Top Four, Empty seats, Arsenal’s like a broken record

Quality helped us roll over vacant WBA, but have you seen the stadium so empty?‏ by KM

Hello, hello! We won a game! Congratulations 5 in 14 is it? That’s pretty good I guess. We’re close to the top 4 now, but we still mathematically need 3 wins in 4 and we’ll definitely at least 4th!. I guess job done Arsene, well played, get top 4 this season and another 3 years are baking on your contract.

The game? We played a typical Arsenal game at the end of the season. The quality we have overdid a vacant West Brom and two goals from Alexis were enough to see us through with some chances missed. And to make it even more predictable West Brom almost scored twice from set pieces.

So I am seriously asking this question – are you bored? All of Arsenals seasons are like a movie remake – in the 12th time, you kinda hope it would end different, but you just know the script. It’s like the new Star Wars (SPOILER ALERT) with the usual father son issue and the Death Star. We are a read book. Everyone knows what happens, people can even predict when we will collapse.

This is the true reason there were so many empty seats, no matter how much Arsene tries to blame it on other things. Arsenal used to be a team of vision. We had a vision of moving to a new stadium and relying on young players. It failed, and we moved to the british core idea, that well failed again. So after we rolled in the cash and people from the board came with bold statements like “we can buy any player other than Messi and Ronaldo”, we signed nobody but Cech and the outcome is familiar.

Look, I am all up for supporting the squad. The fans can be that 12th man that pushes a team forward, but I really don’t see how we could just pass by whats happening. There is no plan for the summer. We will likely do our business at the very end if things don’t go our way once again and as the script suggests, it’s just how it will be.

Ronald Koeman or Simeone needs to be given the summer to work out a plan, get the players and his vision so we could actually change something. This will not happen though. Arsene was at Ivan’s interview for his job, do you think Ivan would sack him? He is just another man in Wenger’s pocket. Arsene will begin next season as usual.

A lot of people feel sorry for Arsene and feel he deserves more credit for what he did and he has done quite a lot for this club for sure. But you can just look at the Brazilian girls he was playing beach football with, the places he attends for being a public personality and his 8 million salary. Any of us would be lucky to have that kind of a life, but take in mind that one by one Wenger’s achievements have been falling apart.

Arsene recently lost cup ties to lower tier teams which never happened for 16 years, he barely scraped past the group stages, he’s likely to finish below Spurs and the top 4 is yet to be decided. The warning signs are there. They have been for years, we just chose to ignore them. And if a few wins at the end of the season secure a top 4 finish and that settles the unrest that is emerging now, than we deserve nothing other than having Wenger for as long as possible.

I feel that this time though it won’t be as easily forgotten. We all know how the summer will turn out. All the promises of Kantes and Marhez and Benzema are just like they were in previous years with other big names. Wenger will not make the necessary transfers. I’d be happy if he makes half of the right transfers, because this season we made only 1 signing for gods sake.

But even if a parallel universe crosses this one and he does sign everything he needs, he’d still throw away the title, because it’s what Arsene does. We had the quality to win it this season. No money excuses, no bad luck, we even had enough players to cover the injury crisis. It’s another matter that Arsene doesn’t want to play Campbell, for example, who has been one of our best players, just because for some reason he doesn’t like him.

This win was important. The Champions league is a must for all clubs aiming to be at the top. As boring as I sound, like a broken record, the patient Arsenal fan will bear with another article in this manner and I am sorry that I have to repeat myself, but until we address the real problem, I feel like a review on a game where 15 of the 22 players on the pitch looked like they are already on holiday is just pointless while Arsene is delusionally happy with the top 4.

Enjoy your Friday!


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  1. WITH David Dein and BEFORE kroenke and gazidis…..
    David Dein bought the best
    The team played the best football
    We won trophies
    We made history

    With the trinity of evil Kroenke, Gazidis Wenger
    wenger buys whatever (Gazidis the man city fan doesn’t give s $##t and gets his fat bonus)
    the team pass, and pass, and pass, and pass, and pass until us gooners pass out
    We stumble on the odd FA cup because the big teams drop out
    We make the yank money

    1. Very true and this noise people are making about top4 baffles me because the facts are we don’t compete in the UCL,our record under Wenger in europe is pathetic we’ve been knocked out 5years in a row at the last 16 stage!

