Top-four race is far from over and Arsenal can still claim a Champions League spot

Arsenal have dropped out of the top four and it is no longer in our hands, but that in no way means we will not finish in one of the remaining two Champions League places.

It is a huge leap of faith, even for Chelsea fans, to assume they will win both their last two Premier League games, same can be said of Man Utd and Tottenham as well.

Remember what has happened over the last couple of weeks, all the teams fighting for one of the two remaining spots have suffered shocking losses or dropped points at crucial moments, and there is no reason at all to assume that all of a sudden Chelsea will win two in a row or Spurs will.

We had the easiest run in and look at what happened, and do not forget that Chelsea is playing two teams fighting like mad to finish in seventh and claim a Europa League spot.

It could be argued that it is now United that has the easiest run-in, especially with us, Chelsea and Spurs heavily involved in European competition.

Of course, Chelsea is capable of winning their remaining games and so are all our rivals but the evidence points to the opposite and there are still twists and turns left in this sorry race for Champions League qualification.

I am going out on a limb here and will predict we will claim one of those spots and a win over Valencia on Thursday for me, will be the catalyst to an end of season winning run.


  1. I think it’s too much to ask now… I’m not going to lie, I am seriously gutted over the chances that have come & gone! But Thursday is our big chance now..
    Rather worrying though as Ramsey is out, Ozil & Monreal are doubts… nothing is ever straight forward with us, is it??
    Looking forward to it though.. then I’m really looking forward to going to the Brighton game ?
    Once a gooner, always a gooner ❤ COYG

      1. Thanks Pat ? I’ll be rooting for Ajax tpnight, just.for you, so you’ll have a happy household (well in the red half anyway ?)

        1. Aw Sueeeee, I thought you said you will be rooting for ummmmmm? I already know that is impossible. I will leave them to their faith. ????? I already have my strawberries and frozen yoghurt ready in case I need to excuse myself.

    1. Have to admit sue, I believe also that it is beyond us now if we play in the same vein as the last three or four games but on an optimistic note, things can only get better “cant they?”

    2. I have to admit it’s been a very frustrating week, especially with the other teams messing up around us as well, because we could have had 3rd sorted out by now.

      We all need a little perspective though. If I was told before the season began, with 2 games to go you’ll be only 2pts off 4th, and 4pts off 3rd, and a EL semi-final against a smaller club, I’d have snapped your hand off. I never thought in a million years we’d be in this position. So props to Emery.

      Enjoy the Brighton game. Surely they can’t score 3 as well…can they? Haha!

      1. Well funny you should say that – all these articles I’ve seen online calling Brighton the “struggling seagulls” haha now we know what’s going to happen, don’t we?? A Barcelona type performance incoming… ? cheers TMJW ?

      2. Only because no one expected Spurs, Chelsea and United to be this poor towards the end of the season.

        Arsenal are performing as good or as bad as was expected.

    3. But think for a minute sue, if other teams around us had taken their own chances, we wouldn’t be talking of even the possibility of a top four finish now.
      So, disappointed as we all are with our recent performances and results, I want to share the author’s faith that we can make it.
      It only takes Chelsea to drop points against Watford and/or Leicesster (which is very possible) and us winning our two remaiining games. Stranger things have happened in football!

      1. Not feeling too optimistic about our trip to Turf Moor, but it’s not over till the fat lady sings, hey CorporateMan?!
        Just have to go for it on Thursday!!

  2. After seeing the lack of spirit and organization at Everton’s, Wolves’ and Leicester’ turfs, I have given up on our underperformers and stars

    They have been playing for several seasons at Arsenal and managed by two world class managers, yet the results are similar

    I just hope they would act differently in EL and would not repeat the bad performance at the Rennes game

    1. Emery fears the opposition too much when playing away, it isn’t the first time he has had difficulties away from home, he sets the team up too negatively and that effects the players mentality.

      Do you know that when Wenger came to Arsenal, he included the famous backline in his tactics, he didn’t demand our CBs to suddenly become ball players, he let them be defenders. He got attacking players to compliment the defence. He didn’t rip out Grahams solidarity but built upon it.

      If only we had a top manager who would adapt to the situation over force a square into a round hole.

      Have you also read about how Emery gets the players ‘passionate’ before games start? He winds his players up, he likes to create friction within the players. Now look at some of the fouls we have given away in dangerous areas.

      Do you even pay attention to what is happening?

      Blaming the players when the manager has been a massive negative for the club. To highlight what I mean, Emery has had close to £70mil of defensive reinforcements over Wengers final year, how come we are 2 games remaining and we have so far conceded 2 goals less than Wengers Arsenal over 38 games.

      How have we let in 49 goals in 36 games with about £70mil def additions?

      Wenger was blasted for letting in 51 over 38 games, 2 games and 2 goals different so far. Has Emery gott the attack firing though? Laca had his knee op and Auba was new to EPL so this should be a better season upfront…

      We have scored 69 so far, last season we had scored 74 after 38 games… 2 games different and we have scored a single goal in our last three games… Do you think Emery can get Arsenal to at least match our goal scoring capabilities of last season?

      How can Emery be called WC????

