
      It’s THE 19 YEAR-OLD.

  2. Makatelli says:

    You have written an entire article about a guy without mentioning his name. Who is he?

    1. Rodrigo says:

      Kasper Dolberg , he is amazing

  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I think its Kasper Dolberg
    I read about United and Everton being interested in him

  4. Frank says:

    Nothing will change on the pitch until there is a change in manager and he builds a team that he is happy with.

  5. ArseOverTit says:

    So Arsenal were not his favourite and Man City and Man Utd are too big a step for him now.

    Sounds like he is running to the gates of the emirates as we speak!



  6. John Ibrahim says:

    Vincent Janssen?


    Both are top in Dutch league and were fans fav

    Fans demanded them

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Eriksen, Suarez. Whenever people do that there is always an example in the other direction. Same when people say Chelsea got Conte, Conte wins league. There is always a risk, always two ways at least of looking at things.

  7. RAZ says:


  8. Otunba says:

    O.T> After watching Allegri’s Juventus last night, i really think he is the right man to replace Arsene and i think if the board hasn’t contacted that man yet, then they must be really stupid or something and have no ambitions, I mean the guy ticks all the boxes… he selects his team based on his opponents and he surely knows how to get his tactics right and he even decided to drop Cuadrado who is one of there best players this season and played Barzagli at right back to move Dani Alves forward, he knew they can’t be too open given the fact that kheidera was suspended even after the match he called Pjanic out and told him he wasn’t impressed with his body language after missing a pass and that he should calm down. He is ruthless and he does what needs to be done irrespective of who the player is unlike Arsene who pampers players after poor performances… I mean the guy is just top notch and i am really jealous. Look at juventus defense, it’s a WALL that can’t be penetrated by just anyone on like Mr ARSENES mediocre team, and people will come out and tell me he’s done this for the club and that, excuse me was he not paid for his services all those time or was he doing the job for FREE ? We really need to open our eye and move on from Arsene, i respect the man but he’s just past his best…. Gunners forever !!

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      You’ll be right on the second suggestion; that AFC have no ambition!

    2. Break-on-through says:

      A thing I noticed about Conte’s team, is I think he could get the best out of Ozil as he had two forwards last night that don’t do whole lot on the defensive side, and they were away. I heard Dybala supposedly puts a shift in, I haven’t watched him too much, but going by last night they had four midfielder’s defending along with backline. What impressed me was seeing the midfielders totally trust the CB’s, you don’t see players trying to get back at break neck speed as if there was no defence back there. They all know their jobs and rely and trust each other, rarely see errors and nerves, certainly no unevenness about the shape. And I like how he knows which formation suits a certain opponent, the wing back system totally right call against Monaco, they made them look like novices.

  9. princegooner says:

    Erickson was a dutch player too, not just the bad ones or the ones that didn’t turn out good that should be mentioned, bergkamp,overmars and so on

    1. Red Dawn says:

      If you are referring to Christian Eriksen he is Danish..

    2. Janssen says:

      Erickson? Which one the one that plays for Spurs? He is not Dutch but he played for Ajax like Vertongen and I believe Alderwereld. Ajax produces some good players but many leave to early.

  10. JembutArsene says:

    Is he that good?

  11. Janssen says:

    I just read this morning how Wenger said he came close to signing Mbappe last summer. For a moment I was considering how that wold have worked out and then I realized if the poor guy would have come to Arsenal before he was a recognized top striker he would have disappeared into oblivion under Wenger’s guidance. How many of our supposed top prospects for the striker position have been brought through with success? Can we name one?

    This young lad made an important comment saying how the coach gave him confidence in letting him play the way he always had. I think Wenger does the opposite he breaks players confidence by asking them to play in ways and in positions that are not natural to them. It is hard to explain why else so many players regress under Wenger. Arshavin was a top talent when he arrived and a classic number 10, did great for Russia, scored freely at first then he was moved to the left wing and got instructions from Wenger, next thing we know the life was coached out of this little maestro. He is not the only player to have befallen this fait.

    If Sanchez scoring more goals and being three times the player Giroud is as central striker can not hold the position in Wenger’s eyes why would this dutch player or last year Mbappe get a fair chance? 100% sure they would be relegated to the wing.

    1. Otunba says:

      If Mbappe came to Arsenal last summer, Iwobi,Ramsey and the rest would still be ahead of him and IF he manages to break into the team which i doubt he would be moved to the wing to accommodate Giroud (one of the best,if not the best striker in the world ) I mean look at Adelaide before he got injured,he was a prospect when we got him and we all know if given the time to play and confidence he can be the Carzol’s replacement we have been craving for,given the situation of the team right now,it’s not as if the one’s playing are doing a better job, it won’t hurt to give couple kids the chance to express themselves and see if they can step up.mostly in our midfield…look how well holding played against man city and the few games he played this season and all of a sudden Mr Wenger the genius decided to drop him all of a sudden. my point is Arsene gives the wrong players too many chances, I really don’t know what Arsene is seeing in the likes of Ramsey,walcott and co.that we the fans are not seeing for the past 10 years, our beloved club needs to be SHAKEN from the CEO to the CLEANERS, i am not saying everyone is to be sacked but some major positions needs to be looked at…WENGER is not supposed to be the one talking about players and making signings, that should be the job of someone else and that is why we have failed drastically this season and it really shameful and it hurts me to the BONE, It’s really hurts me to see my beloved club dropping down like this year in year out… Someone needs to safe this great club, from this greedy and stingy American before he turns our club to the likes of New castle and Leeds, we are no more a big club we are now on the same level with the likes of Everton, Southampton, Stoke and Wesbrom, very shameful look at our results against the top six teams in the league for the past 7 years, very woeful, Arsenal is not a team clubs shiver for any more, we are past our glory days and we all know deep down that the % of this season been another trophy-less season is 90 %… Gunners for life !!

  12. Red Dawn says:

    Who cares?
    Does anyone actually have any interest in what Arsenal will do in the summer bear in mind the summers before this one?

    1. Janssen says:

      not really tbh. If Wenger stays I will tune out this summer (or try to tune out, I might find out I am too addicted to Arsenal and a prideless masochist myself :-), most summers I stupidly go online every single day hoping to read about an Arsenal acquisition that excites me, it has been an illness considering some part of me knew there was no way Benzema or Higuain or Lacazette would actual be brought in but I was always thinking that “this would be the year” we bring back a top striker who was going to score 20+)

  13. ny says:

    Will Wenger dare to play Giroud instead of Ozil? Welbeck as the striker and Giroud at No:10. It will work.Anybody?????

  14. Vanpayslip thought of the day: Wenger out says:

    Let’s be honest here – we’re not getting a striker until both Wenger and Giroud retire.

  15. John Ibrahim says:

    Allgeri had the backing finance power of the agnelli family

    If we dont get rid of kronke and put usmanov in

    Theres nothing Allegri could do with a pathetic squad and limited financing at Arsenal

  16. Steve H says:

    So basically when gets better he says he will go to better club. We are alright for now.

  17. Inkfight says:

    Regardless of manager and which players stay or go – have been saying this for a while, we have to sign one of following young strikers to make sure we have a top quality striker at the club for years to come, because buying a Lewandowski, Suarez, Aubameyang is next to impossible when they’re in their mid 20s. The list:

    Mousa Dembele
    Kasper Dolberg
    Kylian Mbappe (now out of our league – though his profile will come down a bit if he stays at Monaco next season)

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