Top FIVE alternative £50m strikers Arsenal could buy (Better than Morata)

Top 5 Alternatives to Alvaro Morata that will cost Arsenal around £50 Million. by Eddie D

So the summer transfer window is arrived and having already spent £35 Million pounds allegedly to bring Granit Xhaka to the Emirates already, I don’t think there is a doubt in anyone’s mind that more needs to be done. The key issue on everyone’s mind – I’d like to think – heading into the new season, is the horrific lack of goals the team has failed to produce over the last three years, that has eventually lead to us capitulating in the dying stages of the Premier League title run in, so I can imagine a top striker being our number one priority during this window.

I think it’s safe to say were all bored of reading articles convincing us Morata is or isn’t the solution; this is Arsenals equivalent of the EU referendum with most people still undecided as to whether he is good enough or not; well you know my opinion. Anyway moving away from the Morata nonsense. Ive compiled a list of the ‘top 5’ strikers in my opinion we should be considering for that £50 million price tag. I should mention carrying a £50 million price tag immediately puts a bounty on your head especially in the Premier league. It’s safe to say I’d expect anyone carrying that price tag to have some sort of pedigree from a top European League as an established striker with a reputable scoring record. I mean it makes sense if you’re willing to spend the value of Aston Villa on a player, you’re not really going to want to spend three seasons waiting for the player to justify his value. As well as the fans the English media can be brutal, especially with that sort of money and will expect you to hit the ground running, and more often than not we’ve witnessed the next big sensation command a hefty transfer fee only for him not to adjust to the rigours of the Premier league and their confidence to be damaged irreparably (exhibit A Lazar Markovic – or Falcao).

Moving on to the list – at Number 5, We have Michy Batshuayi; I know I spoke at length about signing youngsters, but this kid look like a real talent. In 36 league Appearances for Marseille he managed an impressive 17 Goals. I have an affinity for the Belgium team and they are an impressive and young strike force. There has been a lot of debate over recent years about the quality of the French league, but in recent years I feel the league is returning to its Glory days and the dominance of PSG will slowly end. He is a very physical presence much like his other Belgium counterparts Origi, Lukaku and Benteke, and much like Origi and Lukaku is deceptively fast. Reports of Tottenham being after him should worry a lot of fans, let’s be honest Kane is better than Giroud, it pains me to say but it’s true, and the prospect of Kane, Lamella and Batshuayi is not something I’d like to see especially if across town we are sitting there with the French pin up Giroud Mark2 in Morata. In all honesty with Marseille slightly desperate for money anything over £27 Million should be enough to initiate discussions to lure him to the Emirates.

At number 4 We have Vincent Janssen of AZ Alkmaar, touchy subject us and Dutch Players because they either end up as greats or public enemy number one. I know he is another child, but with 27 goals in 34 Appearances, he is no fluke. We’re looking at the next RVP here ladies and gentleman, with a commanding presence in the box, impressive aerial threat and speed (something Giroud doesn’t have). Annoyingly again our retarded cousins in white are scouting him during the Euros, he is definitely one to watch. In all honesty a fee of around £25 Million should be enough to bring him to the Emirates.

At Number 3 we have Alexandre Lacazette; I’m sure everyone is familiar with him we’ve been linked with a move for him for the last 3 transfer windows. There is no denying he had an absolutely terrible start to the season, but that’s irrelevant he still finished with 21 goals, only 8 less than last year. I’m sure we are all aware of West Ham’s £30 Million bid for him, it’s not the fee that has stopped West Ham from going back Lyon don’t want more money. Actually that’s a lie everyone does, but that fee was substantial to trigger a move the only reason he didn’t is because he doesn’t want to move to a club offering less than Champions league football and if I produced those numbers I’d be the sam. Need I remind you it’s the very same reason he declined a £24 Million move in January to Newcastle. I mean who wouldn’t be insulted if you scored 20 goals in a top European league and you tell me the best I can do is a mid-table team or relegation candidates. Again like last year a fee between £30-40 million would be enough to ward off any interest from a lot of mid table clubs and bring him to the Emirates.