      1. Midkemma, you have a simple solution to solving Arsenal’s problems; sack Emery. Then what? Who would be prepared to come to the Emirates, following the dismissal of a well respected (despite your opinion) coach/manager after only one season, with the current squad, the probable transfer budget, Kroenke’s ownership and the self sustaining financial model at Arsenal?

        1. Ozzie, I have answered you before about this. Yes, I would sack Emery.
          Then what?
          Show ambition, just because you think that we can’t get anyone other than a homeless person off the street to manage us doesn’t mean sacking Emery is wrong.

          Enrique was rumored to be a top choice for Raul prior to Gazidis leaving, wages was the issue though and we are having a massive wage reduction at the end of the season with some of our players leaving…

          Enrique knows Raul and they worked well together at Barca.

          Why say “Current squad” when the current squad includes near £70 million of def reinforcements that Wenger didn’t have and we have conceded 2 less goals in 2 less games compared to Wengers players of last season. Scored less as well, even though he has had the same top attacking talent.

          As for finances, I have been pointing out that Silent Stan doesn’t run over here to block some moves, he didn’t block Ozil wage did he?

          So we can spend what we make. We are one of the higher net spending clubs in the EPL so do not give me the BS that we can’t spend. We can, we have been doing it very badly with Gazidis. People who say that Silent Stan will block big spending are talking out their backside. He didn’t stop Ozil wage, he didn’t stop us signing Auba 6 months after we broke our own record to sign Laca who is a CF… Silent Stan doesn’t run over here to be loud, he is silent… He hires people to make his asset worth more and he lets the people he hires to do the job they are hired to do.

          You may wish to sell everyone and buy a complete new team, I do not. I support Arsenal and funnily enough, I also support the players to the best of my ability, I struggle with Iwobi but hey… I aint perfect and neither is Iwobi.

          I believe we have top talent who could be doing so much more, if we had a manager who could do away games like they were home matches then we wouldn’t be fighting for top 4 like we are now, we would be fighting with Liverpool and City more than Spuds and Chelsea.

          Seriously, remove our current away points from our total and add in a representation for our home form and see where we would be in the EPL.

          UE is a poor coach. If he was so good then why didn’t UTD go for him instead of Jose? Why did City get Pep over him? Why did Liverpool go for Klopp? Chelsea went for Sarri.

          Who the hell wanted such a ‘well respected coach/manager’?
          Oh… Penny pinching Gazidis who wanted a yes man after Wenger. That was it!

        2. Oh and Ozzie, I’d like to hear you actually counter some points I make, you never do. You didn’t consider the facts in your reply and I’m calling you out on it.

          How can UE be called a WC coach/manager when he has had def reinforcements (£70 mil ish) and still let in more goals than the defensively incompetent Wenger?

          Or do you wish to keep ignoring reality?

  3. “Chelsea is playing two teams fighting like mad to finish in seventh and claim a Europa League spot”

    By the time Chelsea meets both Watford and Leicester Wolves possibily would have sealed 7th place and both may feel demoralised to fight anymore.

    Wolves play at home to an already relegated Fulham on Saturday and would likely win talking them to 57 points unaisalable by Watford who play the next day against Chelsea. Watford is currently on 50 points and can only get a maximum of 66.

    Same week, Leicester go away to City in a match you would expect them to lose. They are currently on 51 points and anything less than victory against City at the Etihad means that Wolves seal 7th with a win against Fulham.

    Though Watford and Leicester are strong teams, Chelsea would likely play both at a time they have little to play for. I feel Chelsea has the second best run in after Manchester United.

    Manchester United would be playing already relegated Huddersfield, and by the time, a likely relegated Cardiff at Old Trafford. They have the best run in but are at a disadvantage because they have the least points total.

    Spurs need just two points to secure top 4 because they have a healthy goal advantage over the rest and would get it.

    My predictions:
    3. Spurs (need only 2 points, a point may even be enough)
    4. Chelsea (they would play strong but demoralised teams)
    5. Manchester United (would play already relegated teams)
    6. Arsenal (may likely drop 2 points after a win and a draw. This sees Man U leapfrog them)

    1. iam afraid though the refs will find any excuses to deny goals and find many mistakes to avoid us from scoring chances. so terrifying.

  4. oh my ozil, they criticize him whenever he plays even if he plays good,and now that he is an injury doubt we complain that the lacks creativity.

  5. The only reason I want us in the CL is for the money, so we can hopefully invest it into the team.

    Let’s be honest, we are a Europa League team, nowhere near good enough to compete in the Champions League, it’s going to be a long time until we’re ready to compete at the top table, unless Kroenke breaks the habit of a lifetime and invests heavily.

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like playing in the EL, but neither did I like the annual humiliation of being battered in the CL.

    I know some/most people won’t agree with me, but these are the cold hard facts of where our club sits presently.

    1. I think we have a very talented squad.
      I really do believe it is Emery who is failing the players and us supporters.

      Consider the difference between home and away form. The players are good enough to put in some top performances at home are the same players who are only UEL quality?

      How much has our away form put a negative tint on our players?

      Even the best teams in the world can get thrashed if the manager is bad enough. Imagine if Peps Barca was told to sit down for 90 mins against the worst opponent they played… What thrashing do you think could have happened. Would it mean the players were bad and not good enough?

      If players do what they are told otherwise they get excluded then even poor tactical plans will be followed to the letter.

      I actually think Wenger would have gotten us UCL football this year.

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