    2. The trouble is you do not appreciate what you have. Chelsea, Man U, Man City and Liverpool trail in our wake this year. Our record in CL is a record and fantastic because we punch above our weight. Our ground is beautiful but our fans are spoiled brats. Look at the other hundreds of teams in Britain and what they long for. We cannot expect to dominate Europe as we do not have the money of the bigger clubs. What you want is a sugar daddy to buy a team but older fans like me love what we see year in year out. How you all treat one of the greatest managers in football history who transformed English football and still does is what it is. The ugly face of modern football that knows nothing of the game’s roots and the love of trying rather than just winning. Fans have cost us many points this year and in recent years are why our big players/captains left. Go and watch someone else if you hate Arsenal. Constant attacks say that.

      1. John, everyone has their opinion.
        But to be honest, we must embrace what time does. I am sure, back in the day, we could hardly have a forum like this like fans! Here we are. We have not thought like ..wait…no need for this kind of forum. What if Arsene/Arsenal Board do not want to ‘buy’ success and still cannot afford what Leicester or Athletico Madrid does, must be sit and frown like we have no say. Where do the players and the manager etc get paid from? I like Arsene, but we must face it, it seems to me that himself and a bigger part of the team are not up to anything. They are too complacent, too predictable and I believe in your heart of hearts, u can’t expect to reach a semi finals in UCL, No Premier League Title only a few wins in the pre-season! Must it keep like that because we must respect Arsene because of history?? Do you know his biggest weakness is being stubborn and after all he’s untouchable. I believe if there was pressure on him, certain things would change! Remember the time we signed Arteta, Per etc? Do u remember what happened after the opening game of the season?? Fans like you claim to love Arsenal more than the rest and it hurts as if some of us don’t reason. Simple, let him do the needful or he does the honourable!!!!!!! I hope you know that Arsenal is bigger than anyone else.

        1. @jessy hear what your saying but the attitude of some on this and indeed other sites is dire. We were barely into the season when the negativity began, a few difficult games and it was Wenger out again. Yet we finished the year 2015 on top of the league. Wenger may not have delivered the title (during a freak season when we should have been the likely winner) but the reality is some morons want him to fail and are irrational in their attacks. its that behaviour that grates on long term AFC supporters.

          There is no fundamental flaw at the club nor a major issue with wenger. If we had the team and squad he’d win the league. As is ever the case the question remains why don’t we spend more and why do we hang onto players who aren’t quite good enough. Kroenke, Ivan, Wenger….who’s the problem is not known, with any certainty.

          Bottom line…the fact is Wenger will be here throughout the 16/17 season. High profile moaning on here or on the internet will not change that. Fans at the stadium will never show that disrespect on any kind of scale. One of two banners is all you’ll ever see. The club will finish in the top 4 and we ain’t City so it’ll be Wenger at the helm. He will hopefully buy in the summer but then that’s the eternal question again.

          However, probably like @JohnSouttar I’d prefer to enjoy what goes down in his last year (I genuinely believe the board will not extend wengers contract again) without the eternal whinging, irrational rants and unrealistic statements made by less well informed and in some cases simply stupid plastics who never go to the emirates, don’t possss any manners and live in their self obsessed narcissistic worlds.

          People like me, perhaps JS and certainly many other long standing Gooners would prefer that AFC fans showed a little more dignity in what will be Wengers final year, give the club 100% support, back the team and remain philosophical knowing that it will be Wengers final hurrah and he deserves real thanks from the real fans.

          There is no doubt, as you say, that this type of forum would not have existed in the past. So if I put aside certain morons (Wengers a crook, Wengers too old, Wengers a fool) and certain political agitators who only ever write lop sided and myopic articles to try to undermine Wenger and wind up the morons (km is the most obvious), then others who make intelligent comments (there are many – both pro and anti Wenger) have in the past 2-3 years put the real issues in front of the owners, the board and the manager. So I don’t knock anyone who has an opinion, some issues are real and needed to be stated and the club pushed to act. They know. Let’s see what happens in the summer, but let’s also have some respect and rationale such that we do not make Gooners out to be the most self obsessed, ungrateful, irrational and undignified fans in the league.

