TOP full back raves about Arsenal’s BRILLIANT Bellerin

When he used to line up against Arsenal for Manchester United during the days when we were the big two battling it out for the Premier League and FA cup trophies, Gary Neville was one of those players that we loved to hate. He was a real pain in the backside and loved to wind up the Arsenal players and get stuck in.

But I think most of us have really warmed to him in his new role as a TV pundit and must admit that he is very good at it. And looking back, I have to admit that he was one of the very best right backs the Premier League has ever seen, which is probably another reason we didn’t like him when he was playing against us.

But his playing career and his new roles as pundit and England’s assisant manager suggest that he does know a thing or two about football, especially about being a full back. So his fulsome praise of the Gunners’ young Spanish right back Hector Bellerin, reported by the Daily Mail, is especially welcome.

Neville declares that he has been extremely impressed by the 19-year old this season, especially after he looked shaky when thrown into the cauldron of an away game with Borussia Dortmund. The former Red Devil predicts a bright future for our starlet, especially after revealing the blistering pace that has seen him break some of the club’s speed records held by Walcott and Henry.

Neville said, “The one that stood out most for me having watched him come back into the team against Manchester City and see him at close hand [against Villa] was Bellerin the full back.

“He was thrust into the team in September [at Borussia Dortmund] and he really struggled. He looked like it was too early for him.

“He got put back into another big game against Manchester City and he was massively impressive.

“The first thing is – has he got speed? I was told he beat not only Walcott’s record but Henry’s record for over 40 metres.

“He’s lightning quick. That gives you a great chance as a full back.

“[Bellerin is] going to get tested by Christian Eriksen at the weekend, who’s going to give him a different type of problem.

“But he’s come into the team and its great for a young player to see them develop and mature.”

Bellerin’s form is great news for everyone concerned with Arsenal, except maybe Debuchy and Chambers. I’m sure that Debuchy will get his place back after his injury, but has Bellerin now left Chambers with just a centre back role to hope for?

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  1. Cazorla got PFA player of the month again. People talk about Costa and Fabrigus and Aguero, but none of them has got the award twice. Out own cazorla got it twise December and now in Jan. He is on course for Feb also. He showed it against Villa. If he gets its gain, he will become the PFA player of the season contender. His form is really important for us and is vital for Wenger to play him centrally. I just love seeing him dancing away from crowded place.

    Talking about Bellerine, yes he is playing really well. He needs to show it against spurs again.
    His pace is vital.

    1. I think there are different PFA Player of the Month awards, the other one being the official PFA (which Charlie Austin – God knows why – got for December) and the other one in which Santi has now won twice in a row?

      1. Not sure about this. But any knowledgeable person can tell that Santi is easily the player of the moment. A knowledgeable football person must check the overall performance of a player, not just the goals scored which Costa or Austin is banging.
        Santi is a complete player. You would not find that easily.
        Lets hope Santi put another match winning performance at NLD.

        1. Here is what Muffdivers wrote only half a year ago a before the summer tranfer. what´s more strange, he got more thumbs up´s than down – Arsenal fans surely knows best 😉

          “if we can invest his fee to someone quality, he can bounce.20 mill can be used on some powerhouse whos hungry. hes old,hes become very inconsistent, hes small, loses the ball. his heart isnt in it anymore. last yr he was saying he wanted to go back to spain.
          u can go santi we aint crying over you”

          1. You didn’t really thought muffdiver is a football connoisseur? A pundit? He’s just a supporter knowing the basic rules of the game. And of course where’s the closest beer stand from his seat in the Emirates (probably). This season is Wilshere an Ramsey turn. Watch closely this space.

            1. I prefer to make cases for players rather than beat up on them and like to think I am fair-minded but Ramsey and Wilshere are not even close in my mind to being in the same category of failing or frustrating players. I have seen the best of both of them when fit and Aaron’s contributions are light years ahead of Jack’s imo.

          2. Unfair to pick on muff – I haven’t got time, but you could find hundreds of similar comments in the archives that look pretty daft now.

  2. Jack Wilshere caught smoking. Again. Technically he wasn’t smoking but a photo of him emerged on Insta holding a shisha pipe while clicking picture with his friends.

    1. Is that like real smoking? Not like I condone such an attitude but myself I can’t smoke regular cigarettes. I can smoke shisha though (steam stones and sometimes tobacco)

  3. smoking is a good excuse to get rid of him….

    theres totally no space for him in the first 11, subs bench or reserves……

    with Dan Crowley coming up……he has to go to make space for Isco, Draxler, Reus and more…

    1. I can feel the sarcasm but it’s unnecessary. Pires, Rooney, Buffon, Zidane used to smoke. But they were caught or did it after they reached the top level. So if they smoked no one bothered much cause on the pitch they were in a class of their own.

      Can we say the same for Jack?? Anyways Wenger threw Szczesny (my favourite player) out of the team citing fitness concern, let’s see what he does about this. If Jack walks back to the team ahead of our current midfielders, it will rub off in the wrong way.

        1. What do you mean why? I remember a fan with “Santos” written on his back. Surely my choice is better isn’t it?

      1. Pires Zidane, Buffon smoke and they perform….

        Wishere smoke and does not perform….

        Wishere can smoke and score 10 goals against De Gea Utd and nobody will care about the smoking…

  4. On another note, BvB lost again yesterday to a 10 man Ausurberg team. Gotta feel for them. What the hell is wrong with them?

    1. because they do not world class players like Reus and Hummels playing for them….

      and Klopp is no longer interested anymore….he wants to come and manage Arsenal….

      1. Please im happy with Wenger. Let Klopp stay where he is. This definitely puts into perspective the miracle Wenger has been doing for us. We lose our best players and yet we still made champs league. People forget this.

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