Number 2 We have Romelu Lukaku; Having finished the year with 19 Goals despite only being 23 and this being his 5th year in the league it’s no wonder, he is being looked at by nearly every club within the top four. Although with that being said granted that he is a premier league player we would have to adjust for inflation, so he will definitely command a transfer fee exceeding £45 Million however from our perspective with us looking to offload a few of our players, who retrospectively are being looked at by Everton Ospina, Walcott, Gibbs, Ox and Campbell it would provide us with the perfect opportunity to launch a bid upwards of £40 Million and a player exchange I may be getting ahead of myself but f we were to get rid of any of those guys I’d rather it be in a deal to a team, that couldn’t provide a threat to our title ambitions whilst it simultaneously being a deal that advantages all parties.

Number 1, Brace yourselves… Paulo Dybala, the name on everybody’s lips now and for a justified reason. 23 goals in all competitions for Juventus with an impressive 19 in Serie A in what is a crowded attacking line up. This Football manager wonder kid actually turned good in real life, and at 22 his dominating displays despite his dominutive stature have led to comparisons with his Argentine teammates of Sergio Aguero and Lionel Messi. Of course like Messi and Aguero has the ability to play anywhere along the front line. I’m going to be honest, he may genuinely command a transfer fee in excess of £55 Million, but the fact that aged 22 is showing a level of maturity and consistency that his team mates Llorente and Morata could only dream of, and the prospect that he will be the next Lionel Messi is a small price to pay. Granted that it may be impossible to lure him to the Emirates unless we launched a bid over £55 Million. If Arsene is stupid enough to pay £50 Million for Morata I don’t see why he couldn’t be equally as stupid and chuck in another £10-15 Million on a guy you could build your team around.

Some Honourable mentions Mauro Icardi (Internationale) with 47 Goals in 84 Appearances; Javier Hernandez (Bayer Leverkusen) 17 Goals in 28 Appearances, Borja ‘Baston’ Gonzalez (SD Eibar/Aletico Madrid) 21 Goals in 43 Appearances on Loan.

So there we have it folks. Stop this notion that if we don’t sign Morata, there is nobody else available. There are – and quite a few strikers at that; and for that fee we could even get two of these guys.

Eddie D

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  1. Dybala.. now thats a superstar. If not he is definitely going to be. Whichever club has/keeps him is a lucky club imho

    1. Agreed. Cried out for arsenal signing him last year in various comment sections, and now we see why. We would have won the league with him

    1. absolutely agree.
      option one: cheap but prolific striker from lower tier league.
      option two: expensive but proved consistent striker from top tier league with 25+ goal every year.

      where does Morata belong?

      1. Morata fits none of the above, as for Janssen we can sign both him and a CB with that £50m, WC CB of curse for the remaining £50m.

  2. If we buy any hot prospect striker I will be happy, but my Arsenal fan cynicism says our illustrious manager will bang on about ‘must have the right qualities…’ and we will end up with bargain basement buys for a backup to Giroud our main striker…hope not…

  3. I was just reading that PSG is interested in Lacazette. Unfortunately the following teams are all looking for a striker:
    * PSG (Higuain, Lacazette, Moratta)
    * Real Madrid (Auba, Lewandowski)
    * Manchester United (Ibra, Lukaku)
    * Manchester City (Auba)
    * Chelsea (Lukaku, Higuain)
    * Spurs (Batshuayi, Janssen, Lacazette)
    Blame Ibrahimovic for starting this big musical chair dance.

    All clubs that own these strikers know how much money is in the premier league and will hold on to extract maximum money. If you were Everton would you accept the first offer for Lukaku? We will sweating for 3 months.

    Where was Dybala before he moved to Juventus or Bathuayi before he moved to Marseille. If we go by those moves we should get Janssen or Malik.

    1. Spurs, Chelsea and City aren’t really looking for a striker. They will be looking to keep who they have most. But if the opportunity just happens I’m sure they will take advantage.

      United and Madrid will be looking for a marquee striker. They can do with what they have but to sell shirts they will buy.

      Leaving us and PSG, they need to replace Ibra and we need to replace Welbeck and upgrade for a proper title challenge.

      They seem to be looking at Higain the most. Real want Lew and aren’t in the mood to compromise. United have tried for Ibra, they might get him but my gut feeling is he is off to America or China for one last pay day before going back to PSG as a coach.