          1. What? See, the problem with a lot of. “old timers” is that they seem to think they love the club more than the rest of us. And that the fact that we’re no longer content with sitting by the fire and letting ourselves be lulled to complacent sleep by tales of Grand adventures of Lord Arsene and his Red Knights of “once upon a time” means that we’re no longer loyal. But I wonder what “loyalty” means these days to those Arsenal fans. Sticking to a failing manager who refuses to change his ideas, tactics and strategies, at the expense of the club’s progress, or being realistic enough to admit that it is madness to keep doing the same thing over and over, and expect different results? We’re loyal to ARSENAL FC, not ARSENE FC, sir/madam.

          2. The real issues? Well, how are these for “real issues”… In the past 20 years… In 12 years out of which we have failed woefully to achieve Premier League success {unless you count the financially laudable but practically worthless monotony of remaining in the top 4 as “success”}, and in 11 out of which we have succeeded in winning only ONE trophy TWICE – out of a possible FOUR, sir!
            The excuse of having to build a stadium and not having enough resources to compete have been proven fraudulent, as in that same period BOTH Birmingham AND Wigan beat us to trophies, not to mention the different “small” clubs, who have knocked us out of the two domestic cups over the years, with squads worth FAR LESS than ours. And – how about good old Leicester City? Let’s not even go there. Anyone can cast if off as a ‘freakshow’, a ‘a one-off event’, but the fact that they’re where they are AT ALL, is about the worst indictment of Wenger’s failures and apparent incompetence to evolve with modern football, which is clearly hurting us badly. Spirit? Desire? “Sweat, Blood and Soul”? Those aren’t words which can be associated with Arsene’s “Modern Arsenal”.
            Chelsea may have seemed fortunate to get to the finals, but the desire, team spirit and clear presence of leaders on the pitch took them all the way through.
            Yes,we can console ourselves by looking at Man U,City or Chelsea, but we must NEVER forget that in the last FOUR seasons alone, EACH of them has won the Premier League trophy at least ONCE. We cannot continue to be content with mediocrity anymore, sir. Some of us ‘young uns’ may not have known what football was like in the good old days”, but we don’t care so much about that either, cause it has ABSOLUTELY NO RELEVANCE to what football, more so at Arsenal, is NOW, which is, among many other negative things, very painfully predictable and unfit for success. This is OUR generation, and we want to be able to celebrate OUR OWN successes with the club!
            It is madness to do the same thing over and over, and expect different results, in this case, REAL success as a football club. Things have to change.

      2. @Johnsouttar
        As well as delusional like Wenger it looks like you are also illiterate because nowhere in my comments does it say anything about hating Arsenal. The biggest problem we have at arsenal is blind delusional so called fans like you who that are stuck in arsene wengers time machine. If you are a life long gooner then speak like one instead of going like we were founded in 1996.
        Here is a fact for you Arsene wenger WAS an average manager back in the day when Arsenal had a chief exec who loved the club and made sure we got the best players and everyone of those players had to pull their weight or else.
        Please stay off the hard drugs because your statement that we are spoiled brats is close to lunacy with zero return on trophies but the highest tickets in the country, the highest paid manager and all of us paying up so that Kroenke can buy a ranch the size of LA.
        Oh and FYI the club is not yours and its not arsene wengers so instead of telling people to go and watch someone else why dont you go and watch arsene wenger when he eventually leaves or retires.
        From a third generation 47 year old gooner whos kids and grandkids will live and breath for this club long after the current leaches are gone.

    3. Why have you called it the evil trinity?

      The only evil in Arsenal is the board and owner, Wenger still wants to win and you can see it in how much he has lost personally to stay with us and when we do win things you can see the joy in his face.

      Wenger has never been great at transfers, he never had to do them with Dein and Dein done so much for him, we all thought it was pure Wenger at the time but hindsight allows us to learn from the past.
      That is Gazidis area and that City fan is happy taking his fat pay each year… oh and nice how Nasri said the board sold him to City when Wenger told him he would stay…

      Wenger has to work with players that Arsenal buy, if those players are too weak in the head then they are too weak in the head. Blame who-ever buys them and not the guy who has to try and work with the s*** afterwards.

