Top football figures don’t believe this season will return until September

Football may not return before September

Reports claim that the Premier League’s shutdown could be on until September after the league was forced to be suspended in order not to aid the spread of the coronavirus.

The disease is sweeping the world and Europe has become the current hot spot, the spread has forced sporting events around the globe to be halted and the Premier League to be postponed until next month.

TalkSport is, however, claiming that top figures in European and English football are sceptical about the possibility of the league games resuming before September.

China has been able to contain the spread of the virus, but Europe is currently struggling to do the same and there is no hope of that changing soon.

The projection at the moment is that the virus would continue to spread as rapidly as it is currently doing and that it is ridiculous to think that league games can be restarted again in the next three weeks.

Arsenal’s Mikel Arteta and Chelsea’s Callum Hodson-Odoi, who have been diagnosed with the disease recently, have reported that they are making progress in their treatment and fans are hopeful that a solution to the spread would be found soon.

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