      If Wenger goes big, it will have to be on near enough a sure thing. He doesn’t want to damage the club financially, so who knows what is in his mind.

      He went big for Suarez and was right on the money on that one. Liverpool were never going to sell to us and he went big on Dybala, which you mentioned but he only wanted Juve, he was again spot on there.

      He also went big on both Sanchez and Ozil. He was right on both. He has now kinda went big on Xhaka but not on the likes of Welbeck or Chambers who were expensive but not break the bank expensive. A gamble but the money made it worth it.

      Time will tell if Welbeck or Chambers pay off.

      Point is if Wenger sees Auba as a sure hit, success, he WILL drop big money on him or Lukaku, which he actually might think are a sure fire success. Who knows.

      If he can’t he will still have to replace Welbeck. He will try to buy like for like quality and age as Welbeck or promote Akpom who was an unbelievable let down at Hull. Akpom seriously needs to pull up his socks or let go.

  4. Luuk De Jong has scored 58 Eredivisie goals in 2 seasons for PSV, but did not do well for Newcastle.

    This season he scored a total of 32 goals and 9 assists in 43 games. That is almost a 1:1 ratio. It looks like Southampton are keen on him. Koeman did well when he got Pelle out of the Eredivisie, could he do it again?

    What do you guys think, should Wenger take a look at him?

    1. Wehnger shouldn’t go for DeJong but if he sees potential in Janssen then I trust him because he also saw potential in RVP and Bergkamp

  5. We should go for King Zlatan. His Physical Presence is key. He scored 38 league goals last season for PSG. we should keep Our Forwards and sign Zlatan. If Campbell was given more chances, he would do well in the Central forward role. We should be very flexible with our formation next season. 442 with a diamond midfield. 433 and the
    4141 formations should be tried as well based on the opposition.

    1. Only Welbeck can challenge Giroud which is very depressing when you watch Giroud play for us. When Welbeck 1st came he wasn’t strong enough as CF and his 1st touch wasn’t too great but surprisingly both have improved.

      Welbeck unlike some of our other English players understands he has to work on his game unlike Walcott who embarrassed himself this year. He hasn’t worked on his game. If Defoe can hold the ball up why can’t Walcott. So disappointing.

    2. The trouble with zlatan is that he will take shots, and we all know how much Wenger hates that…

  6. I didn’t realise Icardi had 47 in 84, whenever I read about him I got the impression he was hitting Giroud type numbers or worse. That’s just under one on two, that’s close to what Higuain was hitting before he amped it up.

    I doubt Dybala’s for sale, he is only 23, Juve are not stupid. Juventus will get the best years out of him unless someone comes in with a jaw dropping bid.

    Janssen, looks a decent fit for Arsenal but not sure the boss will see it that way. Most fans seem to want to give him a shot, well at least over Morata it would seem.

    1. I have friend who watches AZ Alkmaar games. He says Janssen has a winners mentality.

  7. Whenever we played against Lukaku, we got a man tight to him, and then it was basically corner pocket stuff. There are strikers out there like the article says, but nothing like the quality we were use to seeing at Arsenal. There all hopefuls, or the best we can do until something better comes along. Lukaku, Janssen, Icardi, Lacazette, Mitsubishi, they are all a gamble whether people admit it or not. I know all top players had to start somewhere, that’s what I tell people who knock our academy players. But the fact is that there is a big drop in quality compared to what were used to, it’s either that or else these knew sugar daddy clubs have totally screwed the echo system.

    1. The Mitsubishi echo
      system no doubt 🙂
      I agree with you that
      there is no guarantee
      with any one which is why Wenger likes Giroud.
      A carthorse he may be but a 47 games, 20 goals
      every year carthorse none the less

    2. @Trevor, it was a gamble to bring in Suarez from Eredivisie to EPL, we know that gamble paid off. It was a gamble to bring Ruud Van Nistelrooy to EPL. We know what that gamble ended up being like…Janssen is a gable but a gamble worth trying especially after we gambled with bringing Giroud from Ligue 1…

      1. We can do a Liverpool and buy sh!t load of strikers and see who sticks. They bought Balotelli, Origi, Ings, Benteke. Looks like Origi is the one that sticks. Ings the jury is still out.