      Somehow I have the belief that if you gave De Vinchi children crayons and asked him to paint a picture then it will not be as good as some of his previous works.

      1. Midkemma I knew u were still around, just hiding somewhere until we win a game then you’ll show yourself and prove to us why Wenger is God. You say Wenger is not good with transfers? When did he admit such a thing? And if he is, doesn’t he have assistants to direct him? Ooh nooo, I remember, he does everything alone and he has the last say. So, whatever is going wrong, it’s Wenger’s doing. You keep giving him credit for the years prior 2005, please admit to us that it wasn’t his doing either, it was the work of Dein. And what we experienced from 2006 to now, is all Wenger coz Dein left. Please admit it

        In every team the coach is the one pointing at which players he wants, then he is given money to buy them. You keep saying the board was the one buying players, HOW? You say whoever is bought, Wenger has to work with that player, really????? Wenger says he is too busy working 24 hours a day during transfer windows, if you are saying the truth then he could have been on holiday waiting for the board the players they want then he comes back for pre season and starts working with them. You AKBs still live in the past, please come back to 2016, not 2006

  2. Its so obvious. We need a change in Arsenal!

    You don’t do the same thing for 10yrs and expect a different result. We have been doing the same thing’ hence, same result.

    You don’t qualify for champions league for 17yrs or so and only make it to the final once. Round of 16 is now our final bus stop recently.

    The oldest and experience manager in the league can win us the league for 11yrs now..

    Obviously, we neeeeeeed a Change. Will Wenger change? I don’t know. Will the board change? I don’t know. but Arsenal definitely need a change. That I know..

    1. I think there is a good case to say that Wenger can and will change if the situation changes.

      10 years we been doing the same thing expecting a different result…

      Have a look back 10 years and you will see the old board bumping up share prices via tactics like making a pact to not sell… You will see Dein being forced out because he wanted to get an investor into Arsenal so we could invest in the team while paying for the stadium… You will see Silent Stan gaining more influence as he is getting ready to buy a profitable business.

      Now Wenger has been here longer than 10 years so all those changes wasn’t due to him, he was winning before we thought about moving stadium… He has changed once when the direction of the ownership slightly changed, heck he changed so subtle that people are actually blaming him for the owners decisions.

      I think we need a good board, a board that wants to win things, to obtain ‘glory’.
      If Wenger can not obtain it for them after they have backed the idea then get a new manager, Wenger has done it before with full backing of a man who wanted to win stuff.

      1. Wenger will change? The whole background of the club has changed since 2008, yet Wenger is the exact same manager. Stop being so deluded about your opinion about him, the man has declined for years, and to me it doesn’t look like Wenger influences the team much anymore. It’s each players’ brilliance and combinations that make us win matches nowdays. What would Arsenal be like without the exceptional players of Özil and Sanchez? A scrawny, boring team without any x-factor. No tactical, no skill. No defence.

        1. @sevenitti, very true bro. The players are so average that their all is what gives us the 4th position every year, when Ozil and Sanchez came we won FA cups, but this season they are not in their usual forms, we win nothing even no Carling cup. Wenger bought each player in the team, and as he says, they are top top top top players. If top top top players give 4th positions for 10 years, I don’t know what top (single top) players will deliver? Hehehe

  3. Arsenal with Wenger in the last 12 years have always been good at winning meaningless games when the pressure is off and yesterday’s game against West Brom is meaningless as the title is long gone with top4 being meaningless as we don’t compete in the UCL knocked out in the last 16 5years in a row!

    1. Maybe Gazidis needs to buy players who are strong enough in the head to not crack under pressure?

      I say Gazidis as it is Gazidis who sorts out the transfers, he may take advice from Wenger but end choice is Gazidis.

      Wenger didn’t want Welbeck.
      Our CF spot has been an issue…
      Welbeck wasn’t the answer as time has shown so Gazidis bought the wrong man.

      Wenger needs a Dein to do that role and if it is filled good enough then magic can happen.

