Top Four has gone for Arsenal – Time for a change?

The summer can’t come soon enough for everybody around Arsenal by Konstantin Mitov

Let’s face it people, the top 4 is gone. It’s dead, just like Arsene. We need a break, but the summer will be much worse. Alexis will play for Chelsea next season. When it happens, don’t thank me for preparing you for this. If they come with 30+ million, Arsene would sell, because money is the only reason he is here.

I miss David Dein so much. I miss the winning mentality at my football club. Do you know why big clubs have a lot of fans? People like winning. We’re now a resemblance of everything I hate. Losing, giving up, negativity, fighting among the fans. A top club’s fans would never allow for this to happen.

Iniesta once said in an interview after talking with Mata at Spain’s international squad, that if Barcelona finished 7th, fans would want to kill the players in their cars. Nobody there would allow for such meltdown to happen. But this happens because of the lack of forward thinking for 10 years.

When Dein left, we let Arsene take control of everything. He does the coaching, the transfers, the wage negotiations, everything. And now we’re finally paying the price. So many years we scrapped our way to the top 4, but now it’s all coming down. It’s time people get their heads out of the sand and look at the reality. It’s not the money.

We played better with Song, Denilson and Bendtner in our squad. We have 3 world cup winners in the side. One of the all time great goalkeepers of the Premier league, two players who finished second with France at the World cup. We have a squad full of internationals who make schoolboy errors against bad teams.

Who’s fault is it, if it’s not the manager’s? There are still people who find excuses somewhere else. The only thing that hasn’t changed is him. You know who. The guy who doesn’t move his ass off the bench during the game. His mentality has moved onto the fans and the players.

Look at Theo when he scored. Yay, I scored… It was like ‘oh cool we scored, so what’? The defending was shocking from both teams and City were there for the taking, but why would Ozil risk going in for a 50/50 challenge? Nobody with real quality and ambition would come here next season if Wenger stays.

We have a top stadium, a fair amount of fans worldwide and we have money. We have lots of money. Don’t blame Kroenke on this one. Wenger spent 90 million this summer and they didn’t come from the 100 million he made in the past 10 years. Arsene spent 200+ million since Ozil came and look at what he’s done.

He’s brought us backwards. What’s the point of commenting on the situations from the game, when it’s plain obvious players are not playing for him. Some are just waiting for the season to end so they can get out of here. Almost 10 players have their contracts up next season. How is this allowed to happen?

The Ox, Ozil, Sanchez, Wilshere and Ramsey to name a few. How do we replace those people? We should be building on them. You see, Arsene even got his squad selection right in the past few games and his subs too and it still doesn’t work. There’s always something missing and it’s the manager. Get in somebody new. Whoever it is, I don’t care.

Even if we change all of the coaches, we’d bring in more yes men. Bould replaced Rice as the yes man and changing Steve with another one is just replacing names. Put in somebody new. Let him build his own coaching staff. Change something, anything. A new manager will clear out some of the negativity.

You see Chelsea players forced out managers, even Mourinho. And they’re likely to win the title again. I hope our players would go to the board and say it’s us or him. You can’t replace all the employees at a company because there’s one person who’s impossible to deal with.

We’re likely to miss Europe completely and the rebuilding task will be bigger than Arsene can handle. The love of the fans is gone for him. 80% voted out in the Supporters Trust poll. Even here at JustArsenal, the percentages were similar. Outside of the games, people sing we want Wenger out and that’s for a while now. Protests before every game.

The board are cowards hiding behind Arsene who’s ignoring all the negativity in his deluded manner, but don’t blame the players. If you are a player and you publicly say something about the manager, that’s it. He will ruin you. You’ll never play again – and when you are at Arsenal, the dictator will outcast you in a second.

Alexis tried to open his mouth and Theo let slip that there was a bust up and what happened? Alexis no longer cares. He’s off already. If the board don’t come out with a strong decision to get rid of him, that’s it for me really.