        Or we do a Manchester City/Tottenham/Manu move and bring out our acedemy players. City has Ihaenocho, Tottenham has Kane and Manu has Rashford.

        Could Arsenals next striker be: Iwobi, Akpom, Malen, Willock?

        1. Who knows. If you aren’t part of the inner workings at the club then everything is guess work.

          BUT I have this gut feeling that all this shirt number business to do with Xhaka might have something to do with us bringing in a big name striker.

          I know everybody doesn’t think much of it. Just that Xhaka changed his mind and they a probably right. But I get this funny feeling there is something to it.

          I know Xhaka wanted Coquelin’s 34 and I know that Coquelin didn’t mind giving it to him, so why didn’t he? It could be that Coquelin really did mind which most have presumed but I think Arsenal have a policy on changing numbers for players who have played with their numbers.

          Maybe to do with shirt sale. Or to do with reducing disputes or bad feeling between players.

          I know I might be well off the mark. Actually I know I am but I can’t shake the feeling that Auba being very sentimental about his number might have requested 16 because both 17 and 7 was taken.

  8. Odion Ighalo is 27 in two weeks.
    An ideal age. EPL proven.
    London based. Nigerian
    so great for our millions
    of Nigerian supporters.
    Off the main clubs radar so could be bought for 12 mill.
    Buy Denney as well if we want. He can do a Vardy.
    Two EPL ready strikers for half the price
    of the mega strikers with half the wages.
    Get em in.

  9. With a few additions we could have this list being upped to 10 players. We should print it and present it to Arsenal Football Club grounds every day until the transfer window closes…

  10. out of the 5strikers, I feel only dyabala can improve our team. I really do not understand why we fail to snatch up Hanandez last time. the guy is one of box 6 kings around and with our tactic, he would have been a great addition. having said all this, I really don’t tink we can win anythin with our players attitude nd orientation unless its changed. I feel we have less of a fighter in the squard which is bad

    1. Xhaka is different, he is the leader and steel we needed to add. Now al we need is a leader as a centre back. I would not mind Howedes for that.

  11. I agree that Morata may NOT be the right man for the front position BUT going down your list, 5 4 and 3 are all unproven in a league as physically hard and testing as the EPL, especially 5 and 4 who would in my opinion be an utter waste of cash as they are most likely to flop instead of thrive, 3 mabe a good aquisition but again its uncertain as to how good he really is and also his proce will be inflated to suit the market at the time,
    2 Lukaku is in my opinion no better than what we have now in giroud and I really cant see how you can rate him in any way, yes he is only 23 but he’s another lampost as far as I can see and I would absolutly loath having him in an arsenal shirt and again Everton would price him way up if they thought we were looking at him.
    The only real star youve listed is number 1 and we unfortunately leat it a season or two too late to even be in the running for Dybala
    we should have swooped when he was at Palermo but now??? not a chance in hell of signing him especially not at a reasonable price. so it looks like we’re gonna flunk out again

  12. Im struggling to understand the excitement surrounding Lukau with a lot of gooners, he’s rubbish in my opinion or at the best mediocre, we’d have two lamposts rather than one if we got him in ok so he’s 23 but by now he should have been at the top of his game and he’s clearly not and is no better than giroud
    anyone??? can any one explain why he’s the answer ?

  13. I can’t understand why Lacazette isn’t getting more attention! The only potential drawback is his height/aerial threat but his speed, finishing & tenacity is exactly what we need

    1. @Geerude

      Why? shhh….whisper this….he could be another loic remy…….By the way whats happening with loic remy?…its been a long while since anyone mention his name …He used to be such a crowd favourite here..

  14. If we can’t slash the cash to get Abumeyang (which I absolutely think we should) then I suggest we should go for two great prospects. Any of the following pair would be great:
    1. Icardi and Lacazette
    2. Icardi and Janssen
    3. Lacazette and Janssen
    If we don’t get Abumeyang I think it will be risky to depend on Giroud and one potential good striker and that’s why am suggesting we go for any of the pair above for depth and cover.

  15. For me, theres a good reason why Janssen is only valued at 6 million and that means he’s not much cop in the real leagues he is another one that I feel would be a waste of money along with that poxy Lukaku

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