      1. Stop mentioning Gazidis when they all say we have this amount given to Wenger for buying players, Wenger buys kids and says we will work with what we have, and if any exceptional player comes up we will do business. ITS ALL WENGER, wake up you AKB!! Wake up!!!!!!!

    1. …….and where was your contribution SoOpa? I can imagine Wenger failed to give you the title, the CL etc but wonder what you’ve ever given to expect something in return? Conversely I can say with some certainty that you’ve consistently failed to support the team, the manager and the club. You’re a funny guy SoOpa. #iwantsomethingfornothing.

      1. people ,help me to understand arsenals problem. is it really Wenger or the owners because I doubt if its with Wenger .because if it’s Wenger they would have sacked him long time ago because they are not different from other owners like of united or city and Chelsea

        1. The big difference is that when Glazer took over manu, he had his brand already, which had both success and profit. Therefore he could allow himself to be greedy with the money, paying down his debt with manu-money. Difference however, is that when the club is no longer a title-winning team, he invests serious amounts of money into getting the club back into winning trophies, because that is the one thing that generates the most fans, and in return the biggest income. City/Chelsea wants the best man for the best results. They don’t think about profit, they think about building a club with their own money, that in time will be able to sustain the expenses with their own income. None of the owners can be compared to Kroenke. Not at all…

    2. Have you gave up a marriage for Arsenal?

      I personally think true love is worth more than money and if he gave up his true love for us then he has given up more than he has taken.

      1. You can argue about points on here, but you should know by now that personal abuse is not allowed. Please keep this is mind…

      2. Oooh is that because he works 24 hours a day during transfer windows instead of spending quality time with wife? And still he buys us Artetas and Merts, Chamack and the old Flamini.. And sells Van Persie to our direct rivals, so many things to talk about regarding the divorce

  4. Don’t think signing one or two top players would make much difference….what needs changing is our style of play, coaching, training, tactics etc needs to change too otherwise we will keep on getting mugged in the big games as it has been happening for last few years. Wenger yesterday looked shaken, stirred, tired edgy etc etc now that the fans and media are on his back….under those circumstances it will harder for him to make bold decisions, instead he will be taking safer options either to avoid defeats or please the fans. Wenger is a dead man walking!

  5. Just to prove how pathetic we are in the champions league,CR7 Ronaldo in the last 3 seasons in europe has scored more goals than Arsenal as a team have scored in their last 3 campaigns in europe!

    1. I will also repeat this .the only person who wants arsenal to win something is an anti wenger fun because we do not expect wenger to change to something he does not have in him because one delivers what he has in him

  6. some fans will run this team to the ground.I think its only a rival fan that will want wenger to stay now

  7. Thanks for spelling it out @km

    Although It shouldn’t really need spelling out should it 12 years down the line?

    Unfortunately it seems necessary as some either dont see the bigger picture or choose not to for fear of life without the man they think (as he does) is Arsenel..

    1. Wenger isn’t perfect but any idiot who thinks that getting rid of Wenger will be the end to our troubles, they deserve to be slapped round the face with a wet herring.

      The issues we suffer today are a result of many choices that have been made over the years, one of the biggest faults was hiring a City supporter to do our transfers and then blame the manager when the city supporter fails.

      Buying players that are not good enough, players who are too weak mentally to win things, Dein made sure we bought the right type of players.

      Wenger will go, Kowman or who-ever will come in, we will miss out on CL and lose our biggest stars and slowly start dropping because the owner will not invest what is needed.

      He has never invested what is needed to turn his other mediocre teams into winners, why do people think he will for Arsenal? Why are people stupid enough to believe that Silent Stan will hire a Pep type of manager and let them spend all his money while disregarding profits…


      1. It’s better losing out of top 4 once a while but winning trophies once a while, instead of being there for a decade and all we get is nothing but sufferings. Chelsea, Man U and Man city may not be up there with us (2 of them) but in the last 4 years they all had the taste of victory, we had that since 13 years ago and counting coz this deluded le fraud is still in charge. You AKBs are all happy with this, but just know that Wenger is made more rich, kroenke is buying ranches in the US, while all us fans no matter what you call yourselves get nothing and you deluded AKBs are very happy with that. Wenger is collecting his pension now and cares less about the team success, he will retire a very very rich man coz he fooled some deluded fans by his past glories