I’m sitting there, seeing the players come out and they look soulless. But still I wanna get excited, but the moment I see him come on the bench, it’s like I’m knocked out. I become numb and cold and I just know how we will play and what will happen.

Finishing outside of Europe is not good for us. We will not spend 200 million, and a lot more on wages, to revive ourselves. This was all so avoidable. If Arsene stays, prepare for at least 2 more years of the same grim atmosphere. If you don’t raise your voice now, prepare to remain silent and watch on as we fade into what Liverpool were for quite a few years.

Change has to come from us, because if you wait for the board to make it, it will be more of the same.



  1. Jansen says:

    I fell your pain Konstantine, but I fear nothing will change and Wenger will stay.

    The fact the Arsene only now faces some fan pressure is in part because due to the fact that a large part of Arsene fans are not too ambitious. Do you think SAF would have been as loved as he was had he not won major trophies frequently? No Man U fans would have turned on him, same for any other big club, their fans would never tolerate not winning for 13 years.

    Wenger will stay and nothing will change. The fans will be made promises about change and new players but nothing will or can change with the same people in charge managing the same way.

    The only thing that will change is that Wenger will no longer have the luxury of some of his main rivals shooting themselves in the foot. Liverpool, Chelsea, Man U, City and Spurs (even Everton) have now set themselves up in stable situations with top-top managers. Inevitably this was always going to lead to Arsene being exposed as old fashioned.

    With the majority of fans wanting Wenger out, if he had decided to leave he would have made his player’s and the fan’s lives easier by announcing his departure. The only reason he has not announced is that they want to manage the fans as good as possible when they announce two more years of the same.

    Arsene will not see CL football for years Wenger has seen to that.

  2. BUR says:

    i have for years been saying that wenger is no longer up to the job at Arsenal. He has installed a “ah well” attitude into the players. “My wages will still go on” policy. According to this web site the majority, in fact the vast majority of supporters want him gone, do the board not heed the supporters? Can a keep wenger in fan come on here and print the rational behind keeping him employed. For the life of me I am bewildered. No other club would stand for it.

    was it a full house yesterday?

  3. Twig says:

    Giroud celebrates with a scorpion kick, everyone attacks him
    Theo says, okay let me be a little bit chill about this, everyone attacks him as well!
    Fans are so hard to please!

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I was thinking that as-well, that that might be the reason some of them were unsure about celebrating, because of the stick Giroud got.

    2. Jansen says:

      Is that true Twig?? I remember Giroud getting criticised (rightly so) for celebrating his equalizer against Bournemouth and celebrating like he had won the league whilst there was still time to win the game. I don’t recall him getting attacked for the celebration of his scorpion kick.

  4. ArseOverTit says:

    Do something.

    No point whinging and doing nothing.

    Protest, in whatever way you can (take banners to matches and join organised protests, don’t buy merchandise, let your dissatisfaction with the regime be known on social media if that’s all you can do, but DO something g) As our voices have and will be heard.

    The Drayton park protest walk was noticed and the numbers are slowly growing. But there are unfortunately too many who sit on the fence and wait for someone else or something else to make the necessary change. I guess that’s pretty indicicative of the crowds that now attend The emirates and of this generation also.

    Still, the tide is turning. Whether or not is strong enough to remove Wenger from his throne at AFC is another thing entirely. I hope for The sake of our clubs future enough people get off their Arses to stop the rot at our once great football club.