  8. Wenger was asked about empty seats and he said maybe it was because it was a Thursday evening. Yep, that’s the reason lol

  9. Once again I agree totally with you Konstantin. At best we will end up top 4 and once again people will move on resolutely, kick the dog and hope that next year will be different.
    Perhaps we need to target the Media ?
    How is it that Wenger is given such an easy time by the press ?
    The man is a fraud.
    Everyone ( reasonable ) can see it, and can see that it’s time for a change of manager.
    Every club in world would sack him at the end of the season and probably 50% would sack him right now

    1. Everyone who can think for themselves would have a look over the past 20 years and think..

      People with intelligence will look for changing variables and try and find the factors which have had the greatest effect, they will look at the whole picture.

      Stupid ignorant people will blame Wenger without trying to understand where it went wrong… just blame Wenger like everyone else does.

      You call the man a fraud?
      I call him an employee in a society that just accepts how large companies will lie to get around stuff, blame a figure head so when the mass public become upset they can remove the figurehead without removing the actions that make them money, move along a few years and we see the same stuff happening again.

      It is not reasonable to change the manager without changing the situation and then expecting a change in Arsenals circumstances.

      1. Le fraud is in charge of defense, MF, attack, transfers, tactics, substitutions, training, meal plans, to name a few. But a sane manager will have different personnel in some of the list above. So when a sane manager replaces this old deluded manager, we will see changes even if the team will be running in a low budget, it can be done, just watch atletico, Leicester and ask yourself, if Wenger was managing LC would he have survived the axe? Coz he could have been relegated to 3rd division by now

  10. Mourinho traumatized Wenger
    and Wenger never tried to
    win a Premiership since.
    Ferguson however rose
    to the challenge beat Mou and kept winning
    even when the Quatari took over City.
    Wenger lived off past glories for 5 years
    and was ultimately saved by Chronic in 2009.
    Chronic did not want to compete for titles as he believes
    it is too expensive and Wenger is too scared to compete for titles.
    So Wenger and Chronic found each other, fell in love
    and have been living in ha-money for years.
    And they both lived happily ever after.

  11. If Kroenke and his cohorts want to run our prestigious football club as a mere business/franchise ultimately to line their own pockets, then we have the right, AS PAYING AND SUPPORTING CUSTOMERS, to be completely dissatisfied and do whatever it takes to make a change.

    We are being exploited to the max, I mean football, more specifically supporting a club all your life is like marriage, you take the good with bad. Understandably some people cut ties for various reasons, but in this case Kroenke and the board have had us by the short and curlies for years. We have been relatively successful, and when things go pear shaped they will sugar coat it with excuses and just plain old lies to keep us in line. They have an extremely effective formula – minimal financial input with a low risk = relative high yield in terms of CL football. They know that in order for us to actually compete to win the BPL title and more specifically the CL, they would have to spend a hell of a lot more in player transfers, salaries etc which they are extremely reluctant to do as it will hurt the bottom line.

    What they do not realize is that this ‘tactic’ of theirs can only work for long before the masses wake up and smell the coffee, in which case the bottom line will be affected regardless, perhaps even worse because (I don’ know the numbers) but tickets sales, merch much contribute to quite a large portion of the club’s income.

    I really wish Kroenke would take a good look at clubs like Barca and Madrid – keep the fans happy and you will more than enough money not only to sustain the club but also compete at the highest level. Right now Kroenke is running this club into the ground.

    1. Agree to some extent, owners like KROENKE are the death of any Club, he had no problem stating what has been obvious for us all these years…..ARSENAL is a Cash Cow for him and the board, there is no secret nor mystery, BUT this does not take away another reality WENGER no longer is a successful manager nor will he be again, he has been given enough to build a winning team, but his managerial skills are there no more, instead his arrogance, living past glories, stubbornness substituted what once was a his attributes as a ground breaking Manager, he became obsolete, in many ways his accommodating the owner desires is simply to save his job and what he gets in return complacency from the board by covering his shortcomings specially the last few years…..extremely disappointed by Usmanovs late statements, ARSENAL needs a change of direction and we all hoped was coming from him, hope he changes his mind and that yesterday;s empty seats be a warning to KROENKE and his A Team of what is coming.