  5. Vlad says:

    Unbelievable. There’s no pleasing you, Konstantin, is there? First of all, you have to be a little more consistent in what you’re saying. In one paragraph you slate Ozil for not going into a 50/50 tackle, and right after that you say that he’s one of the players that we have to build around. A week ago you were saying that it’s good for Arsenal to miss out on the top 4, and now you’re saying the opposite. So which is it? You’re all over the place. You also sound ridiculous when you say that we played better with Song, Denilson, and Bendtner. It’s like you’ve never seen them play at all. And the way you talk about Dein makes me think that you didn’t even know the guy, and became a (so-called) Arsenal fan long after he left. The only consistent/common theme that’s still left in your posts is your extreme and unhealthy obsession with Wenger. You keep saying that he’s taking us backwards, yet if you did any research (I know, it’s unheard of for you) prior to posting yet another garbage of a post, you’d see that our points total this year is better than in any of the previous 4 years after the same number of games. And you can’t blame Wenger and Theo (?!) out of all people for Sanchez’s poor recent form, since it was Le Prof himself who gave Alexis the chance of a lifetime to become the league’s most feared striker. And where’s the gratitude, I say? While everyone else on the pitch yesterday gave it their all, including Walcott who scored a goal (still not sure what it is you want after players score goals), Alexis had 10-11 poor giveaways, and took 1 shot. You also say that you don’t care who replaces Wenger, but have you not seen what happened to United after Fergie stepped down? It sounds like you realize that the board will just get another “Yes” man, so what do you think will change? Absolutely nothing. The new guy will be tasked with the same “get me top 4, and make me more money” objectives. So until that changes, things will stay the same, with or without Wenger in charge. So why don’t you do us all a favor, and stop posting the same thing over and over and over again every other day. And what’s frustrating is that you do it no matter how the team performed. 2-2 against City with everything that’s been going on lately? I’d say it was more than a decent result, so give the manager, and the players credit that they deserve.

    1. Disturbance says:

      You clearly missed the point. I don’t see how the two facts, that he won the WC and didn’t go for the tackle collide? And tell me if you are pleased with 6th place and 7 pts off 4th. Even Mourinho concedes the top 4 is hardly achievable, despite United being in front of us. People need to open their eyes. Missing out on Europe will be good only if this means Wenger is gone, which is the ultimate goal.

      1. Vlad says:

        I didn’t miss anything. Ozil and his performance aside, even Pep admitted a couple of days ago that achieving top 4 for City would be like winning a trophy. Yet he gets praised for saying the exact same thing Wenger gets slated for. Do I get frustrated with my club? Of course, I do… plenty of times. But have I ever wished for them to lose a game just so it puts more pressure on a manager? No way in hell. I said it in one of my other posts, it’s like wishing an injury on a player that you don’t like. It’s lame, and it’s disgusting.

        1. Disturbance says:

          I never wish that we lose. But I do feel like 4th has become a symbol of our failure, just like Arsene. I support Arsenal FC, not Arsene FC, despite the two things being the same right now. I don’t wish for players to be injured either, in fact I feel those players under a decent manager, would do much better. Don’t draw comparisons with Pep who’s won numerous titles in recent years to Arsene. Besides it’s his first season here, Wenger has his 20th. He always says judge me later, but if I have to judge over the past 5 or 10 years, the jury is still WengerOUT!

        2. rkw says:

          Absurd … I can assure you pep would not be taken seriously at any of the clubs he managed if he was saying 4th is good enough for the 10th straight year … The question is why does arsenal accept it? And why do we put up with the desperate begging of 4th place junkies who have replaced any sense of ambition for this club with the third grade crap that the Frenchman has been peddling for a decade … Now that’s lame and disgusting

  6. Break-on-through says:

    I don’t think you can say the top four is finished. If a club could get to within two points of Chelsea after winning two games in hand, that club would be in with a shout of winning the league. It’s difficult alright as we can’t win a game lately, but once we keep within the distance until we play our games in hand and see if Liv slip, it’s not over yet. I’m still looking at Liverpool not City.

  7. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I am not giving up on Top 4. We can still do it

    Hopefully, we will be in Champions League and lose in the group stage or 2nd round as ususal

    1. Twig says:

      I’m not giving up on the title!! Anything is possible. COYG!

  8. Guneal says:

    The only thing I care about right now is JustArsenal because I love you guys. Together we will hoist OUT Mr. Wenger.

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