  12. Empty seats?? That’s crazy. Empty stadium is an actual statement. Avoid the stadium for the rest of the season. And continue that till we see change. That’s the only way. Oohh!! And keep the abuse coming; apperantly, that hurts Wenger. Stop buying anything Arsenal and make demands. Wenger might leave but what about Kroenke?? Abuse him too. Can he do this nonsense if he owned the Lakers?? To him, Arsenal is a business. But to us, its a part of us and we love our Arsenal.

  13. Correct Big Gun , but as I have pointed out before Sponsorship, advertising and media are huge areas of income . These are the areas Arsenal fans should be targeting.
    Not sure how ? Boycott Emirates, send messages to Puma ?

    Look at the effect a doping scandal has on an untouchable tennis star for example, the sponsors ( and income ) drop like flies.
    If we can only figure out a way to get at the core income from the above , Kroenke will ditch Wenger overnight.

    1. simple we all cut out the Puma symbol on our Arsenal kits and that will send a strong msg or at least will hit the headlines

  14. Now don’t forget/skip the part where chronic completed his stadia at L.A

    and wenger Left Arsenal to manage the Rams

    and the Lived profitabLy ever after!

  15. “This victory papers over the cracking at Arsenal.” Any logical human being knows that. Every commentator, reporter, fan, dog&cat on the street know there has to be changes, will there be any? I fear there won’t and we will be listening to the same dire excuses from an old man. Protests must continue.

    1. because there was no short term bad effect (meaning losing existing supporters) the board chose to play the way they did, now its been a decade we are losing the next generation of supporters to our rivals, when an if the shi7 hits the fan Stan will sell his shares and take his 60% of the cash in the bank and concentrate on his new club in LA

      as a life long and rest of my life supporter of Arsenal i’m concerned before people start saying “Arsenal Who?”

  16. This site should perhaps be called because all it does is to portray Arsenal and Wenger in a doomsday manner. Whereas it is annoying to see Arsenal beaten to EPL trophy by seemingly smaller teams like Leicester and Spurs nobody should pretend that the trophy was predestined for Arsenal this season. Infact whatever has happened this season has been totally unexpected by all football analysts, pundits and soothsayers. Most pundits expected Chelsea to retain it while others gave Man city the nod. Very few stray ones talked of Man U and perhaps one or two gave Arsenal any chance. What then makes our fans go crazy over the turn of events? I think it is the idea of using mathematical formulae to solve occurrences and phenomena. When many of the big teams started performing badly and Arsenal was doing better some self proclaimed pundits started the hype about Arsenal which unfortunately we fans took in. Also no one wanted to believe that Leicester would last the whole distance. Hence the feeling that Arsenal would overtake them and reclaim the trophy which it had not taken since 2004. The hype also seems to have got to our naive players who believed it was their divine right to win the trophy this season. They started taking teams for granted knowing they would automatically win. All of us know what happened. Instead of rallying after the new year we went further and further down until we reached where we are now. In the meantime Leicester and Spurs continued their ascendance. The English poet and playwright George Bernard Shaw said, “He who has never hoped never despairs.” Conversely one can say that he who had hoped highly despairs highly and this is what has happened to us Arsenal fans. We have vented all our frustrations on all those we think have let us down notably the manager. However rationality dictates that we should overcome our frustrations, accept the reality and support our team to the end. We then demand for better preparations for next season.

    1. I will simply say, on behalf of many other Arsenal fans, that it is STILL madness to keep doing the same thing over and over again, and expect different results. You’ve simply listed flaws that have plagued our club for years now, and you ask us to what? Rinse, repeat? Nah, bruv. We actually love our club. And we’re NOT stupid.

    2. @david just accept that le fraud has cost us the title this season and so many past seasons. He worked on the shoe string budget and could not win us anything, teams with that scenario have proven otherwise. He has cash and allowed to buy anyone apart from Messi and Ronaldo, and still he failed to find anyone. What’s wrong? There is a saying, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, the guy is old and he has no new tricks, the more we stick with him, the more we become a laughing stock all over